Woman Skips Out On Bill For Chuck E. Cheese Party

SKOKIE, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) — Police are looking for a woman who allegedly coordinated a large-scale dine-and-dash at a Chuck E. Cheese in Skokie.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Dave Berner reports, the large-scale “dine and dash” happened this past Saturday at the Chuck E. Cheese in the 7100 block of North Carpenter Road, in the sprawling Village Crossing shopping center.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Dave Berner reports

A woman came in with 15 children and a couple more adults with a birthday party, which included pizza, party favors, balloons and beverages.

But when the bill came for $65.68, the woman allegedly told the manager it was too much money and she would not pay it, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The manager said if the woman refused to pay, police would have to be called. The woman said she didn’t care, and the manager could go ahead and call police.

But by the time police arrived, the woman had bailed, along with the other adults and all 15 children.

Skokie police are looking for the woman.

  • Kelly

    there is no way it only cost $65.68 for 15 children + adults

  • Sherwin

    You can easily spend that for dinner for two at a large # of restaraunts in the city. That must be a typo.

  • Karol

    $65 is too much for 15 kids plus adults? That’s $4 per kid and that doesn’t even include the adults!!! I hope they find her, her legal costs and the trouble will cost her at least 10 times as much.

  • Diane E. Meyer

    there is no way that was the cost for 15 kids + adults. my daughter had a party there with at least 15 kids + just as many adults and the cost was around $250.00. someone needs to get their info correct!

  • Cinor_x

    It has to be a typo, just by me taking my daughter, lil sister, mother and myself i spend 48.00 dollars.

  • Jarvis

    She need her ass kicked for being that damn petty, cheap and stupid!


    same damn people that go to RED LOBSTER.

    • South Side

      Wrong, we of the tribe don’t go in for shellfish.

  • Nita Nene Bigham


  • Mel

    I had my daughter party at Chuck E Cheese with 15 kids and their parents which cost me $470.00!!!! That is way cheap and so is she!

  • Dave Lister

    Most likely there was a base amount paid up front and the $65.68 was for extras ordered after the fact. Whatever the case is though, she shouldn’t have ran out on the bill. What kind of example is that setting for the kids?

  • Linda

    Hope they find her. Don’t they have surveillance cameras?

  • tymmas

    Maybe she was just disputing a line item on the bill for $65 – that might make more sense…

  • Norma Dixon-Hines

    Don’t they have her reservation in the system? Why not send the police to her house. Not only is this terrible, she’s setting a very bad example for the children that was with her. (That’s only if they knew what was going on…however, who knows?)

  • Jean

    That is chump change for that many people if that’s all it cost! Just for two at TGIFridays is outrageous, like almost $80!!! I hope they find her & throw her in the slammer!

  • John

    Like none of you have ever booked on a bill? Honestly?

    • Natalie Rauch Kelly

      um, no.

    • JT

      No, I haven’t either…

    • Momof5

      Seriously?? No.

      And I too am at a loss how her bill could have only been $65. I feel like there are a few zeros missing from that number.

  • gee-reg

    Her bill was only $ 65 because she had that link card. And we all know that there link card means you don’t have pay full price and most of the time you don’t have pay at all. I would bet all them 15 kids were hers and by at least 10 different daddies hahahahahahahaha

  • http://darnellthenewsman.com/2011/01/21/woman-skips-out-on-bill-for-chuck-e-cheese-party/ Woman Skips Out On Bill For Chuck E. Cheese Party « Hot Off D's Press

    […] favors, balloons and beverages, But when the bill came for $65.68, the woman allegedly told the manager it was too much money and she would not pay […]

  • GeordieKin

    You would think that one of the other parents would have been more responsible and a better example or at least called to report her after seeing the news about it. But not to worry kids can’t keep their mouth shut and one of the kids will talk about it and get the adults busted…lol

  • mike

    No John! Most of us PAY for the services we get. “Booked on a Bill”? sounds ghetto -ease to me …oops ! It ‘s EBONICS!! right???

  • otis

    Good deal 65 bucks for all those people. Im going tonight with four people it should be like 12 bucks.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Isn’t there any video available to help find this thief?

  • tommy peru

    Pretty sure the mom used her pay check on her nails and hair.
    Then, the 40 year old grandmother left early, so the mom couldn’t borrow some cash.

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