JOLIET (CBS) — If you own a bar or restaurant with a TV, there’s no doubt you’ll have some Bears foot traffic on Sunday. But other kinds of businesses are closing their doors with a big celebration in mind.  

Heavenly Sinful Apparel in Joliet is usually open seven days a week.  But Sunday, that’s going to change.

The owners — diehard Bears fans Sandy Gerrettie and her husband, Joe — plan to watch the game at home, surrounded by friends, family and lots of food.

“If you’re not a bar or a restaurant, you need to be closed because you need to be home, watching the Bears,” Sandy told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot.

Over at Liebermann’s Jewelers in Joliet, Sunday is being viewed as a day of rest — and Bears enjoyment, too.

“It’s a little different,” Kent Liebermann said. “It’s high holy day on Sunday, so there won’t be anything to do with work — no phones, no nothing.”

He’ll be in his heated garage, or his personal mancave, watching the game.

Liebermann thinks the game will be close with the Bears winning by three points. The owners of Heavenly Sinful Apparel in Joliet say they’ll be closed Monday if the Bears win because their celebrating will just have to continue.

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