Suburban Mom Gets 10 Years For Molesting Teens

CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill. (STMW) – A southwest suburban mother of three was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison after admitting having sex with teenage boys who were friends of her daughter.

Cathleen Miller, 40, of Chicago Ridge, pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse and criminal sexual assault as her mother and sister as well as the families of two of her victims were present, defense attorney Robert Olson said.

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The longtime secretary for the village of Chicago Ridge received three years each for molesting three of the victims and another year for abusing a fourth victim, said Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. The boys were either 14 or 15 at the time.

A fifth victim also accused Miller, but prosecutors did not proceed with his case, Olson said.

Miller plied the teens with alcohol and marijuana and had sexual intercourse with two of them in her home in the 5800 block of 109th Street between February and June, according to prosecutors.

Olson said the sexual activity came to light after one of the boys wrote an apology on Facebook to Miller’s oldest daughter, who had walked in on Miller and him while they were together. His parents saw the message and went to police, Olson said.

He said that as police started asking questions, Miller checked herself into a hospital, considering suicide. That’s when her sister took custody of the girl, then 14, and her sisters, ages 3 and 10, Olson said.

Miller has been held at the Cook County Jail since her July 13 arrest. She was fired from her job.

She originally denied any wrongdoing, saying the boys brought alcohol and drugs to her home. At the time of her arrest, she had just separated from her husband, sought an order of protection against him and had consulted with Olson about filing for divorce.

Olson said her children now live with their dad in the family home, and divorce proceedings are under way

  • jstcnw

    Thank you, FB! Nice work, parents!

    • ELTON jOHN


    • SpellingIzHawrd

      Yeah, real nice job by the parents. They’re so in touch with their kids that they didnt even realize they were out getting drunk and high until they looked it up on facebook. Yup… good job parents alright…

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  • Chicago Observer

    Ten years is a long time to be in jail. Something must gone terribly wrong with her to do something like this. She certainly does not appear to a hardened criminal. Something must have spun out of control for her. Her life has been ruined and her family damaged badly. She is a lovely woman but she needed a lot of help. She didn’t get it.

    • Average Guy

      I agree with you. She failed everyone.

    • KE

      This is just more of the usual feminist nonsense that can be summarized as follows:

      When men commit crimes, it is because they are evil.
      When women commit crimes, it is because men made them do it.
      Even when she is the criminal, she is still a victim.
      Heads, she wins. Tails, men lose.

      So much for equality.

      • Pedro

        Heads she wins, hardly, she got ten years. Nine years too many. She still lost for giving every male teenager their ultimate fantasy. She did not win, I think these boys had the time of their teenage lives and it was unfortunate they got caught. Trust me these boys if they had the chance to have sex with another mother they would in an instance.

      • Tim

        You’re obviously jealous! The only dates you ever had arrived on a monthly basis…by subscription!

      • KE

        I hardly think that sleeping with a woman old enough to be their mother is every teen boy’s fantasy, despite your delusions. Most normal teen boys are lusting after teen girls, not their mom’s friends.

        Regardless, this is not about the alleged fantasies of teen boys (and Pedro, Tim, et al) It is about equality before the law. What would be the public reaction and the sentence be if it was a 40 year old man preying on 14 year old girls? Can’t women be held equally accountable for their actions?

      • mo



      Is a Drug Dealer without a past criminal record a hardened criminal? Society must have failed him too. Maybe if we get him to admit that what he was doing is wrong and make him pinky promise not to do it again, it will be enough to straighten him or her out. Give me a break. That’s what’s wrong with our country today. It’s ALWAYS someone elses fault or the system failed them. How about we just call a spade a spade and realize that this female is a MONSTER.

    • Michelle Carnes Basurto

      if she was a man and the victims girls you wouldnt say those things!

    • Willie Wilmette

      I agree, 10 years is the aveage for murder.
      This is 5 times as bad!

  • ms

    I have a big problem with hard jail times when it’s 100% consensual. 14 or 15 y/o you woulda sold your soul to be victims of this kind back in the day! ‘Plied’ them with booze and pot? We used to peg on the corner for someone to go in and buy for us at 15. Punishment sure, but 10 yrs? There’s murderers do less time than that.

    • PTC

      ms you are a moron. 14 or 15 year old kids can’t consent.

      • SpellingIzHawrd


      • asdfasdfasdf

        they can if you give them some candy :) ha ha ha ha ha

      • grumpy gramps

        14-15 y/o legally can’t consent in Illinois, but they can in many other countries, like Canada where it’s 14 y/o. Is that because Canadian teens are more mature?

      • ms

        I didn’t say LEGALLY consensual….moron


      ms, your a moron. It’s like saying, drugdealers shouldn’t be punished. They sold drugs to people who consented to buy them. It’s still illegal. This lady got of easy. If it was a man that did this, he would have gotten more that 10 yrs. He would be tought of as a Monster, praying on the weak. Give me a break. And i’m sure being white and from the suburbs, had nothing to do with her light sentencing. Let this be a non-white female from the inner- city, see what happens to her. This lady will be out of jail in 4 or 5 yrs. tops. My own personal opinion on CHILD MOLESTERS is that they should be ALL shot. They take advantage of the most inocent people in the world. Our children. Please, don’t feel sorry for her or make up excuses. This lady is pure EVIL. If it happened only once, you could make a case for her. But 5 boys, over several months. Let that be one of your boys she abused. We would all be screaming for justice. Believe me, what happened in this case, isn’t justice. It’s a slap on the wrist.

      • Willie Wilmette

        Good point. If we took the profit motive away from drug dealers by legalizing drugs, there would be a lot less drug use.

        Personnally, I think she is insane and we should not shoot the insane.

  • eiileen

    How a woman can do that is beyond me. Men refer to young women that age as “Jail Bait” Same for women. Youcan go to jail for a long time for abusing young children. and a teenager is still a child no matter how much they object too the term being use on them. I hope that she gets her but in trouble in jail with the innmates who have young sons. She deserves all they can give her. If she was that unhappy with her husband, find someone your own age.

  • Jacqueline Burke

    If we would have treated her the same way as a man she would have received less time.

    • Average Guy

      No she wouldn’t have.

    • KE

      I’m sure. After all, men constantly rush to the defense of child molesters and try to excuse their behavior, too.

    • gabazaba

      Correct, She’s probably do NO time whatsoever because the court of public opinion would have encouraged some rightous vigilante to pay her a little visit which would not end well.

      But just for giggles, why don’t you go ahead and cite just a single case where a man got any less (or even an equal) amount of time for having sex with underaged girls. yeah… I can wait.

      • marylundsten

        my daughter was raped when she was 12 the guy got probation

    • Tim Edward Kriz

      yeah right. A man would have gotten a lot more time for having sex with his teenage daughters friends.

  • Mr. Miller

    I’m just happy that justice was served, and that Cathleen got the sentence she deserved. Now I can get on with my life.

  • Rose E

    Mr. Miller, best of luck for you & the kids. Justice was served & now she has time to think about all the damage she has done to so many families.

  • Nikya Edgerson

    i think its wrong ms wat if it waz your kid wat wud u say she is guilty she gave them pot and alcohol why wud she do that in the first a child has 2 be 18 or older to consent i think justice waz served i just hope her kids can forgive her and i wish the best of luck to your familiy

    • SpellingIzHawrd

      What language are you attempting to speak?

    • ms

      I didn’t say it was right Nikya. I’m just saying 10 years for this? With all due respect to the families, fathers look your wives straight in the eye and honestly tell them you wouldn’t have sold your left pinky toe to have this experience at a raging 14 or 15? No way, you’d absolutely be lying.

      Now, if it was my daughter, of course I’d go after them with a shotgun! ;-)

      • gabazaba

        That blame the victim mentality is absolutely disgusting. It’s also interesting that you believe you can enter the mindset of a 15 year old boy. When, praytell, was the last time you were a 15 year old boy? Would you be automatically assuming that a 15 year old girl consented simply because it’s something you want? Of course not, because you are a sexist. I believe she should be in jail for much longer, because regardless of what your ignorant beliefs are, she still broke the law.

  • Truth hurts

    I can’t believe she got 10 years for something like having sex with 15 yr guys. wow . It was their fantasy, and you prudes that say thats wrong are just not “happy” if you know what I mean. an am just saying it how out is

    • gabazaba

      It was their fantasy? Oh, so you know them personally? In that case, I’d recommend not talking about the case of their motives without consulting a lawyer.

  • G.D.Chaplin

    We don’t know all the facts but, 10 year’s for what appear’s to be, essentually, consentual sex between her and 4 (or 5) boy’s seems high. Like it or not, whether it’s politically correct or not, what has to be considered is whether these boy’s felt traumatzed and/or threatened by her. This is partialy physical, involving physical sizw/strength, and patially the emotional maturity of the boy’s knowing what they were involved in and the level of coersion (or if you like, intimidation)which there clearly was some due to the alcohol/drug use. They probably relied on the fact that here was repeated incident’s , demonstrating intention, to build the length of sentance, I think 5 year’s with 5 year’s probation (which is what this may turn out to be) is fair.

    • gabazaba

      That would be all well and good if a man wouldn’t be hauled off into jail for MUCH longer for simply looking at an underaged girl wrong. Would you be here defending a man who had consensual sex with an underaged girl? I’m guessing not.

  • JessDeCristo


  • Vicky

    I would sure be p’o’ed it it were my son this nutjob was messing with! She deserves what she got; the sick dumb skank could have gone to a college campus to get some if she couldn’t control herself…..ugh :P

  • ms

    @Gab a Gab a Gab: I’m 38, I remember it like yesterday, Frankly, I woulda done anything to get L@!D. Now look at what gets you 15:,0,68779.story?track=rss

    and murderers walk in less than 10. My point was not that it was right, but Mr. Miller’s obvious case of Schadenfreude above shows his satisfaction of his estranged wife’s. hefty sentence overshadowing his own kids’ concern. Now they won’t even hug their mother for a decade?

  • Nancy A. Fallen

    Suppose she were a man and the victims were female teenage girls. Would that make it more of an aggravated criminal assault? No. She is a predator and sex offender that took advantage of minors while endangering her own children, and a drug user and distributor. She deserves 10 years if not more. Her excuses for her behavior are irresponsible. Her victims will be scarred for the rest of their lives!

  • franklin808

    The police should be monitoring Facebook. How can we be a free nation with criminals allowed to run around unchecked?

    • Mike607

      Yes, and they should be monitoring our phone calls too.

  • Larry

    There is high unemployemnt and this gainfully employed secretary gives up her job for this? Just like that phys. ed. teacher that was caught in the car with the student recently. She just resigned from her job over a student. What is wrong with these women? Why cant they find an adult male to have relationships with. They are both nice looking. I guess they did not have any value of their employment or morales. Is it just me or arent there a ton of single men available ?

  • DJChitown

    She got 10 years TOTAL. And very likely the sentence was concurrent. She will be out of prison in a year at the most. She will get credit for time-served and be paroled soon.

  • Nancy J

    Dear “SpellingIzHawrd”,
    Do you really think that even the very best parent is always aware of what their son or daughter is doing every minute of the day? If a 14 or 15 year old is out somewhere, smoking a joint or drinking, how can the parent be blamed? A parent can do as much as possible, but the kids have a will and make choices. These kids knew very well what they were getting into. Such a creepy thing for Mrs. Miller to do. Could not imagine what was going through her head, but these boys had the choice to get up and leave her house immediately when things got strange and they did not. I feel the most sorry for HER children. Such humiliation and shame, and now their mom is going off to prison. They have lost her in so many ways.

    • TryingToWrapThisAroundMyHead

      Let us all hope that you’re not a parent, at least not in our neighborhoods.

  • tomas

    Where was she when i was in high school instead of being taught by prudish, uptight old teachers that gave me nothing on worldly ways and reality. I would have relished being enlightened spiritually and physically.



  • Sarah

    Thats what happens to you when you watch 2 5 7,I bet she watched the View,oprha and the news,thats were she got her warp mind.

  • ELKois Poole-Clayotn

    It’s bad enough that she had sex with these kids, but to FORCE herself on one of them, she needs to get some real time, for that could have been a test, to see how far she could go with him.
    If she could have gotten away with that, who knows what else she would have tried.
    I happy, that the children are away from her and now her x(I’m sure), can raise his children, in the house that she should have had.
    Now, she’ll pay child support, when she gets out(if he files NOW)!
    PS: To her children:
    I hope this opportunity, you take, to concentrate on your school work and be the best children you can for your dad and make it easy for him to be the best dad he can be for you guys!

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  • winston

    Punishing this woman is sick

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