Schuster: Successful Season Or Not?

By David Schuster —

Just about anytime you are one of the final four teams left standing in the NFL the feeling is that it was a successful season. The glass half full outlook is that even if you lost in the conference championship you were just one step away from the Super Bowl and the future should look bright. But is that the case with the Chicago Bears? They definitely exceeded expectations by winning 11 games in the regular season, capturing the NFC north crown and having home field advantage for two playoff games. But the glass half empty look is that the Bears were a team that had every break imaginable, beat a lousy Seattle club in their only playoff win and the arrow is not pointing up.

Why might the pessimists be on the right side of the ledger? Well you can easily point to the holes that are still on this roster. The offensive line is still a huge question mark, the wide receiving corps is still lacking, the defense isn’t getting any younger and the franchise quarterback is still as up and down as a balloon.

Jay Cutler can drive any football fan mad. You still have no idea what you are going to get out of this guy. When he’s good he’s really good but when he’s bad…WOW…look out! On Sunday he was bad long before he got injured and when your quarterback is bad you really stand little chance against quality opponents. A lot of people,  both during and after the game,  questioned Cutler’s toughness and now you can add that subject to many others in regards to the mercurial Q.B.

You can also question the head coach whose decisions in Sunday”s game (again) brought many of his detractors to the fore front. Why not kick a field goal when you had a chance? Why punt instead of going for a 1st down when you needed a spark on offense and why in the world would you have Todd Collins as your back up quarterback…much less be on the roster? Lovie Smith’s contract extension? That should wait for another day….a much later day.

So in spite of 12 overall wins and playing deep into January this team has more holes then a piece of Swiss cheese. Are you optimistic that they will get as far next season as they did this? I’m not.

  • marshburg

    Does this mean that the road to Dallas no longer goes through Chicago?

    • AT3374

      No the Packers can fly past Chicago if they want on the way to Dallas

  • White Owl

    Todd Collins, as backup QB, is the latest example of the Bear’s inability to judge talent. Bears fans have maintained all season that Hanie deserved the #2 job.

    I’m not optimistic about next season because I see Jerry Angelo repeating the same mistakes he makes each year in the draft.


      It was a head scratcher.

      What all of us Bears optimists failed to account for, is, just like in the Patriots game.
      You have a QB that fires the ball and one receiver that can carve up 7 yards at-a-time, It makes play action a whole lot easier.
      Knox has a lot of heart, and knows the playbook. But, he’s going to get beat by a bigger, faster back. We need a lot of upgrades, and Hanie might be trade bait.
      I hope Cutler is all right.
      Peppers was getting thrown to the ground in the first quarter.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Thank you Spaulding! for expressing the hope that Cutler is all right.
        Once again, you show you are the class of the blog board.

        We should hope that he is not seriously injured because he needs to be the Bears QB next season. If there is a season???).

  • bob

    Tood Collins is thru. period. Upgrade the O-line. A couple of receivers wouldn’t hurt.


    The season was enjoyable, but we know exactly why the Bears lost yesterday.
    Shaky protection and
    Questionable play calling

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    I agree with Spaulding!
    Yes, I am feeling bummed today…but I thought the Bears would only win 5-6 games this year anyway.
    It was a successful season unless you are Danny B and define success only as winning the Super Bowl.

    • AT3374

      That should be the goal of any team . Green Bay was clearly better than the Bears and just imagine if Green bay had been healthy all year like the Bears were up until yesterday .

      But like most have stated , not much to look forward to int he next few years . new England is set up nice to compete with another year under their young team , the Bears have to spend a lot to get the off line and def line up to par . Can’t trust jerry to get that done

  • Denver Deadite

    The season may be “successful”, but I see no reason for optimism down the line.

    There’s no reason whatsoever to believe that any of the team’s problems will be fixed, not with Angelo calling the shots. The O-line is still bad, the defense is still getting older, the coaching is still suspect.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      If there is a next year, with the harder schedule, they could be 6-10 or something like that. At least Angelo won’t have a mega-high draft pick to eff-up.

  • bronzo

    please tell in what universe is Todd Collins ahead of Cahlib Haney on the depth chart!!!

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Amen. Collins was done several years ago.


    You guys are right. And, Todd Collins is a guy who answered the phone.
    Caleb Hanie gets to compete for some spot next year.

    Mike Martz could not find a bread and butter guy. A real offense takes no more than two plays to get a first down on their side of the field. That could amount to ten plays less per game. Healthier linemen, less scrambling, more chances to run play-action.
    If Knox catches that ball, or throws a block, it might have been an overtime game.

    • AT3374

      Are you talking about that interception play ? If you were , Knox had no idea where that ball was . Cutler took some off of that that and the DB made a great play on that , can’t fault Knox too much on that . Some say he should have fought or knocked it down . Maybe he ran the wrong route or something , who knows .


    The problem might have been Cutler yesterday. I doubt he was mobile for as long as he was out there. Couldn’t find anyone.

  • AT3374

    Those people who burned Cutler’s jersey , that makes no sense what so ever . The guy took 52 sacks this year , he’s tough . Very few QB’s could do what he did this year with a aweful off line like they have . Tice did a good enough job just getting them to block enough to run a play , but Kruetz and the gang need an overhaul in the worst way . It’s not just a piece here or there as some have said , but that takes time , something at the moment with no CBA in place the Bears have .

  • AT3374

    Another thing , whose bright idea was it to call a time out on that 3 and 1 play ? All you needed to do was fall forward and you have the first down ! Then you call the time out and then run a reverse with a guy that just came off the injured list ?

    The coaching staff deserves some praise for making something out of nothing with this team , but that was really stupid and you set Hanie to fail since the Pack knew a pass play had to be coming .

    Also as good as Hanie played , no way to I want to see him as a starter next year , Cutler is the man and deserves to be so . Get well Jay !!!!

  • Mike Korkowski

    I agree Dave. Todd Collins looked “pitiful” out there. Hanie should be #2 unless we can find someone better. But yes they “are” Swiss cheese especially in the middle on both O and D lines.

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