Woman Shot Outside Green Dolphin Club

UPDATED 01/24/11 6:12 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) —– Police are searching for suspects, after a woman was shot outside the popular Green Dolphin Street nightclub over the weekend.

The shooting happened outside the nightclub, at 2220 N. Ashland Ave., around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, police said. The woman in her 20s was shot in her back in front of the club.

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The victim was taken in critical condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Green Dolphin Street is located at the intersection of Ashland and Webster avenues just west of the north branch of the Chicago River.

The nightclub specialized in jazz and big-band music, and also included the pizzeria and wine bar Oriveto.

Last year, the restaurant closed and the jazz and other music shows were canceled, but the nightclub has remained open for concerts, private parties, and the weekly “Boom Boom Room” house music nights.

Grand Central Area police detectives are investigating the shooting.

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  • Bob Hamilton

    Who thinks to themselves; “OK, I’m going out to a club tonight. I’ve got my ID’s, my keys, a few dollars and my pistol.”? Only in the ghetto.

    • John

      Green Dolphin Club is not in the “ghetto”, moron. It is located in one of the wealthiest areas of Chicago.

      • KE

        Come on .. wealthiest???
        And do you think those same people would be standing out there at 3:00 am??

      • KE

        Wealthiest?? Come on.
        And do you think those same people would be out on that block of Ashland at 3:00 am winter in Chicago? If so..exactly how long have you been living in Chicago??

    • L.L.

      Bob, that’s only on the City’s south side, like Englewood, or in Garfield Park that would be considered normal.

      • KE

        Don;t forget Rogers Park too?

    • Basha

      Moron, don’t speak when you don’t have a sense of location. lincoln park may be full of white rich people but that doesn’t make this neighborhood free of crime. there have been bodies found in front of the nature museum (in lincoln park), people run over (in lincoln park) and now people shot. Plus at 3 30am in the city as a whole your taking risk going out because “mad” people do a lot of stupid reckless things overnight.

  • Martha Belk

    People just don’t get shot in the ghetto. You need to be carefull where ever you go.

  • Beth Miller

    Bob-that area isn’t “the ghetto”! I suppose the Arizona shooting was in the ghetto too? Idiot.

  • Nobody

    That’s not the ghetto, Bob Hamilton must not be from Chicago

  • Howie

    All of Chicago is turning into a ghetto.
    When Rahm is elected, the city will be renamed “Chicaghetto.”

    • PHLASH

      What the hell are you talking about ,what does Rahm have to do with it,if anything his grid system for trash and recycling would clean things up.People use the word getto to freely ,I don’t live in the getto even though people consider the west side that,if people would just clean up there own block things would be alot cleaner no getto,I know because on Jackson bvld I installed yellow p5 gal. pickel buckets and people respond by throwing their trash in the yellow buckets,this block and a few more look better,people do care,instead of bad mouthing why don’t you do something good for your hood.

    • L.L.

      Good One! I wonder how much strong-arming from Washington there is going on behind the scenes to make “Rahm” a legitimate candidate.

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  • Rob

    What in the hell are you guys talking about I have lived in chicago my whole life. The green dolphin is the ghetto. Ask your self this, would you let your wife or your 16 year old daughter walk to the store in that neighborhood around 1230 am? No reasonable person would allow that. So yes this place is the ghetto

  • Witch Doctor

    Ignorant! I would not let my daughter walk down the street alone anywhere anytime. I am a vet and it is more dangerous here than iti is in southeast asia. That would be afghanistan for the graduate school educated folks i see posting on this board.

    • LaBellaNatural88

      And I completely agree with you…

    • Nobody

      ” I am a vet and it is more dangerous here than iti is in southeast asia. That would be afghanistan for the graduate school educated folks”

      All of the stans are in cold/dry CENTRAL Asia, southeast Asia is Indochina/Indonesia ya know tropical climate.
      And you couldn’t have possibly have been there to compare it to the Clybourn Corridor of Lincoln Park Chicago

  • LaBellaNatural88

    I was at that club last night and it is NOT in the GHETTO!!!! Nor is Chicago turning into the GHETTO. EVERY city has their NICE areas and their NOT SO NICE areas. Its a nice establishment. They should just have better security and be more alert as to whats going on. Rahm can ONLY propose laws NOT STOP BULLETS!!! People get shot in the suburbs everyday! I live in Gurnee (which is a far north suburb in IL, about an hr away from The Green Dolphin) and from Nov 2010 to now there have been 33 fatal shootings. Gurnee is NOT the ghetto nor is it a bad area. THINGS HAPPEN… no matter where youre at.

  • Jennifer

    I get a kick out of how the anonymity of the internet allows people who are otherwise cowards to talk all tough and call others idiots, morons, etc. This is so fun to read!

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  • tonio

    the key word here “attract ghetto people” oh well any night other than
    mondays – boom boom room would be like that since it’s the immature no class
    heterosexuals out trying to prove their badassness!

    • Wallflower

      I’m heterosexual but not into ghettoculture, they can’t solve problems so they pull out a gun because they’re too uncivilized to realize what the aftermath entails, and I for one think the prisons are far to cushy for these pathetic monsters, a gun will never get you respect imbecile, and I’m all out of pity, I’m astonished at the stupidity running rampant in this city, my cat seems more intelligent than the people I see out there

  • JoseLoco

    It is in a nice area but the Club managers and promoters cater to ghetto ass people! I went there once and I felt like i was in 26th and California.

  • CBR

    The Green Dolphin was once a very classy and upscale venue…as the person said they have catered to a less sophisticated group in order to keep their doors open…
    Everyone commenting is from the same World, Hemisphere, Country, State, City, Etc. why don’t you work to make the necessary change in your world rather than make discussing stereotypical comments about the ghetto…most of you originated from a so called ghetto.. This term is just another tool of an elitist society

    Love, Hope & Peace

  • A KING

    The Green Dolphin is not in tha hood and this is nothing new! I have been in a club where a man was killed on the dance floor and that was not in tha hood either. My prayer goes out to the lady who was shot. Alot of these young people just want to have fun and enjoy there youth. You just got stupid people out there and that goes for every generation. But alot of these shootings not just club shootings in Chicago come from poverty. Thats why this is nothing new to me. I see and hear about it all the time. You stop poverty and you will stop ALOT of these shootings. Not all but ALOT.

  • JM

    Only someone who DOES NOT live downtown would consider that area to be one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Chicago. Gold Coast, Streeterville and Lincoln Park are the wealthiest neighborhoods downtown where the Pritzker, Reyes, Bluhm, Zell families own residences…and let me add Oprah (since you have probably never heard of the other Chicago billionaires listed). The area around the Green Dolphin isn’t necessarily the ghetto but it certainly isn’t one of the nicest areas either. For the record, the “wealthiest” neighborhood in the Chicagoland area is Kenilworth where the median income is $250,000 a year.

    I pray that this young woman makes a speedy recovery.

    • Christoph

      Well now don’t you look foolish. Green Dolphin Street is located IN LINCOLN PARK! You must have moved to Chicago from somewhere else and googled some stuff up to sound like you are from around Chicago.

  • key

    All u soujnd stupied for calling it ghetto u can die by a bullet anywhere and if dont like it move the hell out of chicago since u cant take what goes on and is it right no but just sound like so stuck mf who sit at home a judge mf fing low life i hate ppl like u then just leave it dont matter where u go u can even go to the best surbs and still get chop up

  • Philin Phlash

    Had to look it up WEBSTER – a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live because of social,legal,or economic pressure. Does this word apply to where the Green Dolphin is,I don’t think so ,every kind of people live in that area .Chicago is a melting pot ,stop trying to devide the people with this race or racist atitude,this is why we have shootings,bad atitude ,all you people with guns leave them at home if your going dancing,no guns needed at a club,did that women really deserve to be shot in the back,I doubt it ,lets hope she is ok trigger puller stay away

  • Kyle

    The Green Dolphin was once Great place to go! I’m from New Jersey and I love to travel. There were 3 years during the late 90’s & early 2000’s when My Wife and a few of our Friends flew in to Chicago to attend the New Years Eve Parties that was given at the Green Dolphin! This Country has taken a NASTY TONE FOR THE WORSE! Everything that was NICE & ENJOYABLE is so MEAN!!! People are just NASTY & EVIL! You Fok’ in Chicago are too STUPID to understand ALL ot The CULTURE the your CITY ONCE HAD! Stop letting it DIE! I’m From NJ, and I guess because I was on the outside looking in I was able to see the best of what Chicago had to offer! I don’t know if the OWNERSHIP changed at the Green Dolphin, but I have good memories and lots of photos to remind me of the MANY GOOD TIMES that were had at The Green Dolphin! Peace Ya’ll…& grow-up! To let a place of class, elegance, intelligence & sophistication (which is waht the Green Dolphin was) makes NO SENSE!!!

  • Christoph

    Chicago is the 3 largest city in the US and the best in my opinon. People outside of NY, CHI, LA need not comment on “how bad it is” in Chicago because they have no concept of a real city.

    Best wishes for a recovery to the girl.

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