45 games into the season, Derrick Rose ranks in the top ten in the NBA in scoring and assists. He’s not only jumped into MVP race, he’s leading it.

“I don’t know if likely is the right word, but it’s certainly probable,” K.C. Johnson, of the Chicago Tribune, said on the Mully and  Hanley Show when asked about Rose’s MVP chances. “From my perspective, right not it’s a two-person race, and I know it’s still early and there’s a lot of basketball left to be played.”

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Amar’e Stoudemire and Deron Williams were being mentioned along with Rose and others as MVP candidates. But as the New York Knicks and Utah Jazz have started to cool off, so has the candidacy Stoudemire and Williams. Other great teams in the league, like Boston and San Antonio, play more team focused games.

“To me, it’s between LeBron James and Derrick Rose right now,” Johnson said. “And LeBron obviously has such a backlash from what happened last summer and also will probably have some votes split because of Dwyane Wade’s presence. So, it sounds crazy, but to me right now, Derrick Rose is the front runner for MVP.”

Rose’s MVP-caliber season will take a couple days off before the Bulls get back to action on Friday against the Orlando Magic.

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