McMahon: They Would Have Had To Drag Me Out Of That Game

Since Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers preventing the Chicago Bears from making the Super Bowl, Jay Cutler has been the target of everyone’s criticism. Former Bear Jim McMahon was even surprised he didn’t see Cutler back in the game after he left the field.

Jay Cutler’s toughness has been criticized since leaving the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers. “The way I played, they would have had to drag me out of that game, Jim McMahon said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “I dont know Jay, I don’t know the extent of his injury. Obviously he felt as though he couldn’t go. Some people can play with injuries, some people can’t.”

LISTEN: Jim McMahon On The Boers and Bernstein Show

Earlier this week, it was announced that Jay Cutler left that game due to a sprained MCL in his knee and doctors had suggested him not to continue playing. “A doctor cannot tell me I’m not going back in, unless it’s a head injury like a concussion or something like that. Then the doctor cannot let you back in the ballgame,” McMahon said. “A knee or an ankle or an arm or something like that, it’s the player’s decision whether he goes back in or not.”

However, McMahon did support Jay’s decision to leave the game. Jim McMahon said “I guess he felt he couldn’t be a help to the team. That’s a good thing to do, get out and gets somebody healthy in there.”

  • Roberta Waker

    McMahon would have played, the Bears would have been slaughtered and he would have been crippled for life. Only Jay Cutler knows how painful lthe injury was. If he had been given a shot, yes, he could have played, and he would never be able to play again because of the additional trauma. The right decision was made. What good will he be next year if he can’t even stand to throw the ball? How will he take us to the Super Bowl if he is crippled? Of course, if the offensive line had protected him he wouldn’t have been injured in the first place. Right???

  • Laura

    Anyone see the video from Tuesday showing Cutler moseying around with his trashy girlfriend in LA on a shopping trip? He sure looked fine to me!
    What a pansy. The Broncos fans were right when they called him that. The McCaskeys are idiots for getting him. We shoulda stuck with Orton.
    And how much you wanna bet they won’t even consider Haney as a starter? I think they should – he is obviously a leader and loves the game and, frankly, a much better quarterback than Cutler.

    • randy

      laura seriously.. I have just drop 30 IQ points reading that statement.

    • RJ

      Laura you are a moron! you know nothing about football or being injured. Just because he is out walking around doesn;t mean he could have finished the game. I would like to see you get sacked 54 times and see if you are tough enough after the first hit. Get some common sense. Maybe all the guys who get turf toe and sit out should be called pansies too. And as for Caleb Haney will not be an NFL starter. He is not better than Cutler. What Cutler has to work with is sub-par. No #1 receiver and a below average offensive line.

  • Kenny Thomas

    Haney is better? Really? Really?
    Do you remember that he threw a pick 6 to a 350 lb. guy in an ugly green and yellow uniform?
    Are you kidding or Haney’s mother?

  • Michael Che

    I liked the way Hanie played, I think he deserves a lot of respect. Walking from the bench into a game like that wouldn’t be easy even for a much more experienced player.
    That all being said, questioning Jay’s toughness because he didn’t show much pain while being seriously hurt, is a rare example of alien logic.

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