Can Emanuel Residency Ruling Apply To Police, Firefighters?

CHICAGO (WBBM) — The heads of the Chicago police and firefighter unions are commenting today on how the residency ruling for mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel might affect the rule requiring city workers to live within the city limits.

Mark Donahue, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, says he’s tried for the past few years to get the legislature to change the law so Chicago police could go to the bargaining table with the city and negotiate over whether police could live in the suburbs. Donahue says the FOP will make that legislative push again this session.

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Donahue says he doesn’t know whether any legal connection can be made between yesterday’s Illinois Supreme Court ruling for Emanuel and the city’s employment rule.

Chicago Firefighter Union leader Tom Ryan says he’s had members who’ve lost their jobs because they didn’t live in the city of Chicago. He says he doesn’t know whether yesterday’s Illinois Supreme Court ruling will have a bearing on those or any other cases.

“I’m not a lawyer”, he says.

Ryan says he does understand the difference between residency as it pertains to being eligible to be a candidate for elective office and the city’s residency rule for employment purposes, but he’s not sure whether the employment rule can be argued using yesterday’s ruling on Emanuel.

  • gigi

    There is a differance serving the president and just wanting to move to the suburbs. will you own two residents than or own one place and rent in another. when it comes to police and firefighters i think you should live in the city you serve. unless we are going to change that and say we can serve any suburb or city through out iillinois for example WI. residents can be a Chicago Police officer and so on.

    • Pat

      Why can’t the police and firefighters have the ability to send their children to decent schools? If I had kids, I certainly wouldn’t send them to Chicago schools. There is no credible arguement that you can give to side with the city, demanding residency.

      • SpecialK

        Hell let them go live in the suburbs. Some of the police and firefighters have bad kids themselves. So let them go pollute the suburbs like they have done the city. It is not the only the poorest of children committing crime in Chicago. There are the well off but you dont hear about their crimes because the are the children of police and firefighters. Remember they stick together. So go pollute the suburbs, maybe the crime in Chicago will go down. LOL

    • Keith

      I think this is bull…This us why I dont like Chicago or the state because of fraud that is affecting the people that is paying the highist taxes in the world. …People of Chicago the only way we can show these crooks us to not vote for Emanual bottom line…He us not elgible to become mayor…Mrs Watkins us the choice for Chicago because she doesn’t have all the tyes to all the crooks that area still in place. .Watkins for mayor. ..

    • SpecialK

      You don’t see city dwellers getting jobs ithose jobs n Naperville, Barrington, New Lenox, Schaumburg and then live in the City do you? So you work for the city you live in the city. Thats the way it has always been and should remain.

      • curley

        Actually, I live in the city and have several neighbors who are police and/or fire fighters in a variety of suburbs… That’s because the suburbs don’t have residency rules.

    • Me

      hey, where does our city alderman sandi jackson live? where do her kids go to school? answer that! she obviously works for the city, she should live here instead of d.c.

  • ileen

    You union people should not start a war over nonsense. If you work for the city you should live in the city.

    • Pat

      Do you live in the same city you work? probably not. Why should someone tell you where you have to live. Sounds like someone just wants to have control over someone else. Why should only police and firefighters have to have residency requirements?

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  • Knappydawg

    This isn’t hard, you must live in the city of chicago or within sight of the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    GiGi and Ileen seem to know what’s best for jobs they know nothing about!Sounds like they are democratic “progressives”.I love how people who think they know what’s good for you,think they are superior to you!Police officers and firefighters and paramedics have the toughest city jobs and the real reason the progressives don’t want them to leave is because they are makers,not takers and also givers.But the progressives want to keep their control and tax base so they can give away other peoples money! Maybe all the contractors that do work for the city should live here also! I see allot of hypocrisy in the progressive way of thinking and more of their desire to CONTROL those in our FREE society!

    • quequa

      Now that’s an idea I could get behind! Every time city work is contracted out to a private company, that company has to prove that its employees live in the city limits. It’s all about keeping the income level (and by extension property values and tax base) solid within the city limits so this place doesn’t turn into Detroit.

  • James Burke

    what about Aldermen with Summer homes in Various states!Why doesnt someone check on them?????

  • John

    Any police officer with two homes- one in the city- one elsewhere- would be quickly fired if the children attended school at the out of the city location. Rahm… kids attending out of city schools- your fired. The mayor is in fact an employee of the city.

    • momama

      Rahm’s kids will go to Latin, Frances Parker or U of Chicago Lab Schools… more than $20,000 a year tuition, no ‘risk’ of going to CPS for those kids.

  • Theodore C. Sledge

    What about the Mayor? Can he live in Park Forest? What about the Governor can he live in Indiana? If you are an employee of a city such as Police Officer, Teacher. etc. then therefore you should live in that city. Hey, what about the President? Can he live in Canada? The taxes are lower there.

  • LEP

    a. Rahm has not been elected the Mayor, if he is elected, he will indeed have to live inside the city limits. He IS NOT CURRENTLY AN EMPLOYEE OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO, and won’t be unless he receives the majority of the votes. There are two different statutes involved, one is an election statute and one is an employment statute. The residency requirements are legally different, including but not limited to the sole purpose of maintaining a residence in the City of Chicago being keeping a city job but not wanting to live within the city limits. (FWIW, I don’t think city employees should have to live within the city limits, ability to serve the city as a FF or a PD or a teacher is unrelated to where they receive their mail.)

    b. Illinois election law specifics that one does not lose their residency when serving on business of the United States or Illinois. It is hard to argue that being the Chief of Staff (a temporary appointment) is not being on the business of the United States.

    c. I believe any attempt to have federal appointees lose their residency would be met with federal legislation superseding that attempt. (Note, the members of our armed services do not lose their residency when they are deployed…are you saying they should?)

  • pc

    I Live and work in the city. For what they pay me to do the amount of work I do. I’d have to be nuts to complain. It a great gig.

  • Sarah

    The joo boy I still say was not a resident,its funny the Appelate Court ruled against but the Il. Sup. court ruled 7 to 0 something stinks its probably the guy in the white house.

  • momama

    You know, just to play devil’s advocate (cuz I would LOVE to move to the burbs), if all the city workers were allowed to move to the burbs the property values in those “city worker” neighborhoods – and you know who you are- would plummet. Because no one would want to pay the crazy prices and nutty property taxes unless they had to – like the city workers do. So while it’s “fair” to let them leave, it would ruin parts of the city’s value, which would trickle down to the rest of the city.

    • A moment of truth

      Too bad. Police, Fire & teachers are held hostage in this city. They, to protect themselves and their families, are forced to live in high tax bracketed areas. Let this H e l l hole Daley & his storefront pastors created burn. Free the city workers.

  • jean

    Sarah……do U kiss ur Mom w/that mouth? I don’t believe any1 needs 2 B called a racial slur. A little focus on the issue. Firefighters/Police Officers/EMTs will never be allowed 2 leave the city because they are an excellent group of taxpayers. While the Mayor has spoke of how kind taxpers has been to those groups,it’s just hot air. These groups pay their taxes ( or are penalized at work),buy city & plt. stickers ( or are penalized at work),buy property,etc.,etc. WHY LET THEM LEAVE????

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