Driver Arrested After Chase From Forest Park To Rockford

Updated 01/28/11 – 5:43 p.m.

ROCKFORD (CBS) — A driver who allegedly pointed a gun at a motorist during a high-speed chase through the western and northwestern suburbs has been arrested in Rockford.

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Forest Park Police Chief Jim Ryan said that the incident began at about 3:15 p.m. when officers spotted a silver Dodge Charger with tinted windows in an area frequented by drug dealers.

Ryan said the driver was acting suspiciously, so police tried to make a traffic stop because of the illegal tinted windows, but the vehicle fled.

Police gave chase and saw the driver pull up behind a car that was blocking his path. The driver rolled down his windows and pointed what appeared to be a shotgun or assault rifle at the other motorist, a woman, forcing her to pull over.

The Charger then continued to flee police, Ryan said. Forest Park police continued their pursuit until the Charger reached Elmhurst, where Elmhurst police took up the chase.

During the chase, the car reached speeds in excess of 90 mph.

Around 4:30 p.m., the car made its way into Rockford, where it weaved its way through several side streets and busy thoroughfares.

Shortly before 5 p.m., the Charger was struck by another car after it ran a red light at Harrison Avenue and 9th Street.

The Charger spun around before coming to a stop several yards past the intersection and the driver got out and tried to flee on foot. But several police officers on foot and in vehicles pinned him in and tackled him and took him into custody.

A passenger in the Charger was seriously injured in the crash and might have been paralyzed, as he was not wearing a seat belt, police said. It was not immediately clear if anyone in the other car was hurt in the crash.

Ryan said the Charger is registered to an owner in far west suburban Freeport. The vehicle’s owner has no criminal history.

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  • KE

    Congratulations to the police

  • ciara

    I happened to be on 290 and seen this idiot fly pass me along with a dozen cop cars behind him.

  • Jordan

    and I happened to be on I-90 and had this idiot pass me on the shoulder. Then he got off on the same ramp as me…and drove into oncoming traffic to avoid police cars. This was in Belvidere. I’m surprised he made it all the way into Rockford before crashing.

  • Tony

    Is funny how today someone ran over a red light as well and hit my car just as this guy and it was on the same street where i live and where this accident happend on 9th a couple of blocks from my house. I dont knwn whats going on..! NWO or something.

  • Doug

    The car chase video was worth watching because it had a happy ending. I can understand why you promoted the upcoming video of the poor little kid who fell down the elevator shaft. Of course as it turned out, it was a total nothing.

    • tonny

      Happy ending? He ran over a red light and he hit a car and the car flipped over 3 times. The victim might have been paralyzed, the mom she said he cant walk talk or open his eyes, and he is about to have a baby that is gonna be born soon. I dont understand how this “was a happy ending or turned out to be total nothing”?? Idiot..!

      • The Crazy One

        It’s the passenger in that car that was injured, read the story again.

      • Bfife

        No car flipped over and no one is paralyzed!!!

  • South Side

    Did this guy actually think he could get away?

  • Bfife

    The driver and passenger should have died,to save having a trial!!

    • Sven

      Its bad enough they were profiled by race. This could have been avoided if the police do there job. A minor traffic ticket should not result into death.

  • Sven

    The police unfairly were only pulling this car over because of the race of the driver. That is the real crime. This could have been avoided if race was not an issue. The driver was scared for his life with all the police chasing him, they should have backed off and this could have ended fairly. Its a shame they would risk the life of others chassing a car because the driver’s race didnt fit the area he was driving in.

    • Joan

      I didn’t read anything about race in this article.. I heard on TV that the car had blacked out windows, so how could the police see what race they were anyway? First you say the police should have done their job, then you complain because they chased him. So in your opinion, no matter what the police do, they are wrong? And the driver of a car who hit another car, pointed a gun at another motorist and was driving on the shoulder sometimes over 100 mph, among other violations should just get away with it because he was he was a poor scared mistreated person? Or because he was another race, allegedly, I didn’t see anything about race in this article, the law doesn’t apply to him, he should get away with commiting any crime he wants and not be arrested? What kind of convoluted logic is that? You are scary.

    • Gary

      Nothing wrong with being a DANGER to the public,get real .

  • Nick Chicago

    So what the driver`s name?Must be a minority if he were white they would have given us his name and photo.Yust fair reporting as usuall!!

  • Dan

    Sven is obviosly an idiot and would not understand what convoluted means. Probably think it has something to do with blacks in prison.

    • MP


      I agree with Dan & Joan…Sven is clearly a moron!

  • Sgt Friday

    too bad they couldn’t have had a shoot out in the end with the cops puting a hundred rounds into te punk…Just the Facts….

  • Bfife

    Yes the dirt bag was black and from Rockford! Go figure! What a chicken he has to flee from the Police. Love to see his rap sheet!!!

  • Bfife

    Sven shut up you idiot!

  • Bfife

    You dumb moron they had a gun! Too bad they didn’t die!

  • Tom

    Hey, Sven. They couldn’t tell what the race of the folks were in the car because the windows were tinted. And of course, that means they were too dark to see inside. Based on your comments, i’m going to profile you right now. I’ve profiled you as an idiot.

  • Bfife

    Sven tells us about your self! Sounds like you have your own personal problems with the Police!

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  • slim

    Wow race was an issue for the black man in a silver dodge charger with tint on the back of the car and light tint in the front which is legal but the charger with it’s tint was attempted to be pulled over in a known drug area so let play nice with all our facts please. Idiot could some up a few people yes the police do need to do there job so the convoluted logic is there wasn’t any in this situation did the police do there job and run the plates or was the known drug area enough or did u smart people not gather all ur facts or does that not sound good and believe me wrong is wrong he should have pulled over

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