Is Extending Lovie’s Contract The Right Decision?

Chicago Bears’ general manager Jerry Angelo has already expressed interest in extending Lovie Smith’s contract beyond next season. But it might not be as easy as it seems.

“Here’s where it gets interesting,” NFL analyst Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show when talking about Smith’s contract status. “You have a new Chairman of the Board taking over, I want to say it’s February 15, that’ll be George McCaskey. And while assuming he doesn’t have changes in mind already, it will be up to Ted [Phillips] and [Angelo] whether Lovie gets extended.”

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There’s no real rush to extend Lovie’s contract. He’s signed through next season and it might be a smarter move for the organization to see how the 2011 season, if there is one, plays out.

“George is clearly going to have the final say over how many years and how much money,” Arkush said. “Now if I’m Lovie, I don’t take an extension for less than three or four years. And I sure don’t take it for less than $6 million a year, because I’m earning 5.5 right now.”

If McCaskey wants to come in and establish the team as his own, or if he’s worried about the impending lockout then he might not be willing to make such a long-term commitment.

“I have to believe at that point George says, ‘wait a minute, that’s too much. I don’t want to be committed,'” Arkush said. “And so I think what’s going to happen, unless George gets stupid, is I think they’re going to talk extension. They’re going to try and work it out…And I think it won’t get done.

“Now if George gives them the green light to do whatever they want then it may get done. But then I fear that this franchise could be in trouble because that’s just not a wise move right now.”

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  • Lynn Urlaub

    NO. Plain and Simple. He has one more year left. Leave it at that. His decisions during the season, the final game, the whole body of work simply show that he has not matured enough and refuses to change his ways.

  • Shane Higgins

    I say no if he had won the superbowl then yes byt don’t get locked into a situation where you can not get rid of him . If he guides them to the playoffs next year than maybe to me the bears need to be shewd in this situation. They have showed loyalty to the players and lovie and I don’t think they have got a return on thier investment he has only had one playoff apperance since his last contract extension. I think they should all be on notice thaty with out a consitant winner we move on !

  • Roberta Waker

    You might not want to cut off your nose by procrastinating. If Lovie has another winning seasonn with the Bears, other teams will be more than happy to hire him at a very substantial salary increase. So, I wouldn’t wait too long before deciding what to do. He did a great job, we were in the playoffs and the team could have won with another 5 minutes of playing time as Hanie really stepped up to the plate. Think carefully, but don’t lose this valuable coach.

    • Mark, Sterling

      They can have him. Lovie isn’t that good of a coach. He has had the benefit of some GREAT defensive players that were mostly already here when he took over as coach. He HASN’T gotten better and he clearly won’t “adjust”.

  • Michigan Bear Fan

    I don’t see any upside to signing Lovie an extention. I like Lovie and hope he does well but if he doesn’t then I’m all for bringing in Cowher, Fisher or someone else. If he does have a good year next year then sign him to a two or three year deal. It simply doesn’t have to be done now.

  • PackerBacker

    Hell yes Lovie needs a contract extension! The longer he is around, the longer the Bears will suck and continue to get outcoached. Makes it that much easier for my Packers! GO PACK GO!

  • John

    Lovie isn’t worth that kind of money, he is way over paid for what he does, which isn’t much!
    Close to six million for what he does is a rip off to the Bears organization, but if they want to be stupid and pay him that much then they get what they deserve.
    The Bears need another Ditka style in there get those guys motivated!


    GET COWHER !!!

  • Chris

    No more than 2 years of an extension. For about the same or less of his current pay. But I’d much rather like to see Jerry go, and get some real talent out of the drafts like other great organizations.

  • ASM

    What players, if any has Lovie and his staff chosen/developed since his arrival? May require some research, lol. I guess Forte might be the only guy?
    Briggs, Urlacher, Tillman, Kruetz the stalwarts of this team all were on board before the Love came to town. Before Jerry too?
    I cant say they developed Hester into any kind of WR yet, Though I guess they get credit for getting a kick returner. Hard to win a championship with just a returner.
    Olsen? They chose him and then choose not to use him, cant win a championship doing that.
    The traded a good QB for likely an another good QB, thats a wash.
    They signed a very good FA in Peppers, but cant find any tackles to support him. HMM….
    why give the Love &Angelo another turn at this?

  • Highly Flatulent from Rantoul

    He’s got one more year on his contract. If this team gets back to the playoffs, then it’s obvious you have to keep him. If not, get Jeff Fisher, he’ll be ready to come back in a year….He’s an ex Bear after all….

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