Roenick: Cutler ‘Just Sat On His Ass’

As the week rolls on so do the opinions of Jay Cutler and what happened in the second half of the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers NFC Championship game.

NFL legend John Madden came out and voiced his strong support of Cutler, maybe the strongest support we’ve seen from any one outside the Bears’ organization.

Jeremy Roenick, however, went in the opposite direction. Roenick, the former Chicago Blackhawks star called the Dan Patrick Show and the conversation soon shifted to the Bears’ quarterback.

“I was really disappointed actually,” Roenick said of Cutler not finishing the game. “As an athlete, as a very proud athlete, when you’re in a situation like Cutler was, I mean you’re in the conference finals, you have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. At least, in my opinion, and I know how hockey players are, they’d have to shoot me to get me out of that game. They would have to cut my legs off to pull me out of that game.”

LISTEN: Jeremy Roenick On The Dan Patrick Show

The fact that Cutler suffered an injury didn’t seem to change the way Roenick felt. And the fact that Cutler didn’t finish the game isn’t what upset Roenick the most.

“What disappointed me the most,” Roenick told Patrick. “When you’re on the bench and your team is battling to come back and you have a young quarterback in [Caleb] Hanie, doing everything he possibly can to get them back in the game. The guy just sat on his ass. He just sat on his ass on the bench…That really bothered me.”

  • Mark, Sterling

    How many teeth does Jeremy have?

  • WhatHasRoenickEverDone?

    Does anyone really care what Roenick thinks? I am not surprised that he called in as opposed to being an invited guest. While I was moved by his emotions surfacing during the Stanley Cup Finals, his entire thought process is “Woe is me!”

    • rahchgo

      Roenick was an invited guest.


      Cutler’s a WUSS the sooner u swallow that, the sooner u accept the game

      • jm

        Bet you would have been crying for your mommy…

  • Brian Leonardi

    i like JR as a player…he needs to shut his mouth

  • Molitor Lizard

    Why is Roenick’s opinion even relevant? THIS career loser needs to stick to hockey. Does JR think he speaks for Chicago sports or something? I think he is as qualified as Jim Belushi to comment on Chicago sports. Jeremy, save your opinion for the celebration of another Blackhawks Stanley Cup celebration that you will have no part of except for another unmanly display of side-swapping and shedding of tears,

  • Joe Marino

    Despite the injured not injured debate, Cutler is a Loser and he proves time in and time out that he is not the one to lead anyone anywhere. I say put him and Lovie on the next train. And angelo? how can a guy miss talent like he has over the years when his main job is to do it. Incredible.

    • Andrew Pearson

      Wow, what a bold comment. I’d like to know if you ever played football b/c blanket statements like that tell me you have no idea of what your muttering. Cutler a loser? He has 23 TD’s, 3274 yards passing and 60.4 completion percentage and is ranked in the top ten of current NFL quarterbacks plus he never threw his offensive line under the bus despite being sacked 52 times. Think b4 you talk.

  • wholagan

    I understand what JR is saying. I work in a team environment, if my back-up had to go in I would not sit on my butt and JAM my IPOD which we all saw Cutler do. When you’re out of the game it does not stop you from helping your teammate.

  • Jim

    The guy was hammered all year from a O-line that was suspect. He is a full blown diabetic. His passing in the game was off the mark due to inability to plant
    his leg. Give this guy a break..He was on the side line looking lost because his heart was broken to have had to leave the game . By the way it was the call of the Bears Medical staff that pulled him.

  • Nick Boynton's fire and passion

    That was a headset to hear the plays being called so he could help Caleb when he came back to the bench, not an IPOD. He was doing his job to help his team. Last I checked when a Dr. tells you that you have a sprain in your MCL or ACL it’s probably better not to stand on it. As a Chicago sports fan, most other fans and now JR sadden me everyday. I would love to make a bet that Chicago sports fans can’t go an entire day without saying the number 5. “Dem eighty fi…… but lets talk about dem 200….. oh wait.” They’d all turn into blathering idiots, spitting on themselves. God get it right people, the guy was injured and he knew a backup with less talent has a better chance to help his team win then him with an injury and guess what…. he was right!

  • RSW

    Jeremy Roenick is one of the great bums of all-time. Never have seen a former NHL player who likes himself as much as JR does. He is responsible for Darryl Sutter leaving in 1995, which started the Blackhawk decline. If the Hawks ever retire the jerk’s number, I give up my season tickets.

    • Clark W. Griswold

      Not to mention one of the biggest Chicago grandstanders this side of the 85 Bears

      GO AWAY JR

    • Chuck

      I agree with RSW if this idiot ever makes it into the Hall of Fame I’d give up my season tickets I’m already planning on it because I hate GM STAN BOWMAN but JR talked more than he played if he got a point for everytime he opened his mouth throughout his career Bobby Hull would no longer be an ammbassador and Gretzky’s record would be broken

  • Hall Of Fame J.R.

    You cannot compare hockey players to ANY other sports athlete. Hockey players are the toughest and most conditioned athletes in the world. Hockey players skate into each other at a speeds upward of 25 mph. Football players hit each other at unbelievable G forces. I’m not taking anything away from them but until you block a slapshot with your face, football players have no room to talk. If football wanted to be the Ultimate Gridiron Sport, remove the facemasks on their helmets. and let’s see how many helmet to helmet contact penalties there is. Roenick has played through injuries that most people would not even get out of bed from. I agree he should think before he talks sometime but He is one guy that has the resume’ to voice his opinion.

    • C

      I agree somewhat with HALLL OF FAME JR. I think NHL players are highly conditioned athletes, I think the top 3 sports you have to be in the best shape to play are Basketball, Soccer and Hockey. The problem with JR is he’s shot off his mouth more times in the last decade than Mohhammed Ali has shot off in his career. JR shouldn’t even be associated with anything having to do with Hawks Alumni because this moron has burned those bridges along time ago I know this guy busted his but, played through injuries but I’m not giving the guy a free pass on anything JR if your’e reading this SHUT THE HELL UP

  • Pitchers & Catchers report yet??

    The Bears Medical Staff pulled him from the game!!! Why is it so difficult for everyone to understand that???????? This is the problem with us Chicago fans, and karma continues to bite us (at QB) because we can’t separate stupidity from reality. I know management doesn’t help the cause either. But let’s be careful before we ruin the best QB we’ve ever had… Yes, Cutler is not my favorite in terms of personality, but I embrace him for his ability and for getting a bad bears team to the NFC championship. I don’t need my quarterback as a friend or role model. We need someone who can throw the ball and take a hit. He did not quit! The lockroom stuck for him and that was enough. You think #54 would sacrifice his integrity on J cutty’s behalf if he didn’t believe it. Get a clue everyone and stop listening to these Divas/clowns who I know took some time off in their careers (D. Sanders, MJD, Dilfer). I really hate all of this, and it makes our city look really bad.

    • Lynn Urlaub

      What made our city look bad was a head coach that absolutely refused to kick a field goal; had no concept what was taking place during the COIN TOSS and a QB that had a QB rating under %40 for the only half he played. You want to worry about what the city looks like? Get a REAL HEAD COACH and a QB that can complete a pass; throw off his FRONT foot and actually appears to give a rats $ss when the game is on the line. THEN maybe we won’t be so embarrassed.

    • Laura

      Hey dummy – Urlacher doesn’t support Cutler. None of them do. Why do you think he got hit so much – the O line hates him! But Hanie got the protection in that game.
      Get a clue, dude! It’s a business – all we hear is PR BS.
      Release Cutler, fire Lovie and Angelo!
      Make Hanie starting QB. Head Coach – who knows — maybe we can woo Pat Fitzgerald away from Northwestern

  • I blame the Cubs

    See Handle above ^^

  • Lynn Urlaub

    He did just sit on his Arse and he didn’t care if his team won or lost. What made our city look really bad is the fact that our million $$ leader, our vaunted QB proved that he’s not a leader. He’s not the guy you want during crunch time. He couldn’t complete a pass in the first half and that didn’t help his cause either. He and his coach are the same….hard headed and won’t change. Cutler won’t work on his mechanics and continues to throw off his back foot – for incompletions – and Lovie can’t coach a game to save the season!!

  • Lil Irish

    Dump Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo for making such a tragic mistake in getting Cutler and letting Orton go!
    Promote Hanie to starter!

    Take a gander at all the video from this week of Cutler hob-knobbing with his trashy girlfriend in LA – he was sprinting just FINE to get away from the cameras.
    It’s all about money for him – he got his 3-year million-dollar contract right before that game (great job, McCaskeys!) — what did he care? Maybe he was mad because he thought he deserved more money.
    The O line lets him get hit because they do not like him! He sits in team meetings texting the whole time. He should be released so he can go get his hair and nails done at the LA salon permanently!

  • CH

    I loved Roenick as a player with the Hawks but through the course of his career his mouth became more of a standout than his play on the ice. If anybody wants to burn jerseys these days check out your closet and see if you come across any of old Roenick Jerseys mine my old Jersey became a nice little pooper scooper for my dog the day he shot off his mouth. This guy hammered Darryl Sutter back when he was coaching on the Score, downgraded the 2010 hawks the guy has been nothing more than a liability to this town. So JR if your’e reading this put on some shoulder pads and a helmet so I can enjoy watching you get pounded I would pay top dollars just to see that

  • paulh

    JR, you have become the biggest loudmouth ever. Don’t you ever shut up or mind your own business? You are forever sticking your foot in your large pie hole, don’t you ever tire of that? I loved you as a Hawk but that was yesterday and yesterdays gone!, like the song.

  • Dan
  • Andrew Pearson

    Reason why everyone is jumping down Cutler’s throat is b/c they just plain don’t like him. The reason being is he ain’t warm and fuzzy. He doesn’t blow sugar up your ass so the first chance people get when they think they see a ding in Cutler’s armor they go for blood. Unfortunately they all sound and look like idiots when the facts come out. This tweeting and gossipy BS really goes to show just how pussified many guys have become. I know my father said when I was young if you have something to say to another man you say it to their face. Tweeting, calling in to radio shows or anything else similar is just hiding b/c your too much of a wuss and loser to say it their face.

  • Chuck

    JR is one of the biggest jerks in chicago sports. In real life the guy was even worse. If JR played hockey half as well as he ran his mouth Grezky’s over all career numbers would look like nothing compared to JR. This guy played well early in his career and then he started opening his mouth like an idiot and still to this day he still hasn’t stopped. I remember watching them get swept by pittsburgh in 92 and now that I think about it had they won JR would probably think his ICON status in chicago should be bigger than Payton and Jordan. So please JR GO AWAY you idiot

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