UPDATED: Man Armed With Knife Shot By Police

Updated 12:12 p.m. 1/30/11

CHICAGO (STMW) – Chicago Police shot a man who allegedly lunged at them with a knife early Sunday in the Chatham neighborhood after the man was involved in a domestic incident on the Bishop Ford Freeway on the Far South Side.

The incident began at 2:56 a.m. when Illinois State Police District Chicago state troopers responded to I-94 southbound at 103rd Street for a domestic disturbance in progress, according to ISP District Chicago Master Sgt. Michael Witt.

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The victim of the domestic had exited a vehicle that was moving, according to Witt. She was taken by Chicago Fire Department ambulance to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn with injuries that were not life-threatening, Witt said.

State police continued to investigate and went to the scene where the vehicle involved was located, Witt said.

At 5:16 a.m., the trooper or troopers involved called a 10-1, an emergency call for assistance from the Chicago Police, at a residence at 47 W. 83rd St., according to the police source.

When Gresham District police officers responded, they were helping the ISP in trying to arrest a 54-year-old man who was involved in a domestic incident that occurred earlier in the day on a local expressway, according to a police News Affairs release.

The 54-year-old man barricaded himself in a bedroom while armed with a knife and when officers entered the bedroom, the man lunged at the officers with a knife — causing one officer to shoot him, the release said. A police source said the man was not holding any hostages.

At 5:22 a.m. one person who was seriously to critically injured was taken by ambulance from 47 W. 83rd St. to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Fire Media Affairs Chief Kevin MacGregor said.

The man shot was also placed under arrest, according to police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez.

At 6:08 a.m. the man tried to escape the hospital at 6:08 a.m., according to the source.

Charges are pending at this time for the suspect, Perez said.

A police source said the vehicle involved, a 2002 Buick 4-door of an unidentified model, was towed from the Lafayette address.

No police officers were injured and the matter remains under investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority and Calumet Area detectives.

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  • bfife

    C.P.D.keep up the good work and be safe!

  • Average Guy

    The police need to be sued for letting this situation get to the point were shooting this person with a knife in his home becomes justifiable. What happened to tasers? Or, the training they were supposed to receive, like using their batons and shields? I’m sure it was more than one police person on the scene. What about shotguns that fire beanbags? So, the police intentions were not to preserve this man life, it was to take his life. And, before you knuckleheads and bleeding hearts start screaming, “This was a woman being harmed by an angry Black Man.” Her injuries were unidentifiable. This was a fight between two people who may or may not have been in a relationship and the injuries to both parties, if any were not life threatening. Not where this man deserved to be shot.

    • Cop

      Why dont you become the police and make a difference?? It’s easy to make assumptions sitting in the safety of your home behind a computer. I love the way people like you think you know how to handle a situation, but haven’t experienced a tense dangerous moment in their lives. If this guy lunged at the police with a knife, then what do you think he would do to somebody that cut in front of him in a grocery line? Also, he must be totally unstable that he attempted to escape while hospitalized. Average guy must be of average intelligents.

      • Average Guy

        No, I’m not a City of Chicago police. But, I was military police and we weren’t taught to shot first. There is paper spray, your baton or, did I mention tasers? The last resort is to maim the assailant.

    • Mike

      There’s always someone that thinks they know the answer to every situation via hindsight. You have no idea what police officers endure on a daily basis. He was barricaded; the fortune teller was busy at the moment, so CPD weren’t able to confirm that he only had a knife. Put yourself in the situation. It was dark, probably cramped space, with a person already in the frame of mind of wanting to hide from the police. Are you going to accept the risk that he “only has a knife,” which, as mentioned, is also a deadly weapon? Please take your ignorance elsewhere.

    • NotSoSmart

      If one does not want to get shot by a cop, one should not wield a deadly weapon when being approached by said cop.

    • j

      Knife = deadly weapon. Do a google search on “knife wounds” and you can get an idea of what sort of damage a knife could do. I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if you were facing an edged weapon or were unfortunately stabbed by one. Police do not get paid to get hurt or “fight evenly” with people. Also, the only person who caused this situation to escalate was the individual who got into a fight with the other party.

    • gee-reg


  • Jay

    Mps are cry babies who don’t do anything but use there rank as a scare tatic or disrespect those who out rank them. Most of the time from what I seen they relied on there civi counterpart to handle and just stood there quiet. Also most military is more compliant just for the fact they don’t want to deal with article 15 or any type of punishment. Chicago cops very stressful job and probally did use some sort of tact anouncing that they where there or to put any weapons down hey maybe they even said we are coming and gave other orders. Any the guy didn’t comply. Also on top of the fact that cops have been getting killed or wounded at a high rate in the last month they probaly didn’t want to take to many chance. So don’t jump to suing them cause they are doing there job and also protecting there life so they can see there family another day

    • Average Guy


      You can’t spell and you have poor diction. I hate to be the spelling police but there, means over there. Their means, their job, their lives or, their families and, you spelled probably twice but, you spelled it two different ways, what’s up with that? Reading your post was like eating a stack of graham crackers without milk. Tough, but you’ll get through it.


    BIG difference! city cop, military cop, two different police agencies,training and duties! get a clue mr.AVERAGE GUY!

  • Average Gal

    Average Guy, As a former MPS you must have serious mental issues that you need to deal with. You might want to seek out help at your local VA Hospital. As for shooting the suspect, I’m sure if the situation warranted him being killed, he would be dead. Instead the police shot him so it was not life threatening. Batons and tasers are also weapons which can cause death if necessary. I don’t remember ever seeing the police use a shield as a weapon. Generally those are used to protect. There was no mention of either of the people involved as being black. Are you perhaps a little prejudiced? Also, the information is from the news media. I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but the news media is rarely 100% correct. They have a certain time slot alotted to stories and have to fit in what they believe is the “real story” in that time. It is generally about 50% correct. I hope I have spelled everything correctly and used correct diction. Maybe you should become the “grammar police”. You might also want to be aware, when people are blogging on the internet…. spelling, diction etc. are not a real concern. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Average Guy

      They were African-American. The argument between the two started somewhere else. She brought the police to their home while this man was in bed, 5:30 AM. They walked in with guns drawn.

      • Average Guy

        The story she told the police was, “I’m afraid to go home. Two hours later the police shots her husband/assailant.

  • WestSideJoe

    It started somewhere else because he threw her out of a moving car on the highway. He was a violent felon. And if you miss with a TASER, the knife is on top of you before you can reload or get to a baton. Deadly force is met with deadly force according to the Illinois State Law and Chicago Police policy.

    • Average Guy

      No he didn’t throw her out of the car as one would garbage. He told her to get out.

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