Moseley Braun Says Opponent ‘Strung Out On Crack’

UPDATED 01/31/11 5:30 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) – A fiery exchange occurred Sunday between mayoral candidates Carol Moseley Braun and Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, as allegations of drug use dominated a candidates forum.

When Watkins questioned where Braun had been for 20 years, the latter candidate fired back by saying Watkins had been using crack-cocaine.

“Patricia, the reason you didn’t know where I was for the last 20 years is because you were strung out on crack,” Braun, staring at Watkins, said at Trinity United Church of Christ on the South Side. “Now, you have admitted to that.”

Watkins denied the charge before forum organizers cut her short. The community activist has admitted past drug use but says she has been sober for 25 years. She says she has never even seen crack.

“I believe I’m due an apology but I don’t expect one to come,” Watkins said at a news conference Monday. “I should be able to ask any person who’s running for office where you been, and I should not be called a crack addict because I said that.”

Braun, a former U.S. senator and ambassador, offered no apologies.

Their respective supporters also clashed Sunday. Watkins backers staged a noisy demonstration at a West Side church where Braun appeared. Braun’s people were there, too, in a counter-demonstration.

A spokeswoman for Watkins said the group of supporters included some black leaders who say they were wrongly identified in Braun campaign literature as endorsers of Braun. The Braun camp denied that.

Braun spokeswoman Renee Ferguson said Watkins was acting as a “spoiler and really, really, really desperate.”

Also attending the forum where the explosive remarks were made Sunday were mayoral candidates Gery Chico and Miguel del Valle.

Frontrunner Emanuel was not present for the debate. He declined to weigh in on Braun’s outburst. When asked about it Monday, Mayor Daley would only say that everyone knows someone who has struggled with drug or alcohol abuse.

The mayoral election is Feb. 22. Early voting is now in progress.

  • greg

    Dock Walls is the only candidate with a vision to launch chicago into the global market with his nanotechnology proposal.

  • James Watkins

    For a former U S Senator, a former U S Ambassador to accuse another candidate in a public forum of being on crack is showing the type of person CMB is, a person that has committed fraud against Medicaid, a person who traveled on campaign funds to visit a war criminal, currently somehow has 4 mortgages on a 1.9 million dollar house with income of $15,900 a year. Dr Watkins has admitted a substance abuse issue, 25 years ago and has been out in our city advocating for our city and fellow citizens. While I will not be voting for Dr Watkins, she is a positive person, and role model. CMB what have you been doing….

    • A L

      This comment was very well put. I commend this writer and totally agree with him. Ms. Watkins deserves an apology by ghetto CMB. Ms Watkins maintained her dignity and did NOT let this ghetto woman get next to her. CMB acted the same way with Neil S in his column where he was sharing his opinion. Chicago does NOT need CMB.

  • greg

    Rahm would fit right in at that forum with a few (F) bombs.

    • Anthony Steven Warnelis

      Yeah? Where WAS he. Don’t tell me–we’re going to end up with another in the Daley mold that won’t have public appearances, I. E. WORK, on Sundays.

      Gery Chico knows this is a 24/7 job and should BE the next mayor and the non-minority Chicago seems to dumb to see THAT.

      • belch

        to or too?

  • Patricia

    II think what CMB said was inappropriate and crude. I was honestly thinking about voting for her, but as far as I’m concerned she has blew it!!! I will be telling all of my friends and family about her remarks. Someone who can do no better than calling another candidate a crack adidct, does not desire to be mayor of Chicago

    • Anthony Steven Warnelis

      And recovering or not, we can do better that both of those two.

      • retiredinAz1


  • Jabo

    Ms.Watkins should thank CMB for calling her a crackhead, This is about
    the only news Ms.Watkins will be making.This is what make news.

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  • Yikes

    Carole Moseley-Braun’s Skeleton Closet—-


    everything YOU ever WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS slime!!!!!!

  • Yikes

    Some may be dumb but only a dumb ask person like you

    a dumb ASK person??? missed that yellow bus to school we see…

    Have you noticed an obvious trend among the leftist posters?…………..( Yanz)……… They go from name-calling to personal attacks when reality is pointed out to them.

    They have no substantive arguments to back up their looney reasoning, so they attack and make personal slams against the rational people who are simply pointing out reality.

    gee did i speel dat write??

    • Write-In Candidate 4 City Treasurer

      You Mean Like “Lefty”, “Liberal” & “Licentious” RAHM EMANUEL ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • John Blue You can see The action here LIVE

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  • Wallace Gator Bradley

    Things understood need not be explained, Gery Chico is the best candidate for Mayor of Chicago, he will bring PARITY for racial inclusion of city contracts, he’s the candidate that can and will make the city work fairly for everyone in Chicago.

    • lajuan

      a gang member trying to talk about united in peace? thats a joke.gator how you like them blows last weekend.your jaw was swinging away , u need to keep that controled man!!!!

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  • gay joe

    why does it even matter if a black person wins or not.u should rather be concerned about if the right person wins.not if they are black or not.and im sorry but braun and watkins are SO not the right person obviously.

  • Avg Joe

    ..and this was oasmaobama church…hear them kacking ing hooting in the back ground like a bunch of morons…only in chicago, who wants the getto mama vote? …..beside quinn!

  • Ivy Webster

    Carol Moseley, I find it hard to believe a person with as much education and experience as you have could bring a discusson down to street level. Ms. Watkins should sue you. I would never vote for you for anything thing for all time!

    • gena

      You are so right. That was ugly and quite embarrassing. I wasn’t going to vote for her anyway. I would have liked to see Danny Davis. He’s seasoned and decent. Never any scandal.

  • Toon

    The more Carol Mostly Fraud talks, the more she shows Chicago voters how unqualified she is to be a leader in the city of Chicago. She is more well-suited to be on a tabloid television show…Maury Povich is right up her alley.

    • Rob T

      This is just another example of how foul Chicago politics are. We are exposing ourselves as the hub of ridicule toward the rest of the world. And I feel for Chico and DelValle sitting right in the middle of a verbal catfight in church. CMB just burned her bridges by showing her true colors right there. She’s unprofessional, enethical and simply put…ghetto.

  • george

    this is great theater… you could not make up a story like this… thanks for the laughs

  • ucity88

    Miguel del Valle has not been bought by interest groups, and is the least connected of the major candidates for mayor. He’s the only person who can truly move Chicago forward and out of the grip of the corrupt machine.

    I don’t work for him, nor have I ever met him in person, but I’m voting for Miguel.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      Not qualified to be Mayor of a Global City…not saying he isn’t a good person…just doesn’t have the credentials.

    • undecided

      I like Walls and Del Valle.

  • RetiredinAz1

    Oh Boy! Here we go again! Another candidate that is showing her ignorance and unprofessional well-being…..yeah, and you want to vote this person into office? HA!!!!

  • Yikes

    Corrupt Black Politicians

    oh yeah she makes the list — and theres 5 pages of them..

    jst remember who made her United States Ambassador to New Zealand


  • Doug Rose

    The President was a Drug User as well !!
    It’s the “In-Thing” now…………

    • Curious

      Which one? As I recall the last few Presidents have admitted to some type of usage (drugs/alcohol) at some stage of their life.

  • Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments

    No, we just drop bombs killing innocent women and children, and send our soldiers to die based on lies and then don’t properly take care of them when they come home after serving our country! Jungle bunny’s… funny as I am quite sure you’ve secrectly or maybe not so secretly lusted after a few black women. Haha, is right because I can’t even see your face but I’m cracking up at the thought of you. Pathetic!

    • Yikes

      you forgot the other childish comments blacks make—

      your an angry white person because a black man stole your wife or G/F
      your an angry W.M. because you hit on a black female and she turned you down..

      crime and murders…

      where you there?
      do you know him/her?
      how do you know the shooter or the victim is black?

      and the best kindergarten comment

      your just an angry white person because a black man holds the most powerful office in the country..

      yes we all did the naaaa naaaaa naaaaaas in kindergarten..

      most (not ya’ll) grew up..

      i guess now that i have dissed you that means you wanna murder me??


  • Philip J. Wayne

    Carol Mostly Fraud…voted out of the Senate for misusing public money..inapprorpriate relations….messed up finances….and a trigger temper.. she hides her anger issues behind that sickening smile…not qualified for Mayor….Chico ok for a support position but not qualified to be mayor of a global city….Del Valle…not qualified….the rest..useless….Rahm in a landslide in four weeks.

  • Tom

    C.M.B. would be howling if one of the non-black candidates had made that statement. Brothers and sisters, keep this in mind. There’s a lot of folks like Watkins in the City. And if C.M.B. feels the way she does about Watkins and publicly ridicules her, do you think she’s going to feel any different about the others? No. C.M.B is an embarrassment in general and specifically to the black community.

    • gena


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