Blizzard Of 2011: Should It Have A Name?

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Blizzard Approaches

The lakefront as the blizzard of 2011 approaches. (Credit: CBS)

CHICAGO (CBS) — Hurricanes have names, but blizzards do not.

A committee actually decides on hurricane names before they happen. In fact, the storms have been assigned names though 2015.

“Blizzard of 2011” is so boring.

We’d like to change that.

What do you think we should name this storm? Here are some ideas:

  • Snowmaggedon;
  • Snowgasm;
  • Snowpocalypse;
  • Snow-MG! (snow-my-god);
  • Blizz-daddy …

OK, you get the idea.

Do you like any of these names? We bet you may have your own ideas, too. Email us and/or leave a comment below!

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