Blizzard Of 2011: Should It Have A Name?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Hurricanes have names, but blizzards do not.

A committee actually decides on hurricane names before they happen. In fact, the storms have been assigned names though 2015.

“Blizzard of 2011” is so boring.

We’d like to change that.

What do you think we should name this storm? Here are some ideas:

  • Snowmaggedon;
  • Snowgasm;
  • Snowpocalypse;
  • Snow-MG! (snow-my-god);
  • Blizz-daddy …

OK, you get the idea.

Do you like any of these names? We bet you may have your own ideas, too. Email us and/or leave a comment below!

  • JS

    Snowly Moly!!

  • Jules


  • Kman


  • ERR

    The “You’re on Crack” Blizzard of 2011

  • Margaret

    How about just calling it “winter”?



  • Mark

    Snizzle my Bizzle

  • Bill

    Remember the Alasnow?

  • Adeline

    They didn’t name the blizzard of 1967 – so why name this one..?

  • kamalo0442


  • Dawn

    “The Day After Tomorrow” – The sequel.

  • Mindy Sasser


  • jhon

    Bush had a hurricane ,so Obama can have his blizzard… how about ” American Snow Job”?

  • Huey Newton

    Snow Storm – Blagojevich

  • Herman

    Daley’s farewell Blizzard

  • Laurie Lobaito-puskas


  • Bernie

    Mayor Daley, 22 years in office, 1 inch of snow per year what a send off

  • Cate

    Call it simply, The Great Ground Hog Day Blizzard”, so it will seem like winter all over again!

  • Evan

    Blizzakatrina… Please text “Chicago” to 90999 to help the victims of today’s disaster.

  • Kyle

    How about “Snow my God, please please stop with this childish, name game and get back to real jornalism”.
    How about that???

  • Paul Radenkovic

    Snowbodan Milosevic

  • Paul R

    Arnold Snowzzennagger.

  • Farfig

    Snobama, because like the president, no matter how bad this storm is it can’t possibly live up to the media hype!

  • Diane


  • WarmHeartWarmSoul

    Chicagazzard…( Chicago blizzard??Lol) May all who are affected by this MONSTER blizzard,may we all be safe.God Bless.

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