If you’re one of those people who want nothing more than Jay Cutler to change his personality and start to show more emotion on the sideline and start giving more engaging interviews, then you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

“I truly believe he doesn’t care about it,” Bears radio announcer, Jeff Joniak said on the Mully and Hanley Show about Cutler’s response to the negative criticism. “He’s a competitor in a unique way. He’s a unique competitor in my opinion.”

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Most who have watched Cutler play this season don’t think to question his toughness. He was sacked more times this season than he was in his first three seasons in the NFL combined. And not once did he think about not playing or not competing.

But in Chicago there still seems to a desire among some fans to want Cutler to become for personable.

“Jay is not going to change,” Joniak said. “Because if he does it’ll be disingenuous. I mean, he is who he is. He cares about winning and that’s it. And anything else that goes into the equation outside of football, I’m not thinking he’s going to wrap his arms around it.”

And is that really a problem?

Would Bears fans rather have an elite quarterback who may come off like a jerk at times, or the most friendly quarterback in the world who can’t get them to the playoffs?

“I know many people have opinions and throw adjectives at what he is,” Joniak said. “I believe he’s an introvert, that’s my opinion. I’ve sat him down. I’ve done interviews. He’s been great. He’s been very easy to work with, for me personally.”

Rex Grossman was criticized because he was a bad quarterback. Cutler is criticized because he’s perceived as a bad guy. If they had a choice, Bears fans would likely take the later. Because it’s Cutler who can do what no other quarterback in the team’s history could do.

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