Joniak: Cutler ‘Cares About Winning, And That’s It’

If you’re one of those people who want nothing more than Jay Cutler to change his personality and start to show more emotion on the sideline and start giving more engaging interviews, then you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

“I truly believe he doesn’t care about it,” Bears radio announcer, Jeff Joniak said on the Mully and Hanley Show about Cutler’s response to the negative criticism. “He’s a competitor in a unique way. He’s a unique competitor in my opinion.”

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Most who have watched Cutler play this season don’t think to question his toughness. He was sacked more times this season than he was in his first three seasons in the NFL combined. And not once did he think about not playing or not competing.

But in Chicago there still seems to a desire among some fans to want Cutler to become for personable.

“Jay is not going to change,” Joniak said. “Because if he does it’ll be disingenuous. I mean, he is who he is. He cares about winning and that’s it. And anything else that goes into the equation outside of football, I’m not thinking he’s going to wrap his arms around it.”

And is that really a problem?

Would Bears fans rather have an elite quarterback who may come off like a jerk at times, or the most friendly quarterback in the world who can’t get them to the playoffs?

“I know many people have opinions and throw adjectives at what he is,” Joniak said. “I believe he’s an introvert, that’s my opinion. I’ve sat him down. I’ve done interviews. He’s been great. He’s been very easy to work with, for me personally.”

Rex Grossman was criticized because he was a bad quarterback. Cutler is criticized because he’s perceived as a bad guy. If they had a choice, Bears fans would likely take the later. Because it’s Cutler who can do what no other quarterback in the team’s history could do.

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  • Shawn G

    To all the Bears fans that would rather have a QB with a “personality” than Jay Cutler, go become a Jets fan please. I don’t pretend to be a mind reader so I’, not going to say what I think Jay Cutler is thinking or what his body language tells me. But if people close to him are saying that all Jay Cutler wants to do is win then he’s my guy. He isn’t the Punky QB and he never will be, nor do I want him to be. He is the most gifted QB this city has ever seen and if winning is more important to him than showing emotion then I will continue to root for him and the Bears.

  • bigtime sucker


  • Me

    People please! Why is Jay taken such a hit here? Why not place blame on the other team members here? I am a HUGE fan of the Bears and to be honest I think the team, as a whole should shoulder blame. Cutler pulled out because of his knee which; as it turns out was in fact an issue according to medical reports. Could he have played may be…but he has taken some hard hits here with all the sacks. Why chance more damage? Had the Bears pulled together they would have had him for the Super Bowl. Our 3rd string guy did pretty darn good! But he needed the help and support of the team which; he was not given. The Bears had a couple of chances to pull ahead and they blew it. The 3rd string guy did an amazing job with the 2 TD’s! They should have had the game. But rather than support the 3rd stringer they were hissing at Cutler and ALLOWING the game to get away from. Bears I love you I honestly do but I am disappointed in you.
    From a woman’s point of view

    • Jake H.

      I didn’t read any further than “shoulder blame” how about “give credit” instead? The Bears are a damn good football team. They have playmakers on both sides of the ball. Just like every other team they have some issues as well, but apparently not as many as the 28 teams that finished behind them.

      You people need to quit acting like if your team isn’t a record breaking super bowl champ then they fail. The Bears had a great year. Period. They could have won more and could have gone further, but they still had a great year.

      I LOVE Cutler’s personality with the media. All they do is nit-pick and start controversy, all Cutler wants to do is win. I’ll keep Cutler, and anyone else that doesn’t gravel at the media.

    • jSUN

      Coaches need to take a hit as well, 3rd string guy should of been 2nd and seeing 2nd reps. I’m not a fire Lovie guy, but come on! After Carolina I thought the man should of been cut. He had no business on an NFL field, Martz placed too much faith in Collins’ “knowledge of the system”. All we need is at least two good OL and a real #1 WR. Then we can talk about Jay the winner.

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  • D.O

    We need a significantly upgrade O-Line, one good tall WR who can go and get the ball, and Cutler will do a load better next year than this year, and this year was pretty solid overall.

    The team needs to help Cutler take the next step, and if they help, I’m willing to bet Cutler reciprocates by bringing this team back to the Super Bowl.

  • retiredinAznow1

    all he cares about is his girlfriend in California….he cares nothing for his teammates…that was obvious in the playoffs….and he cares nothing about his fans, if he has any left.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      You’re an idiot

  • Val

    retiredinAznow1 is a moron….

  • Ken

    Val is correct.

  • Tom

    Your right, Jeff. Cutler does care about winning. The problem is he doesn’t have the heart, motivation, temperment, or judgement to win.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      You’re also an idiot.

  • BearClaw

    I’m honestly tired of hearing about it. I guess its been a slow news week eh? As a Bears fan I think I’m gonna skip my first superbowl this year. Its the cheese crackers vs the rapist. BTW Id rather have Cutler than Ben Rottenburger anyday.

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