Metra Cancels Trains Due To Blizzard

CHICAGO (STMW) – Metra is canceling several trains due to the dangerous weather conditions.

Inbound Southwest Service train No.838, scheduled to depart Orland Park at 7:55 p.m. will not be running Tuesday evening. The next train, No.840, will leave Orland Park at 8:25 p.m., a Metra service advisory said.

On the Metra Electric District Line, train No.136 scheduled to leave University Park at 5:40 p.m. and arrive in Chicago at 6:46 p.m. will not operate. The next train, No.140, left University Park at 6:40 p.m. and is expected to arrive in Chicago at 7:41 p.m.

Train No.645 on the Union Pacific Northwest Line is also not running. That train was expected to arrive in Barrington. The next train left at 5:33 p.m. and was scheduled to arrive in Harvard at 7:19 p.m.

Several other trains are running late. Metra is advising passengers check the time table boards when they arrive at stations. Earlier, Metra said schedules had changed due to the amount of passengers arriving at stations.

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    […] Metra is canceling several trains due to the dangerous weather conditions. […]

  • steve

    Milwaukee North line is stop and go due to bad switches

  • Mike Casey

    This is stupid. During times like these, Chicago needs to step up its public transportation if anything to keep people from getting into accidents on the highways. Canceling half the Metra trains only makes things worse.

    • Jen

      It’s not like the are canceling trains for the fun of it. Trains can have accidents in this weather too. They would only cancel them if it were necessary.

  • Laura

    Metra added extra trains earlier in the day. I took the train added at 3:25 p.m. It took the place of the 5:17 and allowed a lot of us to get home and off the roads just a little bit earlier.

  • Tom Ball

    Metra just SUCKS. Can’t handle ANY problems!!

    • Nathan

      Tom Ball I don’t even think that is your real name. You are ridiculous my friend.

  • Jessica C

    I was on the 4:35 UP-North line leaving Olgivie. By 5:10 it hadn’t left so I got off the train. Two Metra rep said there was switching problems and no trains were leaving the station until matters were cleared up. I live in Ravenswood so hoped a Brownline and was home in 45 mins. I sure hope they got the train going quickly after I got off – guess I’ll never know.

  • Steve Kraus

    Some of the comments here are really ignorant of the real world. Metra is doing a good job under the conditions. It’s simply impossible to be equipped to perfectly handle conditions that come once in many years just as the highway people cannot station a plow on each block.

  • Brett

    People just need to relax, Metra isnt perfect and neither are any of you..

  • Gandydancer

    So, the EL is running and some Metra trains are not??(Jessica) I used to work for the Northwestern and if there was a problem with a switch we would broom,pick or torch it until you could throw it by hand or bar it over then clamp the points if need be. Not enough people willing to make it happen. Can’t imagine UP letting those long expensive freights sit because no one can get a switch to work.
    Shame Metra can’t get their trains to work better in the snow than cars.

  • Mary V

    To Union station for the 5;40 train, nothing in sight. Showed up five minutes later, dripping with ice. Platform crew informative and truthful. In spite of switch problems we left about 10 minutes later and got home 15 minutes behind schedule. Sure wish they provided help with digging out my car from the parking lot! Seriously, Metra is a trasure. The driveway my husband and son dug out for me filled up again in half an hour. Metra did an awesome job in ridiculous conditions.

  • Conductor's Wife

    My husband is a UP Metra conductor working in this blizzard. I know for a fact that he does get out there with torches and brooms to clear switches. There is a conductor shortage right now due to the number of furloughs made by the railroad when the economy tanked– many quit to look for more stable work; but they are working as fast as they can to get new guys trained to be conductors and engineers. As for my husband, he was supposed to end his shift in the middle of the night and was supposed to end up at an outlying station where he is parked. I don’t know if he made it back to the hotel- or if he spent the night sleeping on a train or in the station. The station he was supposed to end up in is small and doesn’t have a good break room for employees, so I am sure he is very uncomfortable if he didn’t make it back to the hotel. He also probably has no access to dinner wherever he’s at. In any case, he’ll be back at work today doing his best to keep passengers safe and the train running on time.

  • Angry Munchkin

    I left work early attempting to get home before things got too bad. I waited for a train OUTSIDE last night for over an hour and half, because we had no idea when the train was coming, and the station house is on the other side of the tracks. Other passengers and I decided to cross and wait in the station house, as we were freezing. Since we could not see due to the storm, when our train finally arrived, WITH NO ANNOUNCEMENT until it was only a dozen or so meters away, everyone went running. None of us made it to the other side before the train got there. We ended up waiting outside for another 35-45 minutes for another train. I expected delays since I’ve taken the trains in and around Chicago my entire life, but this was horrible and the lack of proper announcements was completely unacceptable.

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