Postal Service Plans Normal Operations

CHICAGO (CBS) ) — You know the old saying about how snow will not keep postal carriers from their appointed rounds?

Actually, that’s not even the official motto of the U.S. Postal Service. However, they do plan on delivering the mail on Wednesday after the Blizzard of 2011 hits, according to postal service spokesman Mark Reynolds.

As of midday Tuesday, the postal service was aiming for normal business operations on Wednesday. That obviously is subject to change, and operations could be curtailed after the storm passes.

The USPS is “still on for business as usual,” Reynolds said in an email to CBS 2

Anywhere from 12-24 inches of snow are expected Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

  • resident

    That old motto has worn out its welcome. They should get a break for something this extraordinary, they are human and have families of their own to worry about.

    Just sayin’.

  • Prospect Heights

    I cannot believe this storm is listed with NWS a possible “life threatening” storm and they are making them deliver. But…schools, Government offices, voting everything else is closed. What’s it going to take, someone losing their life for them to open their eyes?

  • Prospect Heights

    Quinn declares state a weather disaster area—for everyone that is with the exception of the USPS.

  • Chicago Blizzard 2011: What You Need To Know « CBS Chicago

    […] Delivery: Post office spokesman Mark Reynolds says the USPS is planning to conduct normal business on Wednesday. That is subject to […]

  • South Side

    Sheez everybody’s acting like the world is ending. I think the media overhypes these things nowadays, that and everyone is afraid of getting sued. But I can wait an extra day for the junk mail and bills.

  • South Suburbs

    It is ridiculous that the USPS is telling their employees that they must report to work tomorrow, but that a directive may come from above to halt delivery. My husband travels 20 miles each way to carry the mail. So who knows how long it will take him to get there – and at great risk – only to possibly turn around and come home. No one’s mail is worth their safety! But they will do it b/c they are public servants. Remember this the next time you are tempted to bash the PO. Most of their employees work VERY hard – and it is management – not the foot soldiers – that make these less-than-brilliant decisions. And I seriously doubt that Mr. Reynolds will be lugging a sack on his back through the drifts!

    • Ronda Lee

      Well said!!

  • west side

    i get the weather is bad but i paid over $20 for express mail.

    • South Suburbs

      Even a $20 express mail is not worth risking someone’s life, But if you paid for a service you didn’t receive – you should get a refund. I’d gladly refund it myself to keep my husband home safe & sound. As major interstates are being closed and the National Guard is saying DON’T DRIVE unless it’s an emergency -I can’t fathom how the USPS is exempt from such dire warnings……

      • west side

        i know that i just don’t like paying for services i didn’t receive. no one should be out working in this weather. i hope your husband doesn’t have to work in this

  • South Side

    Well I was wrong. This is a pretty hairy storm, maybe the worst in all my years here! The mailmen should call off tomorrow.

  • South Suburbs

    I wish you weren’t wrong and that it was all hype… So far mail delivery is still on for Wednesday. I just hope they come to their senses and pray that everyone stays safe :-)

  • chris johnsoon

    I’d like for the news to follow Mr. Reynoolds today and see if he is ablee to drive. My wife is a carrier as well and she is staying home, the PO can get this law suit if they wanna.

    • christopher johnson

      888 363 7462 is the natioonal PO emergency nnumber. These idiots say all business is normal and please report to work. Complete BS when you enter 606 as the 1st three “come to work” if you enter 601 as the 1st three there is a message for those workers to be safe. Hoow ironic that there is consideration foor the suburban employees but not those of the city

  • South Suburbs

    We called that number several times last night & this morning for 604 and were also told to “come to work”. I’ve been up for 1 1/2 hrs trying to convince my husband to stay home. After hearing our county declared a state of emergency – we called several local police depts & the county sheriff. Thank God he listened to them when they told him ALL roads are impassable. He still may have to go in later, but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

  • J.Wolff

    @west side , So basically what you are saying that your express mail is more important than a human live?Who the heck do you think you are?I am on disability and rely on my check,but I gladly wait for it and have my mail person stay home and be save.

    • west side

      i said no one should work in this did you not read that? read every comment before you get all high and mighty

    • west side

      and btw, that package is for my insulin so yeah it is pretty damn important.

  • Nick

    Considering how dysfunctional the Chicago USPS has been, why should I believe them now?

  • Humboldt Chancellor

    Considering North Ave is pretty clear here in the Chi I’m hoping my package comes today, but I’m totally understandable if it doesn’t.

  • JeanSC

    So far there has been no mail delivery to my place, and it normally comes around midday. I can’t imagine how it could have gotten done without ten times the normal number of letter carriers. I went on a snowshoe walk this morning. Because I wore snowshoes, I was able to stay on the sidewalk and walk over any drift I wanted to. But the blizzard winds created many abrupt transitions from bare sidewalk to 4′ drifts. I used my trekking poles to maintain balance. Now how is anyone going to carry a mailbag quickly like this? I just hope property owners get responsible tomorrow and shovel at least narrow paths on their sidewalks. I first looked on the USPS website and didn’t find anything official about the problems facing letter carriers in Chicagoland now.

  • amy

    I am a mail carrier too in the south burbs. so far i have no idea how i am getting out to drive to work tomorrow let alone try to drive to deliver mail. i only get paid the evaluted hours Say 8 hours.. so any time above that i work for free. Plus not to mentioned safey issues! Sometimes it is so scary!!! I do not want to get hurt del. mail. residental streets are not plowed and the main street is 1 lane
    The upsp hotline number is pointless, still said come to work today but the village/state said no one should be on the roads. unless emergery. is getting mail an emergery???

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