Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Fran Tarkenton has his opinions of Jay Cutler much like the rest of the sports world. But it’s not Cutler’s toughness or commitment that Tarkenton questions. It’s Cutler’s judgment.

Tarkenton joined the Mully and Hanley Show to talk about Cutler and the backlash that followed the NFC Championship game.

Tarkenton on the criticism of Cutler’s toughness:
“I don’t question Jay Cutler’s toughness, anybody who plays in the National Football League is tough. A quarterback that plays for as long as he has and stands back in the pocket, takes the blow, he’s tough. I don’t question his courage…I question his judgment. It’s the nature of pro football.”

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Tarkenton on Cutler’s judgment:
“If you’re going to come out of a game, a championship game, they have to drag you off the field. They have to put you on a stretcher.

“He made a bad decision by taking himself out of the game. I think he’ll have to live with this decision for a long, long time. And I think it’ll be a very hard decision to overcome in the locker room, outside the locker room, in the fan base…I think it’s a very unfortunate thing.”

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