Tarkenton: ‘I Question Cutler’s Judgement’

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Fran Tarkenton has his opinions of Jay Cutler much like the rest of the sports world. But it’s not Cutler’s toughness or commitment that Tarkenton questions. It’s Cutler’s judgment.

Tarkenton joined the Mully and Hanley Show to talk about Cutler and the backlash that followed the NFC Championship game.

Tarkenton on the criticism of Cutler’s toughness:
“I don’t question Jay Cutler’s toughness, anybody who plays in the National Football League is tough. A quarterback that plays for as long as he has and stands back in the pocket, takes the blow, he’s tough. I don’t question his courage…I question his judgment. It’s the nature of pro football.”

LISTEN: Fran Tarkenton On The Mully And Hanley Show

Tarkenton on Cutler’s judgment:
“If you’re going to come out of a game, a championship game, they have to drag you off the field. They have to put you on a stretcher.

“He made a bad decision by taking himself out of the game. I think he’ll have to live with this decision for a long, long time. And I think it’ll be a very hard decision to overcome in the locker room, outside the locker room, in the fan base…I think it’s a very unfortunate thing.”

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  • Jay Oberheide

    In addition, he required no post game treatment. No boot on his leg, no cast, no
    surgury. Just walked out like he was 100%

  • todd in minnesota

    Didnt Fran hear Lovie say that it wasnt Jay’s decision to come out of the game?

  • Jake H.

    I question Fran’s parents judgment… “Fran”??? Seriously? Fran?

    • Bob Loblaw

      How can anyone question a Super Bowl Champion like Tarkenton?

      Oh yeah, that’s right….

  • bigwolf

    i have had a sprained mcl and its hell to play on with the constantslamming of the joints and legaments..but i did not need a cast or and immobileizer and though it was tender at times i could walk..BUT i was not allowed to work or run at all..so fran and the rest of you yokals can just quit with the bashing..btw he still has a career to think about as well..very unfortunate but very real

  • Jim C

    Jay Oberheide, you’re an OberMoron. Did you ever see a cast or a boot on an athlete that pulled a hamstring? A boot or a cast doesnt mean a thing or even lack of surgery for that matter. Sorry, that was probably a bit harsh…you’r obviously not or ever have ever been an athlete.

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  • Jim

    Then he walked to dinner, walked up a flight of stairs, etc. I’m sorry, but man up and play in restricted mode until you truly can’t go. Remember what he said, “the coaches kind of took me out”…..kind of…huh?

    Maybe if he had a clue about his faulty image, he would understand how to act in these situations. Tough enough is not the issue….but willing to risk future millions….is more the question.

  • Robert F.

    Cutler did not take himself out of the game. He was interviewed after the game and said he wanted to go back in but the medical and coachoing staffs made the decision not to let him reurn.

  • dscott

    Not a single medical authority has disagreed with anything Cutler has done WRT his knee injury, including walking on it, biking, or climbing stairs. That is the nature of this particular injury. If you want a quarterback who is a good actor, or entertaining, then root for the Jets or the Chargers. Maybe if Cutler had wiped a booger on Hanie while he was going through the playbook he would be hailed as “charismatic” like Sanchez. And for the record, Rivers left his injury playoff game and did not return. The backup had to win it for him in order for him to even have a game to return to. Clearly Cutler is not into faking anything. He cheered when approriate and had his earbud in during the game. Just because the media doesn’t circulate those photos doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Perceptions are created by lazy people who don’t know how to deal with reality. The facts are clear–Jay didn’t quit on his team and they support him 100%. Thats all that matters.

    • Michael Che

      I couldn’t agree more.
      And maybe those who want acting and posing, should root for some movie star instead? I think it would make both that star and Jay Cutler so much happier, not to mention the ‘i don’t care what his injury was’ logic would much better apply there. I mean, we all know them movie guys don’t really kill or maim each other but zomg, they LOOK so cool while doing that!

      Go Jay, Go Bears!

  • dscott

    Almost forgot, Tom Brady left a playoff game with a knee injury and did not return early in his career as well. MJD missed the most important games of the season due to knee issues. Ben Rothlisburger couldn’t get a single teammate to back him with Roger Goodell. Eli Manning forced a trade from San Diego to NY. Carson Palmer is trying to force one now. Bottom line–Jay did return to the game and was pulled against his will. Everyone in the know agrees. The phrase “kinda pulled me” means they recommended he not return after half-time but he did anyway. He said “we gave it another try”. Thats when they pulled him for good. If you listen to the whole interview, this is clear. Also, the uncirculated pictures of him cheering and wearing a headset and teammate testimonials completely refute what the haters are saying. To paraphrase Johnny Cocharan: If the published pictures don’t fit, Cutler didn’t quit.

  • Curt Motisi

    Nobody cares what Frannie thinks. He is a relic. Just another p.o.s. looking to chime in. Evidently a lot of people like to say things just to hear the sound of their own voice. The former players like Jerry Rice who keep spouing off, are really losing my respect. Fran is different, I never had any respect for the fairy princess when she played and choked in the SuperBowl what like 4 times. Frannie, time to curl up in a ball and die!

    • Eric Carlson

      Curt….. It’s your old work buddy Eric C……hey what’s with the Frannie bashing? Why not bash the sports radio programs that want this controversy to continue? These guys are not racing to the mike to offer their opinions, they are being pursued by the media. And just ny opinion but the players of old (including Fran) are “tougher” than the new players. Probably the money…….. say hi to your Mrs for me.

  • Jeff

    Cutler is a “quitter” who has never won anything, ever. He’s a punk and will be out of Chicago after next season.

    • SpellingIzHawrd

      Die in a fire, make sure any offspring you have go with you.

  • J.t. Williams

    I still like Cutler and want him to succeed. I haven’t doubted the fact that he wanted to finish out the game, but the fact that he won’t defend himself and is seen out all over the country is definitely bad judgment. That story is out there that Jay shed a tear or two after the game, and I felt for him. But refusing to speak to Bears fans through the media after this whole ordeal really seems to prove that he doesn’t want or appreciate any fans!

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