One of the worst snowstorms in Chicago history hit late Tuesday and into Wednesday. For the most part the city has shut down and started digging itself out.

With the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls playing on the road the weather shouldn’t immediately effect major sports in Chicago. But what it does do is highlight why Chicago, like New York, is no place to host a Super Bowl.

“I guess it’s one thing for Bears’ fans to go out in bad weather and say, ‘This is our team, we’re going to get behind them. We’re going to sit in the snow,'” Dan Pompei, of the Chicago Tribune said on the Mully and Hanley Show.

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And while this snowstorm is nowhere near normal for Chicago, some snow and cold weather is, and many people who attend the Super Bowl aren’t from the host city.

Chicagoans could deal with the cold and the snow to watch a Super Bowl.

“It would be another thing for people to fly in from all over the country on a vacation, on a getaway, spend thousands and thousands of dollars and freeze their rear ends off and not be able to go anywhere,” Pompei said.

Cities like Chicago, New York and Indianapolis are great sports cities and great NFL cities. But to have all the extra activities that a Super Bowl brings with it limited by inclement winter weather isn’t worth these cities having the opportunity to host a Super Bowl.

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