Blizzard 2011: Latest Chicago Area Snow Totals

Here are the final snowfall totals for the Blizzard of 2011, according to the National Weather Service.

O’Hare International 20.2 inches (official reading for record-keeping)
Midway International 22 inches
City Of Chicago 20 inches
Oak Park 18 inches
Beach Park 24 inches
Elk Grove Village 22 inches
North Aurora 19.0 inches
Downers Grove 24 inches
Des Plaines 17.5 inches
Peoria 15 inches
Springfield 11.4 inches
Lake Villa 16 inches
Peotone 18 inches
Spring Grove 20.8 inches
Mundelein 17.5 inches
Barrington 17.0 inches
Elburn 17.0 inches
Joliet 17.0 inches
Wauconda 17.0 inches
Streamwood 16.5 inches
DeKalb 18.7 inches
Dwight 17.0 inches
Romeoville 14.4 inches
Crystal Lake 12.9 inches
Evanston 16 inches
St. Charles 20.6 inches
Oak Brook 17.7 inches
Batavia 15 inches
Woodstock 17.5 inches
Harvard 16 inches
Antioch 20.0 inches
Richton Park 19 inches
Park Forest 19.0 inches
Worth 18.1 inches
Westchester 22 inches
Lincolnwood 23 inches
Naperville 18 inches
Grayslake 25 inches
Lisle 17 inches
Bridgeview 16 inches
Chicago Ridge 16 inches
Hoffman Estates 19 inches
Homewood 13.7 inches


Michigan City, Ind. 14.5 inches
Valparaiso, Ind 9.3 inches
Lowell, Ind. 13 inches
Munster, Ind. 20 inches
Highland, Ind. 25 inches
Schererville, Ind. 20 inches
Chesterton, Ind. 17 inches
Crown Point 17.5 inches
Hammond 14.5 inches

  • Jim

    We had a 30″ snow storm when I lived in New England. That was a fun one. This blizzard was pretty good too though with the snow drifts. I had to run around last night chasing my grill cover!

    • olly

      That was after 4 days. During the December 5-8, 1996 period, New England was hit by 2 snowstorms, with snowfall totals exceeding 30 inches in some locations. Due to the heavy, wet nature of the snow, several hundred thousand customers were without electricity for periods ranging from several hours to several days.

  • karla


    • groundhog

      Hey Karla !
      how bout bumfuk, egypt !

    • karla

      Not one newscast has given any totals for Lansing, Homewood, Chicago Heights, South Holland..etc..etc.. Would LOVE just once to see south hollands! :)

  • Mike from Evergreen Park

    Jackie and Karla, Evergreen Park has 18.5″. And the media only go south when they wnat to see crime. They are biased.

    • Tim Beilfuss

      ……………. NO ONE wants to go south……..

  • retiredinAZ1

    All of you “young Chicagoans”………you should have been around in 1967 to see what it was like when there was NO WARNING of the 23” of snow..61 degrees the day before the snow came…..NO CELL PHONES to call from your cars…NO INTERNET….NO WEATHER CHANNEL..EVERY major street was at a complete standstill with autos stuck facing every which way……I know what you have right now is bad enough and my heart goes out for all of you….but weather reporters should not even attempt to compare it to the mess of ’67!

    • Methusaleh

      Heh? Heh? What’s all this? You young whipper-snappers, with yer cell phones, intranet, “space-age” technology, jet planes, polio vaccines, horseless carriages and sedentary agriculture! None of you remember the last great Ice Age!

      I remember having to kill a wooly mammoth while walking home through 8 feet of snow just to feed our tribe. You’ve all gone soft!!!

    • Debbie

      i completely agree!! I was in the 1967 storm and it was completely different from this. Everywhere in Chicgoland looked like LSD looked this time! Every single street was impassable for days and days. We didn’t have snow mobiles everywhere either. And people didn’t drive trucks and SUVs. We drove impalas and big ole’ buicks and oldsmobiles that couldn’t handle 3 inches of snow, much less 23 inches. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. I was 16 years old.

    • Harry D.

      I agree, more of those transplants who are complaining should have been around then. I was about to turn 8 and we were totally snowed in. We had close to a 4′ drift against both our doors. My dad had to open the casement window, break the screen and put me through onto the top of the snow to dig us out. When I moved enough snow to get the door open, thankfully my dad took over. Those were the days, no school and we dug tunnels through the snow that went for 5 houses. Since there was plenty of time for planning before this storm, there should be no gripes about being unprepared….Just saying

    • Mike607

      I lived in the far south suburbs, and remember waiting for my dad to get home that night from his job in the city. No cell phone, no texting, no communication at all. My mom was a mess. The next morning, I woke up and there was dad and monstrous snow drifts right outside our front door. I will always wonder what it was like for him to get home.

      Its true there was no warning. I remember being evacuated from my grammar (4th grade) school and being taken home in a milk delivery truck.

    • Mike from Evergreen Park

      Oh the drifts! I was 9 years old then, and that was great. Biggest snowman me and my brothers and sister EVER built! IT WAS GREAT

    • john mittlesteadt

      i remember that snowstorm; i was living in longlake at the time. chicago was completely parilyzed. all transportation was shutdown studs terkel intervewed several people on the street and they all said there was an eerie silence and the beauty was spectacular. john mittlesteadt

  • speakenglish1

    you ‘av baddest English ever

  • Alicia

    with the exception of people loosing power and being stranded..being from KY I am enjoying the craziness of the snow and our first ever SNOWDAY!!!

  • soon to retire

    Ah, yes, the blizzard of ’67 …. I recall the prediction of “partly cloudy” and it turned into over two feet of “partly cloudy!” I was a senior in high school and our bus could only go so far and we had to get out and walk the rest of the way. Took a long time in that deep snow. I think we were tougher then!!

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  • Johnny

    If you need more snow,, Hy I have a lot to give in DOLTON–This is hard on a guy from MISSISSIPPI….where is the cotton I miss it about now an the sun that go with it
    Hy but head is up an I am smiling just the same

    • Debbie

      Hey Johnny! My old stomping ground, Dolton. I was there for the 1967 storm. We were jumping out of second story windows! I was 16 then. Most fun I’ve ever had in my life. Some poor kids got stuck in school for days! How awful would that have been. Not me…my dad kept me home that day and I woke up about noon (normal for a teen) and i think it had been snowing for about 7 hours straight by then. Oh….the memories. Then my friends came and got me and we went out walking throught th neighboorhoods. We even heisted a Meister Brau beer truck that was unlocked and stuck on some side street. We arrived at a friend’s house with cases of beer!! His parents were stuck in chicago. tons of kids showed up and we proceeded to trash that poor family’s house!!! Like I said, most fun I’ve ever had…also the first and last time I ever stole anything!!

  • george in cicero

    my mom was telling me .she was pregnant carrying me in blizzard jan mom and dad parent’s were pregnant in the mar sister-n-law is pregnant with child due in jun or july 2011…

    • Vetus

      I see, the winter is when you family truly thrive.

    • Lynn

      George in Cicero:

      Let’s keep those ladies in your family pregnancy pregnancy free. No more SuperStorms. I survived the one in 1967.

      Stranded in Elmhurst.

  • Mary in Evergreen Park

    Yeah, I was 13 and it was fun. It took my father 8hrs. to get home from Hammond to south side of Chicago. But, boy, we kids had an awesome time!

    • Evergreen Park Patch

      Hi Mary! For news and information about Evergreen Park, visit


  • Chuck

    Hello Chicago friends & neighbors, As like ALL of you we are waking up to a REAL HOT MESS….. But I hope everyone is in a safe place. I live in Lakeview aka boystown on Melrose St. and I’ve never seen anything like this, well except on the Discovery Channel-I think it was called “March of the Penguins”. I’ve been keeping my mom (she lives in Petersburg, Ohio) posted on our weather condition. All I can say right now is based off of looking out my apartment window, I got 2 feet easy. I think I’m going to walk up Melrose to Halsted St. naked, after all I got 2 feet, if it shrinks (melts) down some maybe I won’t slide, trip, and fall into all the white stuff…..LOL

  • jake the bum

    A picnic day compared to the Jan 1967 snowstorm you out of Chicago wusses

  • Lee

    The repair guy was fighting the winds next to an open field. Poor guy was frozen. My comment is that they have weather volunteers who report info, it would be interesting to see it posted. And St. Francis is barely passable.

  • Nick Chicago

    Think of all the babies that will be born next October,happens every time!!!

  • Mike from Evergreen Park

    TRUF, take that kind of stuff to Thank you.

    • Evergreen Park Patch

      Hi Mike! For news and information about Evergreen Park, visit


  • Mike from Evergreen Park

    The Groundhog didn’t see his shadow, son winter is officially over. Look for the ground hog as a new addition to the menu of:

  • Dennis

    Ah 1967. It took my dad 7 hours to get from home from US Steel in Gary to Calumet City. Lucky me, I was assigned the task of keeping the driveway clear to the garage. Remember sledding down the Dan Ryan. Walking 3 miles to Hammond for milk and bread. Building a massive snow cave near our driveway. Oh….I live in Miami now. Sunny and 80 today. Hehe.

    • Bob Davis

      it may be sunny and 80 there now, but Miami is an awful place to be in June, July and August, then you have the threat of hurricanes there starting in September. I will take Chicago over Miami in a minute

    • Mike from Evergreen Park

      Did the snow cave then, too. My wife’s family did one for the big 79 blizzard. Snow caves are a lot of fun!

  • Dennis
    • Mike from Evergreen Park

      Great Pics, man! Brought me back in time. Thanks.

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  • Don

    1967- In those days I lived in skokie Illinois and my street was so deep in snow drifts that the cars, which were parked on the street, could not be seen. In fact, as a little boy (10) I was walking down the street with snow shoes on when I realized that I was actually walking on top of the cars.

    The wind actually created a snow drift on the side of our house that went up to the height of the roof. And yes, there was only one man who had a snow blower.

  • Sammy

    Well once you all dig your cars out time to go to work!!

  • Lakeview Greg

    It’ll melt.

  • pm

    I remember Midway Airport was the official site for weather data. At some point in time O’Hara became the official site. I forgot the year, It would be interesting to compare the two sites and really see how the statics compare, especially if the measurements are being used from two different climatic sites in relation to the lake effect snow.

    I remember other snow events and do not compare to the totality of this one…considering all the elements of this one..



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