Report: Cutler Received Painkiller Shot During Game

CHICAGO (CBS) — Bears quarterback Jay Cutler received a painkiller shot during halftime in the NFC Championship Game last month, according to a published report.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday morning that Cutler headed to the locker room ahead of his teammates.

He is believed to have hurt his knee during the first play of the second quarter, when Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Ryan Pickett landed on Cutler’s left knee, the Sun-Times reported.
Cutler suffered a Grade II sprain of his medial collateral ligament in the game, which the Bears lost 21-14.

Immediately following Cutler’s removal from the game, current and former NFL players, along with fans questioned Cutler’s toughness and commitment, a response that didn’t sit well with Bears’ players, coaches and front office personnel.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Yeah, but that Cutler don’t look at pictures on the sidelines and you can see he ain’t a leader by his body language…pass the sausage.

    • Toby Gullion

      You’re an idiot…he get’s paid to play quarterback, not be a cheerleader. Watch Peyton Manning on the sideline and see how many times he is rah-rah with the Cheerleaders on the sideline.

      • D.O

        lol, Toby, you missed the sarcasm. The last line about sausage should have given it away. =)

      • Spoon

        Yeah, I heard a loud ‘WOOOOOOSH” sound as he read that.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Swing and a miss.

  • Donald Wilson

    My question is, why is this coming out all of a sudden? Something doesnt give here!

    • Spoon

      In addition to the fact that Cutler is the only one allowed to give that info, and he doesnt give a rats behind what Idiots likethink.

    • Toby Gullion

      Because the main story before was the reaction of all the players after the game. Plus Cutler isn’t the type really to care about public perception…right or wrong…and won’t come out to defend himself.

  • Jimshoe

    This just goes to say that we need to start Caleb in every game. The guy is a stud.

  • YourMom

    Good to see “folks” still commenting with their View-from-the-Cheap-Seats.

  • Toby Gullion

    The real crime in the NFC Title game was the coaches decision to put Collins as the #2. Knowing how much Jay got hit last time they played the Packers and all season, should’ve known by past experience (i.e. game with Carolina) that Collins couldn’t start in a high school game right now. Hanie should have been the #2. Wasted almost the whole 3rd quarter watching Collins wet his pants.

  • Blane Cline

    Jay Cutler couldn’t win either way. If he and the Bears had released that Sunday evening everyone would have just said “Oh, that’s just the Bears trying to cover for Cutler.” The dude’s knee was ACL was partially torn. Anyone who honestly thinks third string Caleb Haney should be the new starting QB is a blubbering moron.

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    Haters gonna Hate

  • Embarrassed Fan

    I’m embarrassed to be a Bear fan after the moronic fan reaction against cutler. What’s scary is…these morons who question body language…faking or whatever, actually have jobs!! It’s really funny when you realize which one of your friends have zero intellgence after a debate like this

    • Jonathan Gearhart

      Comments about his body language are just rediculous. He had the same body every game of his career. If his paid professional teamates need him to be a cheerleader on the sideline to play better, than they shouldn’t be playing. They have a job to do regardless of who’s at QB or on the bench.

    • Michael Che

      ‘Fair weather fan reaction’, not ‘fan reaction’. Don’t be embarrassed, don’t let it stand in your way.
      Go Bears!

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  • G O South Side


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    It does not matter any way the Bears lost to the great players of the packers.They are number one in there division

  • FR

    DRUG ABUSER. What’s the difference between him and someone shooting up heroin?

  • Daryl

    He wear’s a C on his uniform, which means he fights with his team to the bitter end. I don’t care that he was hurt, I don’t care that he didn’t lead the cheers, I do care that he QUIT! He should have found something to do. As CAPTAIN of the Offense, he has an insight on what the defense is actually doing and yet he sulked on the sidelines. Oh yeah, Manning does lead the cheers, talks to offensoive linesman, go over plays with the recievers you know the stuff that a CAPTAIN does! All of this JANIE CCUTLER love is sickening! A game of this magnitude should have merited more of an emotional response from the most visible player on the team. Need an example, look at the defense, can You say Captain Brian?

    • Michael Che

      And he fights with his team to the bitter end, and the team stands by him, united in their support. Thus proving you wrong. Go get a life.
      Oh and btw, Captain Brian doesn’t agree with you, either.

    • Spoon

      Almost everything you’re posting is either incorrect, or a bald faced lie. Stop spreading misinformation. You make most of us embarassed to be a Bears fan. You are the dope screaming during the offense. You are the dope screaming that Urlacher had no heart after breaking his wrist. You are whats wrong with this fanbase.

      • Fork


    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Please god take a long walk off a short pier into the lake.

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