Christina Aguilera Messed Up National Anthem In Super Bowl

The pop star has plenty of experience singing and you would expect plenty of practice with the National Anthem. During one of the most watched events in the United States, Christina Aquilera made an embarrassing mistake.

Christina Aguilera flubbed a line as she belted out the national anthem at the start of the Super Bowl.

When she was supposed to sing the line “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?” she instead repeated an earlier line, with a slight variation.

She sang “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming,” which is the same line from earlier in the song but with the word `watched’ instead of the word `hailed.’

The mistake immediately set social networks abuzz with people commenting on the error.

Aguilera’s representative did not immediately return a call and e-mail seeking comment.

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  • bob

    Probablly the first time she ever sang it. Did she get paid for it or was it a freebie?

    • J

      She sang this song before at the Lakers/Celtics game!!

  • tgarcia

    People make mistakes, leave her alone. It was our National Anthem I know but I’m sure she feels bad.

    • Gari Worzalla

      they really should make these people audition to make sure they know the words to our national anthem and what order they are delivered, it is unacceptable for a representative to not know the words to the national anthem, and makes us look like idiots on the world stage..

      • Gari Worzalla

        I mean aren’t professionals supposed to be held to a higher standard? otherwise we could just have someone off the street sing it, and pay them the megabucks Christine was paid. i know of quite a few civilians that would do a much better job.

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  • PinkThunder

    Ahhhh, you don’t mess up the National Anthem for cryin’ out loud! Especially in front of so many people. Yes, we all mess up….but not your countries song!

  • Peg

    Everyone can mess up, but our National Anthem and was she paid if so she
    should not accept payment and at the end of the song since she knew she messed up she should have appologized on air right then

    • Amanda

      Peg, thats very unrealistic. First she could not just apologize right then or there. Why? Since its a timed segment and also because the jets flew over(very loud) at the end of the National Anthem making it be hard to apologize. Give the girl a break, she gets nervous too.

      • Carla

        Sorry Amanda I’m not giving Christina Aguilera a break. First, She knew she was singing in front of an audience. Second, She knew she was getting paid for it AKA contract. Third, It’s not like the girl hasn’t been singing for 14 years. Finally she makes millions for what – what is it?? SINGING!!!

      • Sean

        Okay, Let me just say that every person has made a mistake in their life at some point. It is rather sad tha I am 16 years old and to know that people shouldn’t be ridiculed for a mistake. Do people sit there and point out your flaws and or mistakes? No, they don’t, also do you get mad at little 5 and 6 year olds if they mess it up? No, didn’t think so. Grow up.

    • Tori..

      I dont think she should give the money back:P i mean yess! it was a mistake but at least it wasnt HORRID like saying lines from another song or something :) i love my country ALOT.. but hey the girl belted it! I guarenteee after she messed up ppl just lost their patriotism :P Chill My Friend:D
      Life goes on… But if you ask me…. i wish she would just sing the song.. w/o all the crazzy stuff cuz literally at the end i just wanted to yell ‘SHUT UP’ :) but shewas good! Cheeerz!

    • San

      That’s Soooo dumb to say!!! might as well tell her to give up singing in general. At least she didn’t lip sing or have her voice crack! I want to see you make a mistake at work and give your check back to your Boss. It wasn’t that serious.

      • KE

        Wasn’t that serious?? Are you kidding?
        WOuld that be like flying the US Flag upside down?

        Mistakes do happen — and they SHOULD IMMEDIATELY BE FOLLOWED BY AN APOLOGY!!!!

      • supremereaction

        Thanks you San , lol give your paycheck back , I mean I didnt even know she messed up on it to be honest . and no I dont feel ashamed of that and peg I will not give a portion of anything back. let the games go on.

      • Denver Deadite

        “I want to see you make a mistake at work and give your check back to your Boss.”

        So I guess you’ve never questioned anybody in your entire life?

        Let us know when you come up with an original thought, rather than the usual tripe.

  • Joel Zimmerebner

    Her dad was in the Army. I bet he is so proud of her now.

  • LD

    did you mean “country’s”…WOW!! it must really suck to mess up in front of the entire internet and be called out, huh? how EMBARRASSING, right? Leave the girl alone…and get a life

    • Lisa

      There should be no mistake in singing the our country’s anthem, especailly at such an event. A true American knows the damn words.

      • supremereaction

        What is a true american does anyone know ?
        is it people who stole , killed and did anything to get on top ?
        is it people who never make a mistake, are selfish and wasteful , want to go over to other countrys tell them how to run it and when the govt bucks assasinate …all for the greater good of americans tru americans …. you have made mistakes ya parents made mistakes and so did theres and so have I , make fun of her yea I guess if I slipped on tv make fun of me but keep it on a humorous level some of you are a bit disturbed …. and Im sure 90% of people commenting dont have a serious in front of millions of people everyday job. its okay she wont get asked again to sing . Did anyone catch the great game.?

  • Erik

    It’s like a Kelly/Blonde moment from Married with Children

  • Dan Rakow

    Rosanne Bahr was still the worst of all time at the San Diego Padres Game in 1990.

  • philmon

    I don’t have a problem with her flub … people flub. But gawd. Can’t someone just sing it straight with some respect for once?

    Or better yet, every time?

    • Gari Worzalla

      yea i agree everybody has to try to grandstand, leaving the meaning of the song to suffer.

  • Joe

    When Colbie Caillat was invited to sing at a Bears game here in Chicago. An couple of hours before the game the broadcaster requested that she cut the National Anthem down by at least 30 seconds. Now how are you supposed to do that? Maybe that is what happened with Christina

  • Lisa

    She made up a new melody as well. By far — not the best anthem performance. Super Bowl deserves better.

  • kathy

    Not only did she not know the words, her rendition was awful

    Which brings up the question, why do these so called singing stars have to do their own rendition?

    When did our National anthem become about the singer rather than the song?

  • Jon, Montgomery

    it seems like everything with this year’s super bowl didn’t work out except for the exciting game.

    thanks for up our national anthem on worldwide TV christina!

  • Vicky

    This country is in a bigger mess, so her rendition fits right now.

  • bob

    A. Sing the song the way, in the spirit, it was meant to be sung. NO personal renditions, need apply. B. Learned the darned words, please! You are getting up in front of the largest, worldwide crowd for a sporting event. DON”T embarass yourself. Is this too much to ask?

    • KE


  • JeanSC

    She messed up the melody a whole lot worse than she messed up 1 line. And with these singers, messing up the melody – the pitch of each note as written on the sheet music – is always a deliberate decision by egotistical singers who want to show off their voices. The national anthem was not written for this use.

  • d

    its not only that she really messed up but where is the word poof thru the night in the anthem. i thought it was proof thru the night!

  • Mar

    IT WAS NOT THAT SERIOUS!! Bigger things going on in the world and this is all your worried about!

  • Lucy

    I LOVE HER! people need to stop hating. shes amazing, and people mess up sometimes – even her. At least this proves shes performing live right? Shes got some serious PIPES!

  • Sandmedic

    Welcome to AMERICA.. The only song you should get right and she messes it up! Disgraceful.. no excuse, no accident, no brain fart no opps.. She should feel ashamed.. Next time, we’ll let all those men and woman defending your rights to be stupid say Opps; my bad we missed that threat coming to get you.. well do better next time.. I spent 5 years overseas supporting those who defend this nation, tending to their wounds and putting them back together.. There is no Opps when it comes to this nation.. PERIOD! This is not American Idol.. its our national anthem and its about time people stop trying to rewrite it, make it their own or showcase how many scales they can sing during one song.. Had she not been trying to make herself look so good, maybe she would have got the words right.

    • Canada

      I agree 100 percent with your comment she was trying to showcase how high she could get the notes instead of just singing the way it was meant to be sung

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  • jana

    she is annoying and should have never been up there representing USA sorry christina go back to the hole you crawled out of

  • yeahyo

    People look at celebrities like they are not human. Obviously she knows she messed up, and I’m sure she doesn’t feel very smart. It’s ignorant people like you that go on websites like this and leave rude comments about how these celebrities should do things differently. I’m sure you couldn’t imagine the stress or stuff they go through a day. People watching you every step you make, every word you say (and of course they make millions, but its the people that demand entertainment). It’s like having your big time boss watching over you every day at your 9-5 job, pointing out everything you do wrong. I’m sure she will come around to apologize. In the meantime, ask yourselves this…. How many times have you made a mistake in front of millions and been accepting of your mistake right away, gaining the courage to apologize on national TV? Oh, wait….

  • reed hines


    that was Not cool

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