The week leading up to the Super Bowl, the festivities in Dallas were the center of the NFL universe. From team pictures to media day to player injuries, every aspect of the game received the nation’s full attention.

“There’s been a pall hanging over this whole thing,” NFL analyst Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show of the week leading up to the Super Bowl. “Because [everyone] knows what’s going to happen March 3rd or March 4th.”

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Now that the Super Bowl is officially over, the focus amongst the media and NFL fans will turn to the labor negotiations. If the NFL and the NFLPA aren’t able to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement, then the NFL owners are prepared to lockout the players.

“I came [to Dallas] looking for some sense of hope or confidence that these guys were smart enough to not have this turn into a disaster,” Arkush said. “But I come away thinking they’re more determined than ever to drag this thing through the mud and I don’t know what’s next.”

One thing that could potentially not happen next would be the 2011 season. If there’s a lockout and the two sides can’t find common ground to agree on a new CBA, then some or all of next season could be canceled.

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