Atty. Gen. Madigan Sues To Block Burge’s Pension

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit Monday morning to stop former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge from collecting a pension.

Madigan says because Burge is a convicted felon, he loses his right to his $3,000 per month pension.

The Police Pension Board required five votes to revoke the pension. The board decided that Burge’s conviction was not directly related to his work as a police officer, and voted to let him keep it.

Burge was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison last month for lying about the torture of suspects under his watch.

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Police Supt. Jody Weis has also been critical of the decision to let Burge keep his pension.

“You had Burge arguing that he should be defended by the city and by the union because his actions took place when he was a police officer,” Weis said late last month. “Now the pension board seems to have overlooked that … and says well this stuff took place after the fact and had nothing to do with his service as a police officer.”

According to the state’s pension code, benefits must be denied “to any person who is convicted of any felony relating to or arising out of or in connection with his or her service as a police officer.”

Burge’s pension board supporters contended that the charges, and conviction, in the case came after Burge left the force and should not affect his pension.

Since he was fired from the Chicago Police Department in 1993, Burge’s name has become synonymous with police brutality in Chicago.

Dozens of suspects have accused Burge and the detectives under his command of shocking them with a homemade electrical device, suffocating them with typewriter bags, putting guns to their head and playing Russian roulette — all to force them to confess to murders they didn’t commit.

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  • Jim

    Most criminals would love to use Burge’s pension board supporters. I could see it now…”well I didn’t get caught with that stolen car while I was stealing it, it was in my driveway so I should not go to jail”. Morons!

    • Kelly

      What’s your address Jim? I’ll gladly arrange for a stolen car to be parked in your driveway. C’mon. Let’s put our laws to the test. Hopefully the lack of evidence will get you a “not guilty” charge. If it worked the way you want it you’d be locked up for time. He wasn’t found guilty of anything more than perjury, which most of us, at one time or another are guilty of. It’s human nature.

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        If you consider strapping someone down and applying electros to their testicles as responsible policing or human nature, than you have a warped sense of humanity.

  • Chivi

    Good going!!!! Next!!! Stop paying pensions to convicted building inspectors, city employees. This would save the City lots of money. Look into how many convicted felons who were City employees are receiving paychecks, pensions, etc. while serving their term in jail!!

    • Kelly

      Amen to that!! Too bad it won’t happen because I swear all these politicians are related to each other therefore they would never prosecute one another.

    • KE

      You are correct on that!!! It if absolutely pathetic that we pay the pensions of the likes of corrupt building inspectors, and vaious employees that have embezzled large sums of money..while holding various positions in all areas of government.
      funny how 1 corrupt governmental employee can steal from each area of municipal government and collect 3 full pensions — 1 city, 1 county, 1 state — while always being defended using our tax dollars.

  • David

    My estimation and admiration for Attorney General Madigan continues to soar! There is no way Burge should be able to collect a pension for the brutality he served on the public that he was supposed to protect. Have no sympathy for Burge, he, a former police officer, seems to forget that “crime doesn’t pay!”
    What a jerk Burge is!!!

    • Kelly

      Would you still say this if the person he allegedly tortured victimized a family memeber of yours?

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        Which one of the people he tortured victimized your family? What was his name?

  • yvonne

    This man was convicted of a serious crime and the police pension board members are in conflict of interest and should step down. Personal friendships should not take place in this incident. If the police is dirty 50 years ago and the crime(s) caught up when him or her and today and this person is found guilty then that police officer or Cmdr. should lose all benefits. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is so right on target.

    • Gee-reg

      Burge waas convicted for lying about a crime that was never proven to have happened

      • Kelly

        Yep. Pretty soon we’ll all be getting convicted of things just by a person’s testimony, without any evidence at all.

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        If you believe your argument is being heard then you must have been one of the few thousand who purchased a Yugo.

  • Fed up

    What about social security benefits for felons. If you didn’t pay felons the system might be viable for many more years to come. I think Madigan is kissing the butt of Jesse the extortionist. Also the reason the crooked city inspectors and trucking contractors get their pensions is because they are politicians and have people like Madigan the elder and Madigan the lesser covering their backs for favors done. Maney talks in this town and those listening are the crooks in power.

    • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

      Who is Maney, your cousin? Who did he talk too?

      • Kelly

        Why are all cops considered racist? This is a stereotype. It’s not their fault that majority of criminals are minorities. This is a fact.

    • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

      @ Kelly: Yeah, and any reasonable person can tell what you are also.

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        @Kelly: Maybe a little too damn proud!

      • Kelly

        I am African American and proud!

  • Tammy

    It’s about time!! I’ve been saying this for months…even before the Burge trial…though I’m glad to see Lisa is stepping up!

    • Kelly

      Lisa needs to focus on her father’s friends who hold current political office and put a stop to their criminal behavior.

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        No, Lisa is doing the right thing. I say GIT-R-DONE!

  • Gee-reg

    How about suing to stop governmment pension payments (WELFARE) to any person who was convicted of a crime. Now we’re talking ! Stop giving free government money to every criminal out there, let’s stop giving them free food and medical care too. After all they were convicted of a crime just like Burge right !!!

  • Kelly

    Leave Burge alone. He’s got one foot in the grave. Start going after the people who are in office and blatantly commiting crime right under your nose (ie. Pappas, Stroger, etc.). Another waste of taxpayer money. Keep dragging this out in court for what. He earned his pension. Maybe the “old” police tactics weren’t so bad. Just compare felony crimes from back then and now! I know I always had sense to run from the cops if I was in a bad situation. Now cops are being gunned down and confronted by these criminals!

    • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

      No, Burge’s pension is a full vested plan. The board’s decision, as they stated, was the conviction took place well after his retirement. But, here’s the thing. The conviction was for lying about the crimes he committed while on duty. He was convicted on victim’s testimony and the testimony or, consciences of fellow retired officers who claimed to have acted under his orders.

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        @Fed Up: That’s black mothers. Whites don’t have mammies so why would you think African-Americans do? Your mother delivered you after your father impregnated her. What kind of people are they to have raised you?

      • Fed up

        I would like to see the government charge every black mammy that lied in court under oath that her little piece of garbage was home sick in bed the day the crime was committed. Your’e black so you know it is the truth. Even though they lie and he gets convicted there is never any reprocussions for perjury for their actions.

      • NoMoreRacistCopsPlease!

        @Fed Up:

        Your problem is you’re trying to defend an abusive cop which gives you no bases to prove a point. You look to be as racist as Burge by supporting him as you have. Burge only tortured African-American suspects in an attempt to prove their guilt. By singling out African-Americans he made it about race.

    • Budcat1

      Kelly,you make more sense than anyone else commenting.By the way,I’m white,if it is even relevant.

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