Bernstein: To Hell With Brett Favre

By Dan Bernstein–

He turned a loyal fandom against itself, just because he could.

He made a villain out of a new general manager who was only trying to run his team, creating an ugly standoff that forced a trade and put unnecessary, public pressure on the man drafted in the first round to replace him.

Brett Favre kept Aaron Rodgers waiting for three seasons before finally abdicating the throne as Packers’ starting quarterback. Even then, his subsequent unretirement threatened to undermine him when that time came.

The message from Favre to Packer fans, always delivered indirectly during his maudlin, Shakespearian displays, was clear. He had a plan to exploit public feelings with no regard for any interests but his own.

You know you need me. You can’t do it without me.

He needed to be needed. Because he was the one who last led them to a title, it was not possible, then, for anyone else to do so.

GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy disagreed, and the Great Packer Rift began. Off went Favre to New York, where he muddled through the season on the field, and apparently spent the rest of his time propositioning massage therapists and sending lewd cell-phone pictures.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers was busy compiling a 28-touchdown, 4000-yard passing season in Green Bay. His rating of 93.8 was only going to improve from there on.

Another Favre “retirement,” another mess. Injury-report shenanigans surrounding Favre’s torn biceps tendon cost the Jets $125,000 in fines. He is rumored to be signing with the Vikings, but he tells them in July he’s not playing.

He signs with them three weeks later, exacerbating hard feelings by joining a border rival of Green Bay. Tensions run high when the teams meet on a Monday night in October, then the most-watched program in cable TV history. Vikings win.

Favre throws for 4200 yards and 33 TDs, his rating at 107.2. The numbers for Rodgers that season are nearly identical, and both go to the Pro Bowl. Neither’s team reaches the Super Bowl.

The tired act repeats itself the next offseason. Favre has his agent distribute pictures of his injured ankle to the media, and he waits in his Swamp of Solitude to be wanted and needed. A delegation of Vikings pleads with him, he skips the rigors of training camp, and the coach himself drives Favre back to practice – a move that helps diminish the symbolic authority of Brad Childress, foreshadowing his eventual ouster.

Favre emotes his way through the worst season of his career, finally succumbing to injury. His streak of consecutive starts ends, as the Jets scandals come to light and he becomes a national punchline. The Vikings finish 6-10.

Rodgers finishes the regular season with a rating of 101.2. Behind a shaky protection and an offense patched together with spare parts in key spots, he propels them to the title with a three-touchdown, 304-yard performance as he’s named Super Bowl MVP.

If, at any point in this saga, Rodgers complained about his circumstances, I missed it. As he was steadily working toward the pinnacle of his profession, his predecessor was embarrassing himself on the field and off.

Recently, Packers’ President Mark Murphy indicated, surprisingly, that he would welcome Favre back to the family, reconciling all the bad blood. “At the appropriate time, we’ll reach out to him,” he said. “I envision that he’ll come back into the fold. We want to make sure it’s the right time for him and for us.”

Murphy should wait a long while, if he ever follows up at all. Let Rodgers have his time to shine, and keep Favre in the exile he deserves. Favre should be on the outside looking in.

You know you need me. You can’t do it without me.

Wrong, hillbilly.

They just did.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: To Hell With Brett Favre

Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM.
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  • bronzo

    Wow…Dan must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Great game yesterday and Aaron Rogers is the story…and what does Dan do…bring up Favre??? Packers won Rogers played great… MVP…Look we all know you don’t like Favre…LET IT GO!!!

    I grow weary form Dan’s bashing of Rothlesberger ( yes we know he is a creep) and Favre yes we know he’s from Mississippi..

    Enjoy the game Dan…

    • Derek

      Exactly right, bronzo

  • John in Antioch

    I’m a diehard Bears fan but Rodgers has become my favorite player I’ve ever watched. He’s got all the tools and off the field he is as classy as they come. As much as I hate to see the Packers claim another title, with Rodgers at the helm it doesn’t seem anywhere near as personal as when Favre was doing it.
    I hope Rodgers makes the folks up there forget about Favre, I know I have.

  • pulseczar

    But Favre played the game like a kid in the backyard!!!!

    Then afterward he flapped his wienie at a sideline hottie.

    C’mon- that’s just Brett being Brett.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Amen Bernsie.
    Ted Thompson was 100% correct.

  • Gentleman RaRa

    Meanwhile, white outrage has spilled throughout office cubicles everywhere over the botching of the national anthem.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Woulda never happened if they had hired an AMERICAN to sing the National Anthem. ;-)

      • bigtime sucker

        YEAH, cornelison has never messed up

      • Larry Horse's Arse


        How ’bout a duet of Roseanne Barr & Carl Lewis???

      • Free Willy

        BB – Last time I checked New York is part of the US. What do you think everyone named Garcia is from mexico?

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Sorry there buddy, but you missed BB’s sarcasm.

  • Denver Deadite

    And you know what, Bernsie? Favre wins again. Nobody was talking about him, but you couldn’t help yourself.

    “Dumb@$$ cracker.”

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      Good point, Deadite. I never once thought of Favre during the game or after. Thankfully, I watched the game at a bar so I couldn’t hear it if the announcers mentioned him but, for me, this game was all about Rodgers.

      Great game by a hell of a QB.

  • bronzo

    Agree Larry Thompson was spot on…But look at the headline of the blog and the picture on top?? Why do the whole tired Favre argumnet again…I don’t think I heard his name mentioned for 2 weeks until this morning..

    • bigtime sucker

      I just spoke to a packers fan, they LOVE the fact that Rogers won and they can put favre behind them, it IS INDEED on their minds

      • bronzo

        Glad to hear that the Packer fans LOVE the fact that the won the Super Bowl….and Favre is INDEED on their minds….thanks for the update.

      • bigtime sucker

        sure thing

    • Lou Piniella's FUPA

      I really don’t buy that any-publicity-is-good-publicity thing.

      As much as I don’t like Packers, mainly because of annoying fans, I really dislike Favre. And that’s why I loved the blog this morning. I don’t want to hear about Green Bay, especially when I’m still bitter about the NFC Championship game. I can’t believe I still feel that way, but I do.

      Which is why I had no interest in watching the game last night. (Season 5 of Rescue Me was much more enjoyable.) So when I arrived at work and saw this piece, I was happy. Bernstein cheered me up.

      I do agree that his name doesn’t need to be brought up in headlines anymore. But I did enjoy it this morning. That’s all I’m saying. It’s helping with my championship-game hangover.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      EXCELLENT point bronzo

      Let the dead bury the dead.

      Favre’s public career is dead.

      • bronzo

        Amen Larry… that’s my point, talk about the game which was very entertaining for a change. I’m sure for most Packer fan’s ( of which I’m not) the last thing on their mind right tnow is Favre…they just won the friggin Super Bowl.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    I agree Dan’s blog seems childish and not really germane to the conversation everyone is having today…..but that is Dan being Dan. He’s like a kid on the radio…..petty, sophmoriic and spiteful.

    A guy that has deingrated Packer fans all these years, he cannot focus on that…. so he needs to find the antihero to satiate his Schadenfreudish need to make himself feel better about his life void of contentment. Sad little man.

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      Oh Jesus. Looks like somebody found their thesaurus this morning. It was probably hidden under a pile of cheese near his toilet/hole in the ground.

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Jay – I honestly have no clue what you are talking about…..”all these idiotic comments”……”know not what you are talking about”……I just gave my opinion as to why Bernstein focuses on Favre when Favre is not the story. I’m not picking apart peoples posts, I’m not agreeing with people, just giving my opinion.

        That was a shot towards you about being on the blog instead of working, my opiinion is that you are on the blog too much, who cares what I think.

      • Jay's Insulin Pump

        Next time you choose to express an opinion that is so clearly flawed, I suggest you keep it simple. “Your gay” is usually a strong choice, and we can all ignore you as was clearly intended. But to dress up your thoughtless comment hoping to “Trojan Horse” it past everyone here is insulting. From the looks of this thread, I am not the only one who feels this way.

        Your most recent post has only confirmed our suspicions as I am childishly misquoted, twice, followed by a desperate plea for closure of an argument you have already lost. “Just giving my opinion.”

      • Peter Lemonjello

        My bad, I’ll leave the blogging to you “regulars”. Next time I’m looking for a good synonym or antonym Jay Pump, I’ll be sure to come back and ask for your help. I know you’ll be here.

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Yeh, I’ll assume no answer since you would be out on your own and not part of the collective. “We”? Who are you speaking for besides yourself? Just in case any doubt is left, I do not want my invite for the blog reunion at Hooters, go to a remote as a group, play WoW on a Saturday night or sit with other blog regulars at a roast. I really am just looking for my posts to be ignored by whoever “we” is

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Jay, I’ve been accused of being a sesquipedalianist…not sure if that is what has offended, but I’ll repost my original comment. Please tell me where you think this opinion is so clearly flawed. Please be specific so I can improve.

        I agree Dan’s blog seems childish and not really germane to the conversation everyone is having today…..but that is Dan being Dan. He’s like a kid on the radio…..petty, sophmoriic and spiteful.
        A guy that has deingrated Packer fans all these years, he cannot focus on that…. so he needs to find the antihero to satiate his Schadenfreudish need to make himself feel better about his life void of contentment. Sad little man

      • Jay's Insulin Pump

        That seems fair and reasonable. It’s obvious to all of us that you know not what you write, but this comment shows your willingness to change! Unfortunately, since you’ve already posted all of those other, more idiotic comments, there is no way to hide what you really are. OH, too bad. Bet you wish you could take that back. I feel like we’ve both grown from this experience.

        WAIT, “I know you’ll be here” is supposed to be a jab at my willingness to avoid work and comment on this blog??? FOR SHAME, Petey, for shame. And to think, we almost became best pals just now. I am not offended by your weak attempt at a poorly thought out insult, but by the notion that you feel like anyone cares about what you have to say at all.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        And I can appreciate your posts without ratifying them.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Actually lack thereof…….I appreciate your occasional posts.

      • Spoon

        Pretty sure he’s saying ‘get your terms right, before mocking other people with said terms’.

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Larry Horse’s Arse, I appreciate your bellicosity, or lack thereof. I’m not a frequent poster, occaisonal lurker…….Stupid People’s post doesn’t register… he saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about or my grammar was iincorrect…..because if poor grammar on a message board makes me stupid, I’ll plead guility. I stand by what my thesaurus was trying to say.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Please consider all this as constructive criticism…the point I would take from SP FTW is be sure you are completely correct before launching into a more learned theory.

        By the way, I always, always crack-up at your handle and the reference to Peter Lemongello from 35 years ago. That’s about as obscure as it gets!

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Stupid – u r beautufil

        I’ve already admitted my use of big words to try and impress people – guilty.

        Who did I insult? Bernstein?

        Spending way too much time in this blog today – guilty. I can’t imagine doing this every day.

        I only know WoW from Leeeeeeroy Jenkins. Have no clue about those forums.

        Thank you Stupid for spending yoiur days picking apart other peoples posts and insulting…notice i haven’t insulted anyone directly…..except for my big words and a slight shot at Jay for being on this blog too much to which he was most definitely not offended.

        I’m guilty of a lot of what you say, but nobody has picked apart my opinion yet.

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Make sure those TPS reports have the cover sheet…….what a life. Yet again, no substance……..just falling back on previous comments about my vocabulary and grammar.

        Thanks for the fun Jay

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        Uses incorrect terms while trying to insult others intelligence? Check.
        Spends more time posting and responding than someone whom you’ve just insulted for spending too much time posting and responding? Check
        Uses excessively large words in an attempt to be superior? Check

        Shouldnt you be busy posting on the WoW General forums?

      • Jay's Insulin Pump

        Yeah, it’s pretty easy to assume a no answer without giving someone time to respond. Jeez, some of us actually work during the day.

        Did you really repost your original comment thinking it would be an acceptable defense of your stupidity? Did you not already endure enough verbal abuse for its original use? If we’re going down this road again, I’m out. Again, some of us work during the day.

      • Peter (in Rogers Park)

        JIP, SPFTW, pulseczar, Larry, Spoon (and anyone else who else piled-on),

        What are you talking about? I think the real issue is that someone crashed your daily Smart-Ass/Dumb-Ass Club meeting. To make matters worse he criticized the head smart-ass (a privilege he clearly hasn’t earned) and used a big, German word in the process. He then implied (maybe correctly) that some of you spend an unhealthy amount of time commenting on this blog. How dare he?

        Peter L. essentially has it right. Dan Bernstein has been known, on occasion, to delight in the misfortunes of individuals he dislikes (sometimes justifiably, sometimes needlessly, usually at the expense of substantive discussion). This fits the definition of Shadenfreude. It’s not an obscure concept and the word isn’t restricted for use by pretentious people, German people, or pretentious German people.

        The only problem may have been that “Shadenfreude” was improperly used to refer to an individual instead of an individual’s sentiment. That’s a minor offense by the (not exactly Rhodes Scholar-esque) standards of this thread. Nobody, among the mockers of PL’s post, bothered to point out what the problem actually was beyond the suspicion that he was (gasp) trying to sound smart. In the process all of you came off as being damn proud of your small vocabularies and general ignorance.

        Nicely done guys.

      • jeff ircink

        peter in roger’s park – wow. couldn’t agee with you more. i noticed this about Berstink and his partner in crime on the radio. the exact same concept. i just didn’t know the term for it. interesting.

        hit the nail on the head. touche.

      • Peter Lemonjello

        Thanks Pete in Rogers Park….I’m just glad someone scrutinized the content. Looking back my heavily edited 2nd post had some issues….unfortunately I’m not one for proofreading.

        I think these guys are ok, I come in from time to time and enjoy reading the posts….it does have a World of Warcraft feel (youtube Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft)……I’m ok with being rough on a blog foreinger, but I just could not figure out what the issue was with my comment. With the clarity of hindsight, I can say that derogatory comments abt Bernstein from an interloper are not allowed and most certainly will unleash a flurry of snarkiness from the mini-Bernsteins.

    • pulseczar

      Ohhh, look- multisyllabic words!

      Start your own blog and you can talk about whatever you want. Kind of like what DB did today.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        I love when people use words in the wrong context….

        “schadenfreude are people who get pleasure from the misfortune of others”

        So before you go acting like you’re smart. Try using the words correctly…

      • Peter Lemonjello

        alright sparky, I’ll try and explain what I was trying to say…….schadenfreude are people who get pleasure from the misfortune of others…..people who are schadenfreude typically have a low self esteem. I’m just saying that Dan is King Schadenfreude, so it shouldn’t be any surprise he focuses on the one person today that should feel the worst….Brett Favre.

  • Jay's Insulin Pump

    “You know you need me. You can’t do it without me.”

    This same phrase can be seen on Favre’s bottle of Extenze.

    • bigtime sucker

      darn, that take was so perfect i can’t reply to it!!!

    • AnneS

      HEY HEY

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Upon further reflection, and thanks to the comments of others here, it seems to me that Dan decided to bury the lede……Rodgers is the real story and any juxtaposition of Favre is merely a one-paragraph aside.

    • AnneS

      Yeah, I’m a little disapointed today :(

  • AnneS

    I didn’t realize until now how grateful I was to have not heard anything about Favre in the past 2 weeks with the Packers in the SB. I agree with you Dan but it is irrelevent…

  • Rick Williams

    This kid is the most gifted quarterback in the NFL and is only going to get better, Can you imagine his numbers if his receivers could actually hang on to the ball?

  • bigtime sucker

    when they do “catch” it, it doesn’t even look like a catch, it’s the ball traveling and then disappearing into the body of the receiver as if it stuck to him like a fly to fly paper. you don’t see the receiver stopping to adjust to the ball, the ball is just there and the receiver runs with it. it was also “nice” to see the same darned plays that kill the bears every year beat another “elite defense” THAT SAID, they won the turnover battle 3-0 and still only won by 6 points. heck of a ball game.

  • bigtime sucker

    i was more upset by the boo losing to golden state. thank god the east isn’t filled with teams with small quick guards. their quickness really made the bulls uncomfortable and the pace GS played at really bothered the bulls. Rose seemed like someone believing the hype and forcing himself to live up to it. Portland is a team the bulls can match up with nicely and i think they will play better tonight

    • AT3374

      Even he Jordan/Pippen bulls teams had some stinkers during their runs , so it happens , GS still stinks ;)

  • Spoon

    I’m usually with Dan on his blogs, but this one is just stupid… Who the hell was talking about Farve?

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  • Spoon

    Also, that Donald Driver had no heart. He could stand on the sidelines, if he was really hurt he wouldnt be able to stand. They’d have to drag me off on a stretcher, also, his body language was bad.

    • Spoon

      No, nor did I see him coaching up the other players. What a whiny Mr PoutyPants.

      • Spoon

        I dont need a boot to tell me that Duke Donald Dropped Out.

      • bigtime sucker

        i am not disagreeing with you, just saying, the packers did a better job of saying, hey you don’t want to play or can’t play? put this on and people will leave you alone,

      • Spoon

        Not buying it. That boot was simply a fabrication by the Packers to make it look like he was more hurt than he was. He quit, plain and simple. I dont question his toughness, I question his heart. He pulled himself from the game.

        Clearly no heart…

      • bigtime sucker

        good comparison, but you’re missing one tiny little detail, he WAS wearing a boot. again, cutler should be mad at the PR staff of the bears for not making him get in street clothes, don’t have a player that can’t play look like he can play. charles woodson was in street clothes, driver had a boot on, everybody knew they were done.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Was he at least looking at pictures???

    • scott

      Also Woodson quit on his team. Why wasn’t he looking at pictures, and on the headset.

  • meesohawnee

    dans just writing that cause hes trying to pander for more eyeballs north of the border. Doesnt sound cranky at all.. Maybe a gary bender? He cant write War and Peace everyday. Now. Lets let the football thing go. Move on till August. Wait Tomorrow it will be why did injured packers have braces and slings and why didnt Jay? You know they dont want that story to die.
    So i wonder if well hear the speech today that momentum doesnt matter?? Seems Mr. Illini’s cough up would have qualified?

  • Nick

    I can’t believe the NFL didn’t have a camera set up in the Farve household to capture Brett’s reactions to the game live and put the feed in the corner of the Super Bowl broadcast the whole time. And then immediately have someone interview him as soon as the Packers won. I am honestly flabbergasted that didn’t happen given that the first time his Vikings played the Packers they had a “Favre Cam” trained on him the entire game whether he was on field or not.

    • AT3374

      He was probably fixing up his sisters meth lab so he asked for no cameras or Ed Warner to follow him

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    I just saw a still-shot of the award ceremony on

    Does Terry Bradshaw look like Cro Magnon Man or what???

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    For the upcoming TOB:
    “Any mention of Brett Favre.”

  • D

    I’m so disappointed, we are a miserable sports city. Lets be honest about that.

    If it weren’t for reinsdorf or the 2008-10 Blackhawks, this city has no real sports franchise. The Bears and Cubs are just heritage franchises.

    • Spoon

      What the hell are you talking about? Sox in ’05, ‘Hawks last year, Bears in the NFC title game, and Bulls tearing it up. Cubs, well they havent won, but that hardly makes them a fake franchise, their popularity alone is mindblowing.

      We have more real sports franchises than almost any other place in the nation.

      • bronzo

        Spoon I’m with you on this …what the hell is he talking about?? As a Sox fan I can’t believe this guy doesn’t remeber ’05 along with the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup last year…and Bulls are on the top few teams in the east.

  • Pappy D

    Call me crazy but I think that Rodgers will turn out to be just another in a long line of “one hit wonders”. As for Dan Bernstein, jealousy befits him. He’s derided him for a long while. I agree that it’s a shame that the man didn’t go out last year when he was on top of his game – he just had to come back for one more sip – but he didn’t and now he will be remembered more for his ostensibly poor judgment when it comes to young women. He will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune brought on by his own hand but, should he follow good judgment for once, stay behind the scenes, he could remake himself into the classy star that he should be. Favre is no fool and as he chases his place in history as the legend he is, he should think about those that have gone before him. The ones who turned out to be flamboyant fools are now long assigned to the ash heap of history but those who walked away with class will always have a warm place in the memories of the fans.

    • AT3374


    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      You’re F-ING CRAZY.

      Rodgers’s regular season numbers since his first NFL start:

      2008 28/13 93.8 4
      2009 30/7 103.2 5
      2010 28/11 101.2 4

      Being great at something in the beginning, and consistently proving your excellence year in and year out makes you a one hit wonder?

      You’re CRAZY.

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      On a side note, I am sickened by your obvious plagiarism of Hamlet. If you want to cheat on your high school English paper, that’s encouraged, but we only express original thoughts here. Talk about poor judgment? Pappy – you’ve got it.

  • dan

    I’m another Bear fan who couldn’t stomach football after our loss. I actually watched several episodes of the first season of Barnaby Jones. We are supposed to be done hearing about #4, and shouldn’t have toread about anything being human in a certain wisconsin town

  • Jon, Montgomery

    for me.. everything besides the actual game was not very exciting, the advertisements sucked, the halftime show sucked, the national anthem was botched, it was just awful.

    the actual game was very entertaining once the steelers got back into it. and i did find myself rooting for green bay, i just couldn’t bring myself to root for the raper.

    • AT3374

      With ya there Jon , that so called half time show just went on and on and on . At least they changed it up from those fake concerts they were doing with those old musicians where people were flooding the field like the Beatles were in town , that got so annoying .

    • Spoon

      The only commercial that honestly made me laugh, was the one with Ozzy and Justin Beiber. That one I found pretty damn funny.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        the only one that made me laugh was the pepsi-max commercial where the couple at dinner is thinking about each other, the girl is like “i wonder how much money he makes”…”i wonder if he loves his mother”. and then the dude is like “i wanna sleep with her”…”i wanna sleep with her”. that one was pretty good.

        i also like the doritos commercials, but my favorite one i don’t think was even an advertisement, it was the NFL ad with popular TV shows with characters dressed up in NFL apperal, that was one the most creative in my opinion.

    • Lou Piniella's FUPA

      Well said, Jon.

      Though I didn’t watch the game, I was rooting for the Steelers to win. But I wanted Ben the Rapist to be knocked out. That would have been the ideal situation.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Guess I’m un-American too because I didn’t watch one second of the pre-game or the game. I just had no interest. For me, the Pack-Bears game was the Super Bowl. I was afraid the Pack would do well on a fast-track, like they had done in Atlanta. I had no interest in watching Ben Rapelisberger et al.
        So I finished reading “Team of Rivals” and then started reading a book by Bill Bryson, then I went to bed at a reasonable hour because I need to get up at 4.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I didn’t watch either. I didn’t care about the game, so I figured that it served no purpose. Any must-see material is easily found on the net anyways.

        It’s an opportunity to get together with friends and family, but since I didn’t care, I just read a book with the Puppy Bowl in the background. It was like having a screen saver on the TV.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        puppy bowl. LOL

        they have that on for like 8 hours

      • Lou Piniella's FUPA

        By the way, someone just called me “un-American” for not watching the Super Bowl.

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