CBS 2 School: Super Prefix-ation

The prefix “super” is derived from the Latin for “above” and “beyond.” We Americans love anything that is super. We love to use the prefix “super.” It might be a collective fixation.

This weekend we loved the Super Bowl. Record numbers watched and enjoyed two of our most storied NFL franchises play in our biggest game.. The game lived up to its hype.

This weekend we also gave tribute to our Super President. Ronald Reagan would have been 100 on Sunday. Both conservatives and liberals paid homage to the memory of our cheerleading president. We shared super memories.

But there is more.

We love our Super Heroes, Super Smash Brothers, Super-sized meals and our Super Mario.

We have supermarkets with supervisors using supercomputers. We superimpose, supersede and superscript. Things are superficial, superfine and supercritical.

The prefix “super” is superior.

Obama hoped for super results as president. Barack Obama ran a super campaign. Yet his presidency has been dominated by super problems. He certainly had made plans for a long legacy of superlatives. Obama had counted on the prefix “super” to best characterize his transformational presidency.

The super problems, however, have made this superpower worry more about leaking supertankers. Our superintendent-in-chief rose to power in supersonic ways but now all too often appears on the world stage as a supernumerary.

Four years ago this month Obama announced his candidacy for president on the steps where Lincoln stood. On a super cold day a super cool narrative began.

Soon Obama will be asked to announce that he is running again. Shortly Obama will have to make if official that he is seeking a second term. To be successful this time the prefix “super” might sound superfluous.

If President Obama expects to go above and beyond this time he best start thinking about using the right suffix. If that suffix does not contain jobs no prefix will be noticed anyway.

  • Shreeraj Patel

    I believe that Obama, with cooperation with the House of Representatives, will be able to pass brief negotiations in order to help spur our economy by using both keynesian and classical economics. The higher we climb, the harder we fall. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, our economy has exploded off of the starting line. We reached the top of the mountain, and we started going back down. Now weve reached a valley where little altitude change is occuring; however, it wont be long until we reach another mountain to climb.

    As for the super-problem in egypt, I do not think president Mubarak will step down until elections because he does not want the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the government. Violence will continue within the streets of Egypt, however, for the good of the country, Mubarak will try to change into a democracy before elections, and then elections will probably end in favor of a democratic nation.

  • Unluckiest Kid in the School

    As I am writing this post my game of Super Nintendo is paused and my Super Dawg hot dog is being eaten. Just kidding, but had to throw it in there.

    I believe that Obama would be successful for reelection, but first unemployment needs to continue to drop. Currently, our unemployment is at a much-improved 9%, but I believe Obama should shoot for 8% to be reelected comfortably. Unfortunately for Obama, his time to create jobs and lower the unemployment rate is running out. Before we know it the campaign will begin and voters will be holding him accountable for the past few years.

    With regards to Egypt, we as a nation should pay very close attention. Egypt is one of our few allies in the Middle East and we must make sure that US-Egyptian relations stay friendly. From issues like oil to diplomatic relations with Israel, we must make sure that Egypt continues to be friendly with America. How this all works out only time will tell.

    Hopefully our economy moves in a positive direction with decreasing unemployment and US maintains diplomatic relations with Egypt. If not, we will be the Super-Unluckiest Country in the Super-World.

  • Blake Adams

    I feel that Obama will succeed in his reelection, due to the unfinished trail hes led us through, that really no one else can lead except Obama himself. He has brought the U.S. into such an economic climb, where the U.S. citizens are having trouble cooperating with his economy spurs. Unemployment is slowly decreaing, but the super problems keep coming up, making it difficult to stick to certain objectives. For Egypt, I feel that the U.S. needs to make sure we stay friendly with Egypt, and avoid involving ourselves in the conflict with Mubarak.

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