North Suburban Teacher Cuts Infuriate Parents

SKOKIE, Ill. (WBBM) — Some parents are up in arms over a plan by the Niles Township District 219 school board to cut 10 tenured teaching positions at its two high schools.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, the school board is expected to approve the cuts Monday night.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports

“It’s never easy making reductions,” district Assistant Supt. John Heintz said.

He said the proposal before the board is about more than saving $1 million a year. He says the district is looking to reallocate resources, in order to put more money into basic educational needs such as math, science and reading.

Those in the positions that would be eliminated would come from physical education, and family and consumer science – what once was known as home economics.

“The need to redirect resources toward areas of need, as opposed to areas of, kind of, tradition, is always difficult,” Heintz said.

A parents’ group says with District 219 in good financial shape, there is no reason for teacher cuts at Niles North High School, at 9800 Lawler Ave. in Skokie, and Niles West High School, at 5701 Oakton St. in Skokie.

  • john

    How about letting go a few Assistant Superintendents and their staffs? Would likely save a lot more money and probably make things run way more smoothly.

  • Jim

    10 teachers = $1M savings…you do the math, but that is absurdly high for 9 months of work!

    • sam

      Clearly Jim u are absurd, as teachers should be paid every dime they get and more. Teachers are so unappreciated, have u ever had a teacher impact your life in a positive way… enough said!

    • student

      Jim, obviously you haven’t put to much thought into this, or even bothered to look for any other information. Cutting these jobs also cuts programs, which frees money as well. Not all of the money is coming from salaries. The school board is acting irrationally and unfairly. In the next four years, 35 teachers will be retiring from the district. The same ends could be met without destroying teachers’ livelihoods.

  • Carol

    There is no need to let go of teachers when you can get rid of some administration who have already retired and are back working again in the district. There are other superintendents who make less and have 5 schools to take care of versus the district 219 superintendent who makes a lot more and only has 2 schools to take care of. I don’t understand why teachers are always cut but administration is not. Plus how many assistants do you need for the assistant superintendents??

    • Hamburg resident

      This is happening right now in a suburban school in Western New York. I heard the superintendent got a big fat pay raise and so did other administrative positions. Isn’t it about the kids?? WTH???? It’s so corrupt!

  • Anne

    I think we also need to be concerned that Dist 219 is willing to keep a Strenth and Conditioning person making 75K-80K/ year, I think the dist should look at trimming the FAT before letting the meat go!

  • Student

    How about cutting Dr. Gatta’s position? Our superintendent is the highest paid in he state. Cut some of her over $310,000 yearly salary to make ends meet. Let HER feel the ripple effect and leave the teachers alone. Stop hiring administrators and put the funds back where they belong: in the classrooms!

    • Proud administrator

      This student clearly has there facts wrong…Dr. Gatta is not the highest paid superintendent in the state. like most students these days, they only think they know what they are talking about before they really have the facts. Go the facts before you open your mouth. Go check the salaries of superintendents at Lyons Township, New Trier Township, Stevenson High School and those in CPS.

      Go get the facts and then maybe you can make an accurate statement on here. Most of the statements I have read on here, have been nothing but negative trash and without any knowledge abut what is actually going on.

      • Tax payer

        You are the one who need to check the facts the three mentioned above do make less than Gatta. The former Lyons super did make more but also had 41 years experience. ( which is still to high). Nancy has only 14 years. Does this salary even include her car, cell and MBA that we are also paying for. Or is that extra. The school boards are the ones at fault for approving these incomes. Let’s get real here and start taking ownership for our faults. Sometimes students are smarter than teachers or proud administrators.

      • Proud D219 Teacher

        Wow, this proud administrator doesn’t even know proper spelling and grammar. This shows what type of unintelligent people are leading some of the greatest teachers in country. What type of administrator beats down a student, anyway?

      • peppy

        nice one John

      • infuriated d219 student

        maybe they get paid more because they arent trash administrators who have $110 million dollars saved up but want to save a million dollars …..really ?

  • Tax payer

    There is alot that 219 can do. Lets first STOP building new fieldhouses for non winning teams. Rosengard needs to stop buying these kids things their parents should be providing ie food. There is one position that can be cut. He has plenty of other business he works for. Many schools in this state WASTE money that is not theirs. Let increase book fee and such that way the parents sending their kids will pay more attention to the Childs education. That is what we are talking about providing a great education. You want to cut PE teachers but do we really need a personal trainer for the students in the school?? Oh wait that’s nancys income also. Lets take the time to really find out what is happening in our high schools.

    • student

      ok TAX PAYER when was the last time you checked how well the sports were at niles north as an athlete there it offends me ..they have imroved infact we have 2 wrestlers going to state, our girls gymnastics team is going to state, swimming confrence chams, basketball confrence champs, our cheerlearders were placed top 5 in the state, our dance team a.k.a “vikettes” went to nationals so i dont know waht your saying. and all thoose teachers they’re cutting and the personal trainers ur suggesting to cut they are the ones who got us there and on top of that niles west is also getting really good at sports too

  • BJJ

    tax payers should speak up and vote them out ASAP

  • Anne

    Are any of the board members or Superintendents reading these comments!!!!????

  • Steve

    The students education does not appear to be a priority in Dist 219. This District has become a top heavy business with high paid administrators. .Let trained teachers go but continue to hire at the district level This benefits kids HOW????

  • Elizabeth

    Get rid of the administrators!!! Keep the teachers make them Dept Chairs with a stipend and Yeah, GET RID OF THE SUPERINTENDENT….Let the Tax payers vote instead of the board spending 1 million on head hunters…Let the person come from our District…Really know our students needs…..I could go on…because the Superintendent does nothing for the District except spend money!! Check out the board meeting packets, in the account payable sections…It cracks me up on how many gift cards are purchased…fro whom and for what…???I can’t imagine…They need a public audit…PS…
    I remember when John Heintz was the teacher…Nanciann was a teacher…Do unto others!!!!
    One more thing…STOP hiring your family and fiance Nanciann!!!!!


    I have chosen Niles West High School because the GREATEST TEACHERS are hired there! If you are not an exceptional teacher, you DONOT make tenure!
    The FAT is in the ADMINISTRATORS salaries Not the Teachers, Not the Support Staff, Not the Extracurricular programs and Not the Athletic programs. All these different programs rounds out our childrens education and makes them the BEST! CUT the FAT! NOT THE TEACHERS OR PROGRAMS!!
    PS. The Board and The Superintendent DON’T CARE…it is plain and simple..The District needs SAVE OUR TEACHERS!!!

  • Jim Hankes

    This action by D219 will not play well with trying to get additional funding
    For the District. This proves the superintendent and his/her supporters on the board are on the same page when it comes to priorities. Students be damned, we are only doing this to line our pockets and pad our expense accounts. Next
    Year they’ll probably be holding Board meetings in Hawaii. The s–t is about to hit the fan…..I.e. Can you say Hosni Mubarak?

  • Anne

    Let the school board really know how the tax payers feel by attending the board meeting on Feb 28, 2011 @ 7:45 PM at the District offices 7700 Gross Point Rd. Spread the word!

  • Greg Wells

    Why has the district hired so many new administrators to support the district Assistant Supt? That position was once ran by one person back when there were three schools. This admin staff and the board are not connected with the kids at the school. They look for test scores and saving money so to further careers at other districts. Their have been many friends and family hired at 219 since Neil Codell has left. The numbers of admin have grown and so has the number of students in the district, why would the admin cuts teachers when the enrollment is growing. There was a huge referendum passed not so very long ago so we wouldn’t have cuts of the teachers who work with our kids. We pay the taxes, it is our school district.


    KARMA is a B#$CH NANCIANN!! I am so glad to see you are finally being called under the carpet. You have hired a bunch of goons to work for you many of whom are family friends or close acquaintenances of your hired goons. You released several North administrators from their positions who were good people and great for kids. People who work in the district are completely miserable and afraid to be “wacked” by the 219 mafia. Way to go!!
    If the Board of Education knew how corrupt their organization is at this very moment they would release everyone in the District office!! Shame on them for not being aware of what is happening in their schools.

    • Parent

      I agree with Karma. District 219 has the biggest case of nepotism I have ever seen! Is the current atmosphere of the district one that we want our children exposed to?

  • Oscar

    The admin staff are a bunch of spoiled rich brats that had to earn a living.
    They are way out of touch with the people of this community. Stop advancing your career on the backs of teachers, students, and families of district 219.
    We can do much better. I also agree with the Karma persons comments about firing good admin people last year. Pushed out student friendly educators to hire some more friends.

    • Keith

      Oscar, did you know that this regime of administrators passed a district rule that states: any administrator not living in district may send their children to Niles North or West, without paying the $20,000 it would normally cost an out of district family. We are the taxpayers funding the district… now her friend’s kids get to benefit at no cost???

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