Caught On Tape: Homeowner Exacts Revenge On Snow Shovel Thief

CHICAGO (CBS) — Don’t mess with David Welles. Because it’s his business, he’s got a huge setup of security cameras around his house.

And they caught quite the drama after midnight last Wednesday outside his Humboldt Park residence during the height of the blizzard.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

First, somebody took his snow shovel. In a video that he’s pieced together, you can see a woman out walking her dog outside, checking out her snow-covered car. She quickly grabs a snow shovel off Welles’ front porch, then goes back to her car to shovel it out.

All well and good, Welles says, but then she disappeared with the shovel.

It was payback time.

So, he covered her car in snow with his snow blower. Welles says it was not his intent to harm her vehicle, just make it difficult for her to extricate it.

Nearly 200,000 have viewed the video he posted online. To some, he’s a hero; to others, a villain.

“People are telling me I should have broken her windows or slashed her tires,” Welles told CBS 2’s Mike Parker. “All I did was blow snow on her car.”

“Some people think it’s one of the most heinous things they’ve ever seen,” he said.

On Monday night, the shovel mysteriously returned to Welles’ property. It was found propped against his garage. The thief’s identity is still unknown.

He has a good use for the shovel: Welles wants to dig a snow igloo for his small daughter. That’s why he was so mad in the first place, he told Parker.

  • dp

    I don’t believe in rendering evil for evil but this has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
    I bet she won’t steal another one.

    • nikola

      I bet the ones who are saying that what he did was bad are the ones who would do what that woman did. I bet she lets her dog pooh on peoples lawns and doesn’t clean it up either. I noticed she didn’t have the dog on a leash either. Ha, awesome! That’s the only way people like that learn.
      Plus, she committed trespassing and theft. All he did was redistribute some precipitation! Great video! I give it 5 stars.

      • ryan

        He should have shot the dog

    • Chris Taylor

      his response was not evil. it was HILARIOUS and a “fitting” punishment. many gained pleasure watching it she had to “work” for her crime and no tax dollars were wasted with the police and courts.

      Good job on him for NOT taking a violent response but simply humiliating here and having some fun doing it.

  • foof

    I bet her broom was stolen also.

  • carol mosley

    that snowblower guy is lucky he
    didnt get his @$$ beat !
    da wimp !

    • Fat Head Carl

      She’s lucky she didn’t get her @ss beat for theft.

    • Jenjoe

      Why would his @$$ be beat. Some people would have beat her @$$ if they had seem take their property! Beat her @$$ and kick her darn dog too. He is da wimp and she is a sneaky B—H! In a snow storm you need all your tools!

    • The Just

      Carol, are you implying that it is alright to tresspass on someone’s property and steal a shovel while getting away with it? She broke of couple of laws right there while the owner of the home and shovel broke no law at all… I see no logic in your argument.

      If you could please explain your reasons for your comments, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • April J

      I disagree. That woman is lucky he didn’t run out there and kick HER thieving ass. How do you figure he is a wimp? You are probably a low life thief like her

    • Steve

      Your lucky i dont beat your black ass dumb ass!!!

      • Jay

        Steve, I didn’t agree with Carol either, but…you felt the need to bring race into this, why? You have no right calling anybody dumb when you clearly display signs of immaturity. Grow up.

      • Steve

        Looks like YOU are the one bringing race into it you biggoted Bushlover.

        And by that I don’t mean lover of women

  • Carolyn Godsproperty Tucker


    • alanis morissette

      I don’t think God would approve of you Laughing Your Butt Off at an act revenge.

      You might want to reconsider your life if you want to get to heaven.

      • Dum Dum

        Alanis, if going to heaven means that I will have to spend the rest of eternity with boring people like you, I’d rather go to Hell with Carolyn Tucker.

      • ryan

        hahahahahahahaha!!!!! carolyn tucker

      • jebtrek

        alanis, you might want to reconsider what you believe gets you to heaven. read your Bible and possibly keep comments that are not supported by the Bible to yourself and stop embarrasing your brothers and sisters in Christ.

        minister’s daughter and Christian of 41 years.

    • ike

      Well i think steeling is against the 10 comandments so Blaa if the person was trying to get into heaven for being perfect(if they didnt belive in the whole born into sin fact) then mabe stealing would be a problem for getting into heaven?

  • HeorShe

    Did you notice that she doesn’t leash her dog either? She’s a menace who should be killed.

  • Nancy J

    HeorShe, woa….killed? Yes, she is a thief, and very selfish, but killed???
    It serves her right to have her car buried again, but KILLED?

  • Vicky

    She could have asked to borrow it, or at least returned it after she was done! Beotch!

    • handyman

      I usually return tools after I brake
      them and they don’t work anymore !
      then I laugh !

  • Vicky

    Probably lets her dog take a dump all over the place too.

  • mary

    too funny,hope she gets why her car was buried,but i doubt it,she acts like she’s entitled.

    • D

      If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. I love it.

  • Average Guy

    What happened to turning the other cheek? It was only a shovel. If she returned the shovel then what else could have been the problem? I guess all the ladies and gentlemen left with the covered wagons, huh?

    • Vindictive to a FAULT

      BUT, she did NOT return the shovel – OFF with her HEAD!! Or better yet, she should give him some…

      • Average Guy

        I heard the guy is gay.

    • SpellingIzHawrd

      You realize that in the time covered wagons, this woman would have met with a beating, or the hangman’s noose for stealing a man’s shovel, right? Ah yes, what a time, where men were men and women were objects that had no say or rights..

      Cowboy movies aren’t a good source of historical reference.

    • Gail

      Spelling – I think AG meant that apparently dignified behavior is a thing of the past. I agree. This video points that out beautifully.

    • Geoff

      Average guy, you remind me of my brother in law! Hates confrontation! Wimp!

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  • Steffanie Crossland

    Paybacks are hell!!! I love it.

  • HeorShe

    OK, maybe not ‘killed’ per se, but I’d like to see her severely beaten. That feel better? The inconsiderates and self-centereds are taking over this city. I wish he could have plowed her in from all four sides–I bet she was P.O’d too that someone had the nerve to do that to her. If she would videotape an apology I think I’d feel better. She’s seen the video by now, she knows it’s her.

  • justin

    Well, that was a waste of my time.

    • Average Guy

      I agree. He made himself look so ungentlemanly. If she or, any woman would have stolen my snow shovel the most I would have done is ask when she was gonna return the shovel. If she didn’t I would report the incident and not leave my new shovel outside. This guy needs to have a long conversation with someone about his actions because that was over-the-top.

      • CobraCAO

        Unfortunately he did NOT know who the lady was. His shovel simply disappeared and did not show up within an acceptable time frame. If you saw someone take something of yours, that you do not know, and the item is still missing 18 hours later (My previous post incorrectly stated the start time, should have been 0030), wouldnt you have considered it stolen?

      • average gal

        Oh yeah, so you’re going to wait up till 1 am and talk to some thief who stole your stuff? What planet are you on? Report the incident, what a joke, the cops won’t even take the report. She’s lucky that’s all the guy did. She’s no lady either. She’s got no class stealing a shovel like that. What if she had stolen it from a 88 year old woman instead? So that would be ok with you? She probably does stuff like this all the time and finally got busted for it. Serves her right. What’s next, rights for shoplifters? You’re really living in a dream world guy.

      • cc

        Karma is a beyotch and so is she. She had it coming.

      • kit cat

        well it is Chicago, so depending on the neighborhood, which judgeing by the security footage from the corner or a building is either not a good one or higher end, because not every building now days has cameras attached to it.

  • Tom

    I salute you Mr. Snowthrower! Well done!

  • Want sleep at 1am

    Dunno about his using the snowblower at 1:04AM in a densely populated neighborhood. Simply slashing her tires would’ve been more considerate to his neighbors. Think broadly, people.

    • Anonymous Jerk

      Check the timestamp on the video. The snow blowing was done early evening between 5 PM and 7PM, NOT at 1AM

      • Want sleep at 1am

        Thought I was an idiot and rechecked the time in the upper right corner (visible in the still shot). Still shows early am. Hence my earlier position on slashing tires stands.

    • The Just

      Definetly 5 to 7pm. The movie is eddited over a 24 hour period… you have to look at the time at each individual scene… D’oh!

    • Me

      Nope, definitely snow blowing from 5-7. Check again.

    • want iq at 1am

      dumb dumb dumb

  • Adam Laceky

    In Ukraine, snow blows you!

  • Julie

    Everyone is acting like what the woman did is OK because it was “just a shovel”! I say good for the guy to get back at her!! She deserved it! She went in his gate and just TOOK something that didn’t belong to her! That was wrong! I feel that his payback absolutely fit the situation!!

    • Chris

      darned right. he did the right thing. she was punished appropriately (now he can’t shovel since she stole it) and he used no violence.

      he did not waste the tax payers dime with police and courts over something that flat out does not need to be dealt with via police and the courts.

      better yet he recorded it so WE get a good laugh and she gets rightly humiliated.

      all around a good response and a good result.

      • freddie00

        Average Guy, you’re an idiot, plain and simple. What this guy did was ingenious, nobody was hurt and the ‘lady’ learned a lesson on stealing. You think that because the thief was a female that she should be allowed to steal?? It’s probably because you need some female companionship and a little nooky every so often, and you’re not getting any ! ! ! ROFLMAO

      • Average Guy

        Yeah, he did all that for a $20 shovel what a classy act. A real gentleman would have helped, at least allowed her the use of his shovel. And, if she kept the shove he would have asked her about his shovel and, at most a real gentleman would have filed a complaint. I believe by his actions, he may have lost the support of some of his neighbors whom are ladies.

      • Chris Taylor

        A real lady would have knocked and ASKED excuse me neighbor may I borrow your shovel. OR if he was not home LEFT A GOD DAMNED NOTE saying neighbor I knocked you were not home I borrowed your shovel will return in a few minutes when done. Thank you so much.

        Did she knock? no did she leave a note? no did she return it? NO she did not. not till LATER after her humiliation. (does not count anymore) thats like saying OK I will give it back after the police handcuff you.

        SO not only did she in fact SNEAK onto his property (she even looked around to not be caught) and then QUICKLY run away (again proving the intent was THEFT not BORROW) and then worse THROW IT AWAY (otherwise she would have used it to clean the snow off) PROVING the intent was THEFT and not to BORROW.

        who is the lady or gentleman now?

        I think his response was VERY gentlemanly. I am not sure I would have been so nice. I HOPE I am as creative and civilized when I encounter such a situation.

        He humiliated her. he made her WORK for it.

        I don’t see it as a $20 shovel. consider some working at a diner. they would have to work 5+ HOURS of their LIVES to buy that shovel if they did not get any tips.

        she did not steal a $20 shovel. she potentially MURDERED 5 hours of someones LIFE and worse what if they really NEEDED that shovel.

        what happens if it was stolen from a 60 year old lady and she later DIED because she could not shovel snow.

        but he was not a 60 year old lady he was not poor waiter. SO wait now you have a class system again. its “ok” to steal with a semi well off white man but NOT ok to steal from a 60 year old lady?

        since when was theft ok? under ANY conditions. so because this lazy scofflaw LIVES IN CHICAGO RIGHT OFF THE LAKES did not see fit to buy herself a measly $20 shovel it makes it ok to go STEAL someone elses?

        what REALITY do you people live in?

        he did the RIGHT THING. in fact he was EXTRA RIGHT. EXTRA FAIR. I might have been tempted to cover her car with snow AND call the police.

        THIS was not revenge. this was justice. he enjoyment of it was slightly vengeful the punishment to her was fair and just.

        no court time and taxpayer money wasted and she learned a lesson. maybe next time she will ASK and he being the gentleman will say sure no problem.

  • Chris

    I don’t know what planet your on but when you STEAL from me you lose all access to my gentlemanly side. Don’t like it? TOUGH don’t steal.

    if others would look “down” on me for that attitude then I don’t need to be friends with that kind of people.

    Borrowing is one thing. she kept it and threw it away when done rather than “admit” to taking it by returning it.

    How about a ladylike knock at the door Excuse me neighbor might I borrow your shovel.

    How about that?

    you know what I do when it snows? I take my self powered snow blower and I walk around the ENTIRE neighborhood and blow all the sidewalks.

    I have two good friends next to me who don’t have a snow blower so I blow their driveways for them too.

    They don’t steal from me. they ask.

    you say $20 so its ok if I come over and mug you for $20 right?

    • Average Guy

      That’s great! I commend you for your care for your neighbors. See, too me its $20 less of an argument. At most I would file a complaint about the $20. You see, I pay for things like lawn care and snow removal. What I see a cad acting out, an angry man seeking revenge. And, as far as you mugging me, you would want to try that because I am a true gentleman sir.

      • Chris

        Keep tossing your drivel names around. Letting the person get away with it is not an option. that encourages more of the same.

        Taking the shovel is absolutely no different than taking $20 from you. the difference is irrelevant. your out $20 AND can’t shovel now.

        this was not revenge. this was poetic justice. deserved justice.

        as for mugging you. you missed the point entirely but trust me would not be hard.

        6’4″ 400 pounds and I am very good at wielding my size with speed and finesse.

        the point was you think he should be “ok” with the $20 shovel being taken so YOU should be ok with me taking $20 from you.

        the amount of the theft is not relevant. Theft is Theft.

      • Average Guy


        The bigger you are, the harder you may fall? I’m six foot one ninety. Please don’t think your size would be an advantage.

      • Chris Taylor

        All other factors being equal the heavier combatant will win in almost all cases. simple physics. unless you got some “mad skills” I don’t have or can’t counter you simply would not have much chance.

        I could “fall on you” and squish you.

        is this really the path you have elected to take this conversation?

        outmatched intellectually so you resort to physical threats?

        well wrong person to direct that stuff at man. take your ego elsewhere. I fear fighting. not for my own welfare but for the one I fight. I can take massive damage and pain without stopping or even slowing down. I hate pain but am unusually tolerant of it. you really would not fair well against me.

        you sound about as intelligent as this lady who stole his shovel.

      • Geoff


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  • Joe Strock

    Cut her hands off the thieving women!

  • CC

    What kind of world do we live in that you can’t leave YOUR own shovel on your own property on your step behind your gate? I agree, theft is theft. It makes no difference if it cost $20 or $200! it wasn’t her shovel! So, “Average Guy”, can I come over and “borrow” your car? Be a true gent and just say yes.

    • Average Guy


      • Vicky

        You are so full of it AG; I’ll bet you have brown eyes.

  • Alexander

    The Humbolt Park woman’s actions can be summarized in a few words: utmost arrogance, absence of basic consideration and wanton disregard to other people personal property. Serves her well.

  • Tom

    The woman got exactly what she deserved. She was taught a very valuable lesson, not to take something that does not belong to her. Hope she was made a fool in front of her family and friends.

  • Voice of Reason

    Why is this newsworthy? CBS is irresponsible for airing a story encouraging neighbors to take revenge on each other because of snow. Let me guess- this same man probably has a whole set of lawn furniture in the street holding his parking spot too.

    Big surprise- he found the shovel.

    BTW- What kind of creep has this many cameras on his property? Sounds like he’s a lovely addition to the community.

    • Snowblower Guy

      I thank you for the support. I can’t believe the response the video has gotten. I have quietly been reading the posts all over the web. Chris Taylor I salute you, Thanks for getting the point.

      • Chris Taylor

        btw the news radio playback thing is broken. says file not found.

      • Chris Taylor

        No problem. I like it when people get creative and serve justice sensibly and with flair and without involving the police without need. and of course for recording it for all of us to enjoy :-)

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