Guardian Angels Make Citizens Arrests On Red Line

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Guardian Angels made two citizens arrests early Tuesday morning in Wrigleyville on the Red Line – taking into custody two men now charged with felony robbery.

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As the Red Line was going north, pulling into Addison, Guardian Angels – dressed in their uniform red berets – were patrolling the train.

Their leader Miguel Fuentes says he walked through right after two men had been robbed of a video camera, “I approached two individuals and I’m like, ‘Who’s got the camera?’ One of these individuals had a camera.

“I then took the camera from him, put it in my pocket. He swings at me. So I grab him. I fling him to the other side of the door so he wouldn’t go out the doors when the doors opened,” Fuentes explains. “His other buddy took a swing at me, hit me in the jaw. And I grabbed him.

“Meanwhile, I’m detaining them and the other Guardian Angel comes in from the first car and helps me subdue the individuals,” Fuentes adds they made citizens arrests and held the men until police got there.

Police say the two men are charged with felony counts of robbery.

Charged are 22-year-old Hoyle Marshall of the 9600 block of South Union and 19-year-old Ryan Mitchell of the 900 block of South Langley.

Police say they have a bond court appearance on Wednesday.

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  • TheGreatFrank

    Mike Fuentes is a criminal! He has no right to put his hands on anyone, or detain anyone. He can only call the cops. This is a racial assault on these two youths. He should be charged with a hate crime! I hope that their lawyers sue Fuentes and this violent cult called The Guardian Angels. Fuentes is no cop, but a thug who picks only on those whom he knows cannot defend themselves. How did this thug know who’s camera it was, and why should he have believed those other two. Typical of this violent cult! Plus he got slugged and needed to run to his other cult member for help! Sue these thugs and their violent cult. Got to to find out all the facts on the GA!

    • Lynda

      wheres Bernie Getz when you need him? Thank God for the Guardian Angels. Of course muggers and thieves will complain about them. Just like the creep who gets arrested and hates the cops cause they got caught.
      Rights??? wheres my right to ride the redline without being mugged or worse?

    • MLynnDubya

      You’re not so great Frank! Would it have been better if Fuentes was just a “regular” citizen and not a Guardian Angel? Hence why they call it a citizens arrest. He has every right to do what they did and what I the theives were white, would you call that a hate crime too? GA won’t get sued. Good for them! I wish there were more decent citizens in this city that’d do thesane thing!! Kudos to the Guardian Angels!

    • Nathan

      Your an idiot. You dont need to be the Police to make a citizens arrest hence the word citizens arrest. I dont know anything about the Guardian Angels so I will not comment on them or what they do but there is nothing here that I read that was wrong. If a old lady gets her purse stolen a good samaritan can chase down the offender and hold them until the Police get there. A racial assault????????? I love how people like you continue to bring up race every single time something like this occurs. What does this have to do with race?? NOTHING.

  • Robert

    I agree totally with MLynnDubya

    We need more people like Fuentes to be the eyes and ears of the often missing police.

  • Tim

    Working in law enforcement I am glad to see this so called THUG as Frankie puts it help out the regular citizen.We are understaffed in law enforcement and sadly if the Guardian Angels where not there this person wouldnt of ever saw that video camera again.He has every right to hold the offender down to detain him,nobody said he can use deadly force but to detain someone you can use all means necessary.Yes the so called THUG can press charges for being a victim of Battery as he stated he was hit by the offenders..But Frankie after looking at your website you seem to have alot of hate for these so called THUGS as you put it,now take some of that anger and start directing it at the offenders.Fuentes might be trying to change his life around and you cant tell your life story in this story through the media so its quite possible somebody alerted them for the victim.But as you say the VICTIM was the OFFENDERS.Dont run for office Frankie we already have enough of you there

  • Nick...Chicago

    To: the great frank

  • thegreatfrank

    So typical of this violent cult of dimwits, halfwits, nitwits, losers, lowlifes, sociopathic psychotics, and all around two legged bags of human garbage with a beret! The violent cult of Sliwa has it’s stooges respond on the internet because they don’t dare want anyone to expose this cesspool of fraudsters. These are phony posts put up by Sliwa and his stooges such as Fuentes. Fuentes got punched out and didn’t dare to persue the “felon”. Why? Because all they and the cult assault are elderly drunks on the CTA! In Davenport IA the violent GA cult assaulted a US Army Iraq war vet and are on trial. Is this the kind of two legged garbage that you defend? The GA are the criminals and let’s clean up Chicago and send them back to gutters that they crawled out of! Go to and see the facts on the GA!

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