Chicago Bulls’ guard Kyle Korver is shooting 41.2 percent from three-point range this season. While that’s better than three of those competing in the three-point shootout at the All-Star game, Korver won’t be there.

The shooters who will participate are Boston’s Ray Allen, Cleveland’s Daniel Gibson and Miami’s James Jones, who have better three-point percentages than Korver. And Boston’s Paul Pierce, Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant and Golden State’s Dorell Wright, who have worse three-point percentages than Korver.

“I got asked one other time to do it and turned it down because I was looking forward to the break,” Korver told K.C. Johnson, of the Chicago Tribune, in a recent interview. “I’d obviously love to win it some time. But the older you get, you also enjoy that break.”

Korver, and the rest of the Bulls minus Derrick Rose, will have the chance to rest up over the All-Star weekend which takes place February 19-20.

It’s possible that Korver turned down an invitation to the shootout because in the same interview he said he wasn’t sure if he would participate if he was asked.

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