Report: Bears To Release Chester Taylor

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (CBS) — A published report says the Bears are planning to release backup running back Chester Taylor before next season.

John Mullin of Comcast SportsNet reported that at age 32, Taylor’s arrow is “definitely not pointing up.”

Taylor was signed to a four-year, $12.5 million contract in March 2010, and last season averaged 2.38 yards per carry, which Comcast calls “a dreadful mark.” The Bears have already paid him $7 million, and his base salary for 2011 is expected to be $1.275 million, Comcast reported.

The Bears have not released an official comment on the subject.


    Next up:
    Someone in the general manager’s office is going to
    Eat some pop rocks
    drink a can of cola.

  • bob

    What a incredible waste of $$ and cap space. Pay him up front $7 mil for a 32 yr old player? Does cutting him now after giving him all that money, make sense as he is owed only $1.27 for next year? Angelo does some really stupid things.

  • How

    i agree Bob. makes no sense at all. How about the Bears getting some offensive linemen and then seeing what he does. The only thing I can see is the Vikes wanting him back on the cheap..why help them

  • Ron

    I’m not saying that he’s the next Walter Payton or Matt Suhey for that matter, but with that offensive line being as porous as it was, he was usually hit IMMEDIATELY when receiving the handoff!!

  • pulseczar

    I’m wishing they’d release Jerry Angelo.


      Like a Polaroid shot, we’re starting to see things come into focus.

      The coaching staff falls in love with their practices–in controlled conditions, and on an 80 yard field. If you can guarantee me that you don’t need to practice a 100 yard drill, there is a ton of stock footage from games that says otherwise.

      Collins ran a good practice. I’m sure Taylor looked all right in dress rehersals.
      But, now they say that all the time it took him to digest the Martz offense isn’t worth a cheap backup spot? Adding another moving piece? Oh man,

  • Starts at the Top

    For what you geniuses paid Taylor ($7 million) the Pack paid Clay Matthews, Tramon Williams, James Starks, Desmond Bishop, and Sam Shields this year. 5 impact starters vs. a backup running back. If that stat doesn’t get you fired, nothing will. It’s really simple, even for people in Chicago. Do you win because of, or in spite of your GM. If the answer is the latter, then nothing else really matters until that’s taking care of. Or you can go after Ocho Johnson, Owens, and Burress. That would be awesome.


    Your not a reel Bears fan–oh, wait.

    Your words carry much iron, Starts at the Top. Only one GM big enough to wear the wigwam in this teepee. His name is Kenny, and he’s a gun slinger, but he doesn’t bluff with a pop gun.
    The rest,
    well. . . .

  • Aaron Morris

    First, they need to release Brandon Manawasteamoolah. Taylor is a serviceable backup, and relatively cheap at a little over $1M. I don’t like having to bring in someone else to learn the offense cold. Improve the O-line, and you improve Chester Taylor.

    • CMH

      Well said! The upfront money is already spent. He is more than solid, even though a slightly disappointing year in such a limited role. Run with him for at least next season!


      “ding ding ding ding.”


  • Jake from da Burbs

    I actually dont think we should give up on Chester Taylor. Statistically, he wasn’t very good but towards the end of the season, I felt the Bears used Forte and Taylor rather well together.

    Boy James Starks would have looked awfully good right now but no… Jerry wanted Dan LeFevour. That turned out great!

    Here are some more maybe more deserving folks that can go on the Bear’s Chopping Block:

    Brandon Manumaluena – He was a bigger waste of space than Chester Taylor. He was fat, out of shape and couldn’t even do the one thing we brought him in to do — BLOCK!!

    Tommie Harris
    Josh Bullocks
    Todd Collins
    Marcus Harrison
    Kevin Shaffer
    Hunter Hillenmeyer

    Angelo needs to hit a HR on FA and Draft this year. With him and Ruskell in charge, I’m terribly worried.

  • D.O

    FYI – the reason they paid Taylor the majority of his contract in the 2010 year is because 2010 had no salary cap. So they actually structured it very wisely, to take the major hit during a year with no cap, and the remaining small portions over years that there will most likely be some new cap in place.

    Whether he stays or not? I don’t really care. I’m sure there are easily more RBs out there to replace him with, which may be even cheaper than he is for 2011.

    • Creighton

      D.O the Bears were 6 million below last years payroll which was below below the cap. They never came close to even touching last years cap. They will never be a threat to break a cap number.

      Bears always front load their contracts, it had nothing to do with not having a cap. That’s how they do buisness.

  • Jonathan Collins

    Do not get rid of Chester Taylor! We have witnessed his abilities for years. The Bears have no line. Most of Forte’s big run’s were wide runs or screens. Whenever they used Taylor it was up the middle. If the Bears get rid of him they will regret it. He was not their problem. Focus on the real issues Angelo…Focus!

  • John Hatelak

    Oye! are all Bear fans this ignorant about their team. Taylor is old and washed up. They have Harvey Unga waiting in the wings. You can find RB’s everywhere. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t even extend Forte who can be replaced like all RB’s can be replaced. RB’s take a beating and don’t normally last. Those that do are hall of famers. Than you pay for one.

    Honestly Bears are damned if they do damned if they don’t. idiots are just waiting to pounce on anything. If the Bears don’t spend the money they’re cheap and only care about the bottom line, and if they do spend the money they’re idiots for spending it improperly. This is the right move.

    Lets not discount the fact that this move might’ve contributed to Fortes resurgence. Competition brings out the best in people. The Bears drafted Cedric Benson and Jones turns into a pro bowler. in this case they got the veteran to light the fire under the draftee.

  • Mathew Hamill

    Did the Bears offcially cut him ? No ,,so why are all you people making your judging comments already? He got his upfront money,, he’s owed pennies this year, I really doubt they’re gonna let him go.Besides what are they gonna do, pay another seven million for another back up? And blaiming him for not producing last year, is like blaimimng me for the Chicago fire! What line did he have to block for him? And besides he knows the system already,and he was great for us in the redzone.And cutting him will just spread out the needs the Bears already have.They need to focus on o-line,reciever, and safety help.I don’t think adding another need is the answer.

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