Derrick Rose has led the Chicago Bulls to a 34-16 record through the first 50 games of the season and has them looking like legitimate contenders.

And he’s done it all while the Bulls have been battling injures that have had them go stretches without Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah. With Noah’s return coming after the All-Star break the Bulls will be a full strength, but still have to be wary of one thing.

“My concern for Derrick right now is health,” Mark Spears, an NBA writer for Yahoo!, said on the Jason Goff Show. “I think he’s a lot more banged up than he’s letting on. I know he’s spent a lot of time in the training room and they have to find a way to make sure he’s not the next guy that goes down.”

LISTEN: Mark Spears On The Jason Goff Show

Rose has already fought through ulcers and a bad back this season. And it’s his aggressive playing style that makes Rose so good, but also makes him susceptible to injuries.

So for the Bulls the key to keeping pace in the Eastern Conference is simple. “If Derrick isn’t playing you have no shot,” Spears said.


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