CRESTWOOD, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) — Crestwood residents, many of whom who were part of a class action lawsuit over allegations of contaminated water, are set to receive settlement checks.

But as WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports, some aren’t happy with the dollar figure.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports

A settlement check is based on the number of years a Crestwood resident, who signed onto the class action lawsuit, drank the contaminated water despite warnings from the EPA to avoid doing so.

One man, who has been a resident since 1972, received a check totaling $453, according to the SouthtownStar. He is angry, he says, as are others, because the village settled for a $500,000, and some believe they’ve been shortchanged.

The settlement allows for residents to receive a 20 percent compensation and for businesses to receive 10 percent.

In addition the village has agreed to freeze all sewer, garbage and vehicle sticker fees for two years.

For years, Crestwood supplied villagers with water from a well tainted with carcinogenic vinyl chloride, according to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

The Village of Crestwood in 1986 learned from the state EPA that the water in this community well was the source of that contamination. But it wasn’t shut off until 2007.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued the village in 2009 over the contamination. Many in Crestwood believed the water made them sick or led to their loved ones’ deaths.

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