Former Football Player Charged With Raping Classmate

UPDATED 2/10/11 4:47 p.m.

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. (CBS) – A former west suburban high school football player was charged with sexual assault Wednesday, more than a year after the alleged attack, which occurred on the same day he was involved in a fatal car crash.

Demarco Whitley, 18, who lives on Saint Moritz Drive in Glen, Ellyn was charged with one count of criminal sexual assault, police said. Bond for Whitley was set at $50,000 Wednesday. He is set to appear in court again on March 3 in Rolling Meadows.

As CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports, 15-year-old girl alleged that Whitley and fellow Glenbard West football star Pierre Washington-Steel sexually assaulted her more than a year ago before Washington-Steel and Whitley got into a car crash. Washington-Steel died. Whitley was critically injured.

Rolling Meadows Police Chief David Scanlan said it took this long to bring charges because police needed time to examine physical evidence from the alleged rape.

“We wanted to be thorough and complete and make sure we had a good case and that’s what you have to do when you’re dealing with physical evidence related-type cases,” Scanlan said.

The attack and the car accident happened on Jan. 29, 2010. The victim reported the rape the next day.

The girl told police she had been raped by two young men and she knew one of them from school.

As CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, the assault allegedly took place in the offender’s vehicle, while it was parked behind a church at 2300 Cardinal Dr. in Rolling Meadows.

Prosecutors have said that both young men sexually assaulted the girl inside the car and the tossed a condom from the car when they were done. Police said they discovered that condom when the victim reported the rape.

Investigators soon learned that the two alleged offenders were involved in a car crash about an hour after the attack. Whitley was the passenger in the vehicle and was injured in the crash.

The other suspect was the driver of the car, 17-year-old Pierre Washington-Steel, who was killed in the crash. Washington-Steel was a football teammate of Whitley at Glenbard West.

Physical evidence from the sexual assault was sent to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab on Feb. 11, 2010.

A DNA sample was collected from Whitley on March 4, 2010, after he recovered from his injuries. That sample was sent to the lab on March 9, 2010, for comparison to the recovered evidence.

Rolling Meadows Police received the state crime lab report on February 3, 2011, almost 11 months later. Whitley was arrested five days later.

“What evidence we did have, we submitted to the lab and we stayed with it and monitored it and took action … as quickly as we got the information back from the state lab,” Scanlan said.

Friends of Demarco Whitley had nothing but good things to say about the Glenbard West High football player, now charged with criminal sexual assault, involving a 15-year-old girl.

“He’s not the type of dude, like, the kid to, like, do that,” said his friend Corey Keys.

“They’re nice people. But, they did what they did. I don’t know if they did it, but it’s what it is,” another classmate said.

Whitley’s family declined comment on Thursday.

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  • My thoughts

    another “hornor student” was turning his life around….would have had his GED in nine months….

    • xedge

      no worries im sure he will have a chance to get it in prison

  • mike

    What brings tears to this kids eyes during sex? The MACE!

  • Jerry Horan

    $50,000 bond!! Shouldn’t there be another 0 in that number??

  • Rose

    interesting he clearly knew what he had done and not once admitted it for the past year. Very sad.

  • RD.W.

    Ignorance is idiotic. Especially those hiding behind keyboards. Uncalled for comment; keep it about the report.

  • RTP

    “Very confusing for that school community”. What’s confusing about reckless driving and rape?

  • MM

    after the tears we cried for them when the accident happened, and to find out a year later this is the sickening act they were involved in an hour beforehand?

    KARMA is all i have to say

  • righttrack

    Karma strikes again !!!!

  • boom12

    Why do all of you always side with the girl, she could easily be lying just as much that she was raped, if my mom somehow found out that i had sex as a 15 year old and i wanted to defend myself i’d make up a story too, and ok, yes i agree they may have had sex, but that does not mean they assaulted her, couldn’t there have been consent

    i am not taking sides but why the hell does this whole society always take the defense of the girl, girls lie, a lot. Why do we never ever think they are making things up?

  • K. Ida

    It may happen, but boys lie to- alot. Did you have a point with that statement? Why would she need to make it up in defense of her having consensual sex if all she would of had to do was keep it concealed from her parents? Your logic can only apply in a rare occasion. Are you suggesting she had sex, felt guilty and wrong so she decided to confess, yet make up a tremendous lie to be seen as still innocent in her parents eyes?

    I am not a teenager, I am a 23 year old man. May not be an old timer but I have seen enough to know both sexes lie. It’s foolish to think so shallow.

  • K. Ida

    It could be the case, though I doubt it. The condom was found bad DNA testing done. Seems to be an unfortunate and disgusting rape.

  • MD

    Pretty sickening how someone could do this, and then allow his entire community to selflessly support him after his “accident”. Those people must feel even more angry than the rest of us, considering he accepted their generous support, not even a day after he commited a disgusting felony.
    By the way, when a person is falsely accused, they make an effort to defend themselves. That has not happened here.

  • Ryan

    I honestly think the death penalty should be the consequence of rape. It is truly pathetic and If that happened to my sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend, or even just a good girl friend, I would not want the cops to be involved. How sad is that. Our government and courts have so many loop holes I would just risk my free life to take matters in my own hands.

    • RTP

      Rape should definitely be a punishable by death offense. Too many disgusting rapists, creeps, and not to mention murderers, get a free ride off the government in jail. Tax dollars are paying to keep these sickos alive.

      • MD

        Well that’s what happened to the other one…

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