Arizona-Style Immigration Law Advances In Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) — An Indiana State Senate committee has approved a bill that is intended to bring about an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration in the state.

The Indiana Senate Labor Committee 8-1 Wednesday night to advance the proposal, which opponents attacked as opening the door for legitimizing racial profiling.

The sponsor and author of the bill, state Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel), said much as in Arizona, the bill would require police officers to ask for proof of citizenship and or legal immigration status from anyone they stop for violating any law, assuming there is “reasonable suspicion,” the Evansville Courier Press reported.

Delph told the Labor Committee that “the inability to speak the English language” would be one of the major causes for suspicion, the newspaper reported.

The bill would also allow police officers to arrest anyone they have probable cause to be an illegal immigrant, and requires all prisons to check the legal status of their inmates, the Courier Press reported.

The bill would also require firms that contract with public agencies to check the immigration status of all their employees with the E-Verify system, the newspaper reported.

Sen. Mike Young of (R-Indianapolis) says he supports the measure because legislators have an obligation to uphold the laws that are in place and protect the state’s residents.

But Sen. Karen Tallian of Portage (D-Portage) voted against the bill, saying it goes to “ridiculous lengths” and that it’s a “bazillion lawsuits waiting to happen.”

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, a Republican, also came out against the bill, saying debate over illegal immigration should take place in Congress rather than the states, the Courier Press reported.

The bill now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration of its financial costs.

The controversial law approved last year from Arizona made it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It required local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there were reasonable suspicion to do so.

Opponents said the law would lead to rampant racial profiling and police harassment against legal immigrants and U.S. citizens who look Hispanic. They said it would turn Arizona into a police state.

The passage of the law even led Highland Park High School to cancel a planned trip to Arizona for its girls’ basketball team last year, for fear that members of the team might be harassed by police officers enforcing the law.

Soon after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill, President Barack Obama’s administration stepped in and blocked some of its provisions in federal court. But several other states have filed similar bills.

An Arizona lawmaker has now introduced a bill that would disqualify the children of illegal immigrants from being U.S. citizens, a move that would alter the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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  • Wally

    Every State needs to use Indiana as a role model to protect it’s Legal taxpaying citizens. Every aspect of life in the US has been jeopardized by illegals for decades and a line has to be drawn. Sen Karen Tallian should move to East Chicago since I don’t think she represents her voters views. All persons that do not speak the language well from all over the world will be affected by this so there is no profiling.

    • ana

      i am so proud of being mexican but being a citizen of the united states is an honor and i would never leave this country so people like you that is so ignorant shouldnt even serve and look out for what now is my country too. So next time you want to put comments like this maybe you should do half of the work them aliens do . and then talk all you want people like you are just a disgrace to america . instead of worrying about this situation worry about getting all child molestors , murderers, including mexican and american people that actually harm this country! loser.

    • JENNY


    • jesse

      knowing a second language is not a crime,it is deemed inteligent,and its not an excuse to stop learning things after high school.when somthing new is implemented at work even your hear complaning about change now days no one wants to learn anything new.the crying about press 1 for english etc, they dont care about your birth right they want your money.

    • Yuca

      Your a real idiot and worse of all another racist soon to be cop. This law takes away my amendment rights as a born US citizen because I have a hispanic name. I can see it now me speaking in spanish to my mother after getting pulled over by you and being arrested because (according to the law) I cannot show proof of citizenship (because I dont need to). Just so you know Indiana will loose more then the millions Arizona has lost and keeps loosing.

    • rare bobo

      man if i was an alien i will have all my valuables with me at all time…

      wear body armor and be alert…

      have a copy of my I94 notarized and laminated and a second one in case the first gets tossed away on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere…

      a good explanation of your situation learned by heart and practiced over and over again in front of a mirror…

      don’t carry cash nor have a bank account get valuables that will stay with you like dental, augmentaions or armor…

  • Barb

    It’s about time!

    • christophe twothreetwo

      it’s about time we hit the crossroads of America!

  • gm

    Let Illinois become a safe haven for the illegals and wellfare recipients – let Quinn and Rahm figure out how they will make money when jobs move out and lilegals take over… tax that jack a@@

    • Georgé Garcia

      how about them aliens that have spent a lot of money in Indiana and can’t move till they sell their houses and businesses and belongings… should we help them move out?

      • John mcsky

        of course we will! we will give them shelter, have them visit a cool court and take them on an airplane flight… it’ll be fun… they will never forget it…

  • Roger

    What do people think happens when a US citizen is in another country and violates a law? You get questioned, and have to provide proper papers. Hello, why are so many people upset with the fact that we want illegal immigrants to be held to a standard. Why are so many people wanting to protect illegal immigrants, and allow them to enjoy “our freedoms”? It disgusts me that people feel they should be allowed to do as they please. If you want to be here, apply for citizenship… If this isn’t stopped soon, there will be no proper form of citizenship, therefore, there would be no governing law that prohibits anyone and everyone from living here illegally. At that point, it will be time for me to relocate to another country, and properly apply for citizenship!

    • Jesus Santori

      Mister Roger, you’re right! but what if them aliens where just yesterday in our offices and stores and city halls and dmv’s (bmv’s) and police departement… paying for their properties’ titles, their car titles, their construction permits, their furniture, their police reports, tickets… why didn’t tell them sorry you’re illegal you’re money is no good overhere… Why?!?!?!

  • Terri

    It’s about time, something needs to be done it’s out of control.

    • Terri Torry

      uuuuuhhhh yeah!
      it sounds like ti’s out of control.

  • Mr. Justice

    Well, I am glad to see there are others who are thinking correctly and being proactive. Enough is enough with the illegals. Good for Indiana. I applaud the state of Indiana. The tough immigration laws will never make here in the People’s Republic of Illinois. I am sure if Indiana could, they would allow Illinois to annex Gary. I plan on moving to Indiana within the next two years. Let’s see, cheaper housing costs, lower taxes, and much less entitlement spending going to those on welfare. Yep, Indiana is the place to move. Now if I can just get their weather to be similar to TN or FL, I would move tomorrow. Ha Ha

  • Dan

    What is out of control and absurd is the way Illinois hands out legal taxpayers money to illegals in the form of Link cards and cash assistance as well as free medical care. What is the cost in Illinois for that? How much pressure would be off the unbalanced budget if we halted subsidizing the illegals?

    Either cut them off and throw them out or make them legal so they start paying taxes instead of draining money from the system.

    • Proud to be an American

      I am with you on that. They are sucking our system dry>>>> Illinois needs to get with it and get tough on the illegals..

      • jesse

        sucking our system dry its true but its your state and your goverment that asks fo that money aliens or not it has been here for over 40 years call and have them remove it?? but it wont be just mexicans who lose out other families will be out on the street.cause the state would rather beg for foodstamps then to train americans for good trade jobs.

  • Larry Smith

    Open to everyone who leaves a comment: How has illegals hurt your life DIRECTLY? not a friend or lover or joe public down the road I mean YOU, did they take your actual job? and if so how hard did you fight to keep it? also did you demand to be paid more than them?

    • Roger

      I have not been hurt directly, but I don’t like the fact that someone can live here illegaly and havet he same benefits as me. That is absolutely hanous to think that they deserve the freedom and rights as a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. Why to we have citizenship???? Go apply for citizenship, or get the hell out and quit using our rights, freedoms, and so forth. You don’t think a US citizen would get the same wrap in another country for breaking the rules or violating a law? Cmon, I have not problem with immigrants getting jobs here, and soforth, but at least APPLY and get your citizenship…Don’t take advantage of this great country and slap its CITIZENS.

      • Budcat1

        school and ? Shame on me.

      • Budcat1

        @Jenny Did you know that unemployment among outgoing highscool students,whether entering the workforce full time, or needing work while going to college, is at an all time high.

      • Jenny

        And if you had ever left the country you would know that for the most part we are well received in there Countries. Unlike Us We think that we are better than they
        are . I can understand the one that come over here and break our laws . Other than not having a drivers license because we don’t even give them that chance to get one. They accept jobs that most american wouldn’t dream of doing.

      • Officer in need

        I am a police officer and i can’t wait to be shooting down all of them aliens… I could really use some of the stuff usually aliens have:
        A pick up truck
        A gold chain
        A flat screen
        A playstation
        A big dog
        A watch
        A lawnmower
        A leaf blower
        And I am sure I will run across some rare stuff like maybe an 800mm canon lens… You never know… I can’t wait I am soooo excited :)))))))))))))) Justice for all

      • Drake

        @officer in need
        come find me pig, we’ll see who shoots first

  • roger

    fed. gov. is based on income tax—the legal people work and the gov. gets its tax money— no jobs, no money mr. politician. its pretty basic math, get the american or legal people working and both sides win!!!

  • PR

    amazing to see so many ignorant comments there are supporting this ridiculous attempt to make it a law. Truth is, it’s not illegal people “draining the system”. Your own government has it’s ways to drain it’s own citizens.

    • Budcat1

      You obviously haven’t a clue.What is wrong with filing your request to immigrate here,and just waiting for your turn,like so many other people.If you crossed through the desert to get here or were smuggled in another way,you have achieved the status of RIFF RAFF!The time has come to kick all the illegals out now!!!

      • Jenny

        Budcat1 the unemployment is at an all time high because of bad decisions that the government has made like shipping all those companies out of our country and paying people 7.00 a week to work . Did you also know that we do more import than exporting. I can understand where you are coming from but the unemployment problem is not going to go away by removing illegal immigrants. It has to fixed on a higher level.

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  • James B.

    Now that we’re all here we should definitely close the doors to the rest. Tear down the Statue of Liberty, it came from France anyway.

  • When does the new ipad come out in indiana?

    […] Arizona-Style Immigration Law Advances In Indiana « CBS Chicago […]

  • Elan C.

    I don’t see how any of you are complaining that immigrants get welfare and Link cards and whatnot. The fact is without a valid social security, illegal immigrants can’t get government aid. You’re complaining that they’re taking jobs, well they are taking jobs alright, but it’s the ones that no one wants to do. I don’t see any of your European imported butts working as a hotel maid or washing dishes at 1 o’clock in the morning at a downtown restaurant. They take care of your kids, wash your cars, mow your lawn, clean your windows for not even a fraction of the price that they should be rightfully paid. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure they are the backbone of this country, adding on their hard worked money into the social security system and its a shame they will never see any of that money in their lives. You want to talk about immigration, why don’t you look at your family tree. If you’re not Native American, like I am, like my forefathers were, you should shut up because your ignorance and discrimination is making my “RED” ears bleed.

    • April

      Thank you. It is about time that someone “american” actually spoke up.

    • Budcat1

      Who do you think would do those jobs if the illegals were gone?Think about it.As far as welfare is concerned,all a woman has to do is give birth here and the welfare and foodstamps flow freely.They are also well aware that additional kids result in a raise to ther monthly checks.Maybe that’s why they have so many.My opinion is not based on racism or discrimination.If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck,well……

      • Elan C.

        No one would do those jobs. Think about it. Would you really bust your ass doing a 12 hour shift with no benefits and it pays min. wage? No I didn’t think so. And as far as welfare is really concerned, I know about 10 illegal immigrant families that don’t get a cent from the government. I don’t know about you but that sort of reflects how many actually seek help. Many don’t because they live in fear and in the shadows that one day they’ll get deported because of a traffic stop? The fact is that illegal immigrants aren’t the one’s using up those services. All you guys have this nostalgia for this America that they think was stolen from them, that used to be, that was better– it’s really the 1950s, okay? Y’know what they really don’t get is that it’s kind of insulting to a lot of Americans to pine for this era, cause it wasn’t that good for a lot of people. It was good if you were a white man. It wasn’t that good if you were Mexican, or black, or Jewish, or disabled, or gay, or a woman.

    • Eric hill

      Awesomely said !!!! Thank you !!!!

  • Budcat1

    @Elan C. If employers couldn’t find some fool to bust their ass for minimum wage,they would be forced to pay better.And besides,a young person just out of high school shouldn’t expect to make $20 an hour for an entry level position anyway.I’m now 44 years old and there was no illegal immigration problem as there now is,when I was young.I myself worked one of those low paying jobs when I first started out.It did me alot of good.Unfortunately,too many of these same types of jobs are almost non-existant for someone just out of high school nowadays.

    • Elan C.

      Because the so called “problem” has been blown completely out of proportion by people who have nothing better to do than target innocent bystanders. These are hardworking people, that know the feeling of hard earned paycheck, and I do mean hard earned, not sitting down at an Aldi register ringing up customers. If these so called “fools” as you referred to them would get together, organize themselves and rally peacefully even more than they are today. I can guarantee you, it would be a force to be reckoned with. They are not planning to take over your country, you can keep your country or should I say my country? Our government can go back to harassing smaller countries and seizing power of land that in no living way should “belong” to them, oh wait they already do that. Jobs are out there, if today’s young generation would get out there, get off their ass and stop watching poor excuses of television shows, stop getting drunk focus and concentrate, they could find a job. It may not be a great job, but it’s going to be a lot better than the one an illegal immigrant can get.



    • Officer in neeed

      Yes Jenny… I am an officer of the law. If you’re an alien I will arrest you, strip you naked, give you orange clothes and put you on an airplane heading back to your country with a letter stating clearly that you are a criminal and if you resist I will put you on a terrorist list and jail you with insane criminals they’ll be messing with your head 24/7
      I really want to jail you for life or just kill you but since i get to keep your stuff I will be cool and only deport you. It’s okay you’ll start your life over again just like you’ve done it all the time… But if you complain back in your country I will nuke you. Checkmate!

      • JENNY

        sorry a@@hole all american so your luck out here and you don’t have be an illegal to know when a person is in the wrong. AND YOU ARE JUST A WAIST OF MY TIME SO I WONT BE COMMENTING BACK…..

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    Mexicans or Blacks? WHICH WOULY YOU PREFER?

  • jesse

    your a bum if you cant afford those things get a second job,or ask for a raise its stupid reason to be a racist when you are actually jelalous what others have.I have had cops say stupid remarks like the ones u said to me,and its your wife who gots you on a short one,man up buy a watch 20 dollars at walmart for a timex stop being a loser.

  • sparda

    To the “Police Officer in Need” I don’t think you need a pick up truck because you sound like a redneck anyways so you already have one it just doesn’t run, and as far as getting a lawnmower I’m pretty sure you have a nice stash of duck tape in your garage(shed) so wrap it around the one you have in your front lawn and get to mowing,as far as you being a police officer that is one profession you can only dream of, quit being ignorant an place educated comments and stop with the nonsense


    Well i think no body has the right to discriminate anybody for there race or because of where they come from for any reason most latinos are hard workers and very family united also have to do with lots of there Community in lots of different ways and well i fell its just racist because it should affect more then just the hispanics there is white and black and all sorts of races that are here illegally but the only ones affected will be the hispanic’s but well i guess this what america wants and well there is nothing we can do but fight for what everyone belives is right and well im here for my raza even thought me and my family were all born here and are mexican americans we dont care first we are mexican hispanics latinos how ever you name us but we are united and we will beat this and we will stay here no matter what VIVA LA RAZA

  • unlokosexy

    it’s not illegal’s the problem! blacks get the well fare, government wars on Iraq and Afghanistan!! government letting companies move out of the country because they think they paying to much to illegal’s and some legal citizen’s for the same jobs that other people would do for less, while illegal’s get paid 7 $ in other country that’s what they get paid for the day, other excuse of people, illegal’s make the jobs less paid because no matter how cheap they get payed they will do it, who paid them?? other illegal’s or good citizen’s that want more productivity with less money?? government making more and more bad choice’s!! what what they have to keep citizen’s happy?? blame on illegal’s

    • Jenny

      WELL SAID….

  • Jay

    The unintended consequences of this law is sanctioned racism or racial profiling. Now, if the law stated that everybody would be checked for their legal status, I can see the benefit. Otherwise policemen’s discretion is sanctioned racial.

  • anonymous

    I do believe this law will do some good, I know several people willing to replace some illegals at a certain factory who put a sign on the Mexican border come work for us we will hire you before anyone else and they pay 10.00 an hour and this is fact. I have seen the pictures of the sign and the buses with the company logo on the side. This company should be fined instead immigration comes once a month and they are tipped off half of the employees don’t show up for work or they’re deported wait sixty days come back under a different name and get their job back. While I was working in Human Resources there we had twenty people using the same social when I brought it to corporates attention they threatened to fire me. I say yeah for this bill.

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