There have been some pretty bad contracts in Chicago’s sports history. Alfonso Soriano and Cristobal Huet are examples of a few recent ones. But the worst contract in the history of baseball? Well that goes to Alex Rodriguez in Texas.

Andy MacPhail spent 13 seasons in the Chicago Cubs organization, serving as both the team’s President and CEO and general manager. Now MacPhail earns his money trying to turn around the Baltimore Orioles.

In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, MacPhail discussed the approach to turning around the Orioles and why he’s trying to avoid having a team loaded with bad contracts.

“Alex Rodriguez to Texas was the worst signing in the history of baseball in my view,” MacPhail told the Baltimore Sun. “Why? Because he played as well as you can possibly ask the kid to play. He had great years. And the needle didn’t move at all. … The team didn’t improve. Attendance didn’t go up. But hey, they got the lead story on ESPN. Well, if that’s what motivates you, you’re going down the wrong path. You want to put 35,000 people in the ballpark, win the games. That’s what [fans] are there to see. That’s what the Orioles need — to win some games.”

MacPhail has taken runs at big-time free agents in the past, like Mark Teixeira.

The Orioles’ offseason additions this season include former Cub Derrek Lee and Vladimir Guerrero via free agency. And J.J. Hardy and Mark Reynolds through trades.

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