It should be a pretty quite offseason around Halas Hall. Outside of the NFL draft, there won’t be any major additions or subtractions to the roster. But the status of Lovie Smith’s contract could shake things up.

After leading the Chicago Bears to a NFC North title and the NFC Championship game, Lovie will enter the final year of his contract.

“I’ll tell you what scares me,” Bears analyst Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “Is if we were to take Jerry Angelo at his word, it could be an extension for Lovie Smith. And I think that’s a galactic mistake. I know I hope it doesn’t happen.”

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Lovie is Angelo’s guy and he’s been as loyal to him as Lovie has been to his assistant coaches and players. And after a season that no one expected to be a success turned into coming one win short of the Super Bowl, Angelo seems confident Lovie is the right man for the Bears.

“I thought Jerry was pretty clear about it at his season ending press conference,” Arkush said of Angelo’s desire to extend Lovie’s contract past next season.

So while the sports world will be consumed with the news coming from the NFL and the players union regarding the possibility of a lockout, not much news will come from Halas Hall.

“As far as real news,” Arkush said. “It’s either going to be that something gets done with Lovie, or that they get wise and don’t do anything with Lovie.”

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