Arkush: New Lovie Contract Would Be ‘Galactic Mistake’

It should be a pretty quite offseason around Halas Hall. Outside of the NFL draft, there won’t be any major additions or subtractions to the roster. But the status of Lovie Smith’s contract could shake things up.

After leading the Chicago Bears to a NFC North title and the NFC Championship game, Lovie will enter the final year of his contract.

“I’ll tell you what scares me,” Bears analyst Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “Is if we were to take Jerry Angelo at his word, it could be an extension for Lovie Smith. And I think that’s a galactic mistake. I know I hope it doesn’t happen.”

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Lovie is Angelo’s guy and he’s been as loyal to him as Lovie has been to his assistant coaches and players. And after a season that no one expected to be a success turned into coming one win short of the Super Bowl, Angelo seems confident Lovie is the right man for the Bears.

“I thought Jerry was pretty clear about it at his season ending press conference,” Arkush said of Angelo’s desire to extend Lovie’s contract past next season.

So while the sports world will be consumed with the news coming from the NFL and the players union regarding the possibility of a lockout, not much news will come from Halas Hall.

“As far as real news,” Arkush said. “It’s either going to be that something gets done with Lovie, or that they get wise and don’t do anything with Lovie.”

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  • george

    Lovie doesn’t need to be rewarded for just getting the team into the playoffs. If he got the Bears into the Super Bowl again, well, yeah.

  • bigtime sucker

    angelo goes beyond 2 years in that extension i will agree with hub, but given the economic culture that could happen, it might make more sense to get WHATEVER you can out of an aging defense, and draft for the future on that side of the ball which Lovie Covets. i say, don’t say or do anything until the CBA is situated. that includes coaches. EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON THAT CBA

    • mike

      You nkidding me did anyone see the play calling and time out calling …it was a joke OK give him a Raise and extension in his contract… lovie might as well be a NHL referee NOT accountable to anyone and completely clueless.

      • bigtime sucker

        this isn’t that simple. first of all, no CBA means no OTA’s no minicamps and probably no training camps or limited training camps. so firing him now makes no sense. no cba means you are hard up for player personell decisions. you don’t know what decisions to make or how to make them. so let’s say you dump lovie, bring in a hot OC to be the HC, who then hires a 3-4 style DC or a 4-3 one gap DC. that means you have to overhaul your entire lineup. you will have to dish out guarenteed money to people who are still owed it and you have to find new players to match your new scheme. you have no time to impliment your new scheme or to teach it and you don’t have an abundance of draft picks a la the patriots to build for the future. so now what do you do? it’s too hard. I say find out whent he bulk of your roster either has no more guarenteed money coming or when their ceiling will be the lowest, extend lovie to that point and trade off what you can for draft picks. you may have to suffer through NFL hell but at least your balance sheet is strong so rebuilding isn’t a painful mulling through the levels of buffalo and cleveland and these guys have shown enough to catch lightening in a bottle under lovie, so you never know. i am not advocating that i think lovie will take us to the superbowl, but i am advocating that given all the unknowns, extending lovie SHORT TERM might be the best thing for the SHORT TERM until management get’s their sea legs underneath whatever the new CBA will be

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    bts, you make an excellent case for the short-term move…management stability.

  • Dan Rakow

    Beside Praying for the NFL to play in 2011 CBA or No CBA also I’m praying that the Chicago Bears have another Winning Season especially with the NFC North is expected to be a tough divison with Packers coming off Super Bowl 45 victory and have an excelent future ahead,Detroit Lions will be huge surprise and despite Quarterback Questions Minnesota Vikings you can not rule out.

  • b diddy

    Based on Angelo’s history, what would lead us to believe that a galactic mistake WON’T be made? As a lifelong Bear fan, it is difficult to look north and see an orginization so well run at all levels. Any other team would’ve waved bye-bye to Angelo and Smith two years ago.

    I am hopeful, but realistic about the Bears future – and I fear that it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    • pulseczar

      I fear that as long as Angelo is pulling strings it’s not gonna be pretty.

      You’re right- in almost any other team Angelo, and in many cases Smith, would have been long gone.

      I just get the feeling that Halas Hall is like the Twilight Zone of management accountability.

  • pulseczar

    I’ve become a broken record on these articles.

    Angelo has no right being gainfully employed as an NFL GM. Fix that problem and I bet Lovie becomes a better coach.

    Not that I particularly want Lovie to stay or go.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      You nailed it pulseczar…JA’s ineptitude with the draft is THE problem.

      • Dave1138

        It’s in the first two rounds is where he doesn’t draft well. He’s great in the later rounds.

  • Marvin the Mavin

    I have thought for a few years that both Angelo and Lovie should be axed. Neither really seems to get it what ever “:it” happens to be. I do not understand why the urgency to reward either for what they might do.

  • cbailey

    Remember what happened the last time Lovie got an extension. The Bears only made the playoffs once. If I was the GM I would have to say to Lovie do it again before you are rewarded. Also next year he probable won’t see a bunch of 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks like he did this year. Anybody can look good that way.

  • bigtime sucker

    can’t worry about the past, you have what you have and unfortunatly the finances are what they are, there is always more to look at than what you see. SHOULD HAVE lovie and angelo have been dismissed after 08 based on PERFORMANCE? yeah but that would mean that sweaty teddy would have paid a premium on the fired coach, a premium on the fired GM, a probabable discount on a new coach and most likely a discount on a new GM. if they fired Lovie and Jerry, do you think that the sweatster would have hired a good young GM? I say no on the good part and yes on the young part. and the coach? most likely a josh mcdaniels type coach to be sure. would have a new gm and a new coach done the cutler deal? NO. we were slated for 21st pick that year, is that the pick you want to start your rebuilding year with? NO. so it’s not that easy, not when you look at the big picture!!! NOT EASY AT ALL

  • bigtime sucker

    in other words, the bears are stuck with what they have because they didn’t prepare for this problem that was looming in over the horizon. THERE ISN’T A BETTER ALTERNATIVE given the climate the NFL is currently in.

  • Jabari

    In the past 26 years, what other coach took us to a Super Bowl as well as one game short of another (in a year that was expected to be horrible)???

  • big D

    As management goes, whether it be management of a hot dog stand or a professional football team, making big changes is an admission of failure. LOL.

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