With the NHL’s trade deadline approaching, it’s the time of the season when unrealistic trade rumors get thrown around. And earlier this week both Patrick Kane and Brent Seabrook were mentioned in trade rumors.

“Those players are a huge part of what we’re doing here,” Chicago Blackhawks’ general manager Stan Bowman said on the Danny Mac Show when asked about the rumors involving two of his best players.

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“And I don’t think it makes any sense to make, I guess what you could term them, a lateral move,” Bowman said. “Where you trade a really good player and then you get another guy back who makes the same amount of money.”

While Seabrook’s name was only rumored as a player who the Blackhawks were thinking of trading, Kane had his name attached to a specific trade. It was rumored that the Blackhawks were looking to send Kane to the Buffalo Sabres for star goalie Ryan Miller. However, both of these trades are laughable at best. Kane and Seabrook are part of the team’s core, and Bowman has made it clear that he wants to keep his core players.

“We just went through the ultimate test last year, of your will, by winning the Cup,”Bowman said. “We know what those guys have inside them. So you stick with the guys you know and try to build around them.”

Both Kane and Seabrook were drafted by and brought to the NHL by the Blackhawks. And for that reason the organization knows them a lot better than they know other players from around the league. If the Blackhawks are going to compete for a Stanley Cup this season and in seasons to come, they’ll be able to do with Kane and Seabrook, not by trading them.

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