Lawmaker: Put Ads On License Plates For Revenue

CHICAGO (CBS) — An Illinois lawmaker is hoping to raise the state’s revenues by selling advertising on license plates.

As CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reports, state Sen. John Mulroe (D-Chicago) has proposed a bill to allow for sponsorships on license plates. The drivers would buy the plates at a discount, and the sponsors would make up the difference.

The proposal would discount $99 license plates to $84, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Mulroe says the plan would raise revenue without raising taxes.

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As it is, Illinois already has numerous specialty and special event license plates, showcasing everything from universities to the Blackhawks and Cubs. They are made by a Decatur-based company that hires disabled workers, the Tribune reported.

Possible deals for naming rights and advertising have been discussed in many unexpected places recently.

Back in November, the Chicago Transit Authority announced plans to issue a request for proposals for companies issued in naming rights. These could include rapid stations, bus lines or ‘L’ lines, or even the agency’s name or logo.

Rumors had circulated that the North/Clybourn Red Line subway station would reopen with “Apple” in its name, after Apple Inc. financed a public-private partnership to refurbish the station. Backlit Apple advertising and signage are now found all around the newly-reopened station, but it is still called North/Clybourn as of now.

But Apple has reportedly expressed interest in renaming the station the “Apple Red Line Stop” after investing almost $4 million in the renovation.

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  • HeorShe

    This is a GREAT idea. Let’s sell ad space on vehicle stickers too.

  • Vote them OUT!

    OH whatta know it was propsed by a Democrat! Doesn’t that violate the Illinois Vehicle Code. Wouldn’t that technically be a license plate obstruction and distraction?

    As long as the business community does not buy into this garbage then it will never pass.

    I have an idea: let’s put the state prison back in charge of making license plates instead of Canada! Thank you ROD BLAGO for that cluster.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I would have to think most people would be in favor of this considering they keep voting for these tax, fee and spend liberals!

    • Berni Strunz

      ridiculous ….keep 1.5 Billion (Egypt military aid) here and stop exploiting the PRIVILiDGE of Driving …fines are OUTRAGEOUS as it is …headlight out = $ 150.00 fine ….DUHH corruption …who is paying this $$ puppet to SPONSOR this OBVIOUS CHITT ?

    • Berni Strunz

      MAKE DRIVING A RIGHT 1st …as a PRIVI …it is the most EXPLOITED BIZ in the USA…

      • Eric Roberts

        Amen to that Bernie. Driving may have been a privilege back in the 30’s and 40’s when this was devised and the only people who drove were rich people, but society and our culture has made driving a necessity. I am not sure it should be a right, but we definitely need to move away from it being a the basis of law and legal decisions about driving.

  • Democrats are a Waste of Tax payers money!

    See the bubbling around the numbers in the license plate picture above. That’s because we outsourced our regular license plates to Canada. Under Madigan and Blago!

    I thought the Democrats were for the working guy? Nope. Let’s bring all the plate production back to Illinois and put IL back to work!

    • Berni Strunz

      Keep Dreaming ….why are you supporting every ILLEGITeMATE Child ? and then elect one as PRESIDENT ??

  • FR

    Sell swear word plates for a high price. F— for $ 10,000 etc.

  • Dems are GOOD

    I thought the Democrats were for the working guy? they are, they were trying to save money……what a numb,,,,

    repubs = the rich and big biz – dont care about environment or middle class

    dems = middle class, pro-environment , farmers

    guess only time will tell but obama’s plan will work in long run, how the F is he suppose to turn this country around in 2 yrs …….

  • Bob

    IL oh wow what a surprise. Every other tag I see from IL is some kinda of personalized plate. Not sure when the state went crazy with your personalized plates, but this will fit right in. Ive been wanting to change my FL tag to ILL SUX. bahahhahahha

  • George

    I am glad John Mulroe understands the purpose of license plates. For for a registered identification for every vehicle in on the roads. With all the stupid plates out there already, how many people can report to the police the correct state when providing a license number. Who vote this idiot into office.

    • Berni Strunz

      duhh some AD agency GREASED this monkey 100k to sponsor this CHITT ..MORONS live in the USA …and Pay for Payed TV Programs …DUHH

  • George Beach

    I swear to GOD that if an ad is placed on my license plate I will cover it up! IM NOT A DAMN BILLBOARD AND WILL NOT BE ONE FOR ANY ADVERTISERS!

    • Berni Strunz

      terrorist you will be arrested and Jailed for 90 years !!

  • cr

    that is not a discount.. we are the ones drivng the add around we should get paid to advertise not the state. If they want companies to advertise on state plates then we should get them for free

    • Berni Strunz

      the ONLY thing you get FREE is EXPLOITATION by YOUR government

  • mattgordonmd

    Is Illinois trying to out-crazy Mississippi in proposing the most idiotic ideas for license plates?

  • chops

    Last time I bought a new vehicle, it was getting ‘prep’d’ in the service bay and I witnessed a young man walking towards my new truck with a dealer logo and was peeling the backing off of it…I quickly hollared and said “HOLD UP!” then told my salesman that unless the dealership was going to take $100/month OFF my new monthly payment–DO NOT be putting that on the back of my truck!! My salesman actually said he would have to ask management. I stopped him and told him we both know that isn’t happening–just like putting that on the back of my truck!!! Then, they wanted to put a license plate holder on there with their name on it and I put my foot down one last time and said “Don’t ya get it? NO ADVERTISING!!!” Dam str8! Truck’s paid for now, still runs/looks like new and never once did I advertise the dealer!!

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