Police: Masked Man Repeatedly Shoots Teen Dead On South Side

CHICAGO (STMW) – A 19-year-old man was killed by a masked man who shot him in a Gresham neighborhood gangway Friday morning, then stood over his body and kept on shooting, police said.

Family members say Everett Burnett was on his way to Larry’s Barber College at 103rd and Halsted streets when he got a call from someone he knew, telling him to meet at 88th Street and Hermitage Avenue.

He obliged and was met by someone who shot him in the back and in the head in a gangway, his grandmother Mildred Burnett said Friday night.

Police said he was shot about 10:55 a.m. in the 8800 block of South Hermitage Avenue when a man shot him as he walked in a gangway between homes.

He collapsed after being shot once, but the gunman, who was wearing a black ski mask and black jacket, stood over him and fired more shots, police said.

He was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he died, Mildred Burnett said. She was told about the death by a neighborhood friend.

Burnett, 19, of 8723 S. Winchester Ave., was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center at 3:10 p.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

She went to the hospital only to be met by doctors who told her there was nothing they could do for him.

Mildred Burnett said her grandson was not in a gang and said a “friend’ had called him to the address where he was shot. She said “gangbangers” were known in the area he was shot.

Everett Burnett was a recent graduate of Harlan High School and was going to classes to become a barber, his grandmother said.

He was a kid that always laughed, Mildred Burnett said. “He liked to laugh at everything and he loved basketball.”

Police said no one was in custody Friday night. Calumet Area detectives are investigating and a motive was not yet clear.

  • Rickey

    It is a shame that the church will not step and do what is right. The church suppose to “take up the cross and follow Jesus. But churches are allowing satin to run rampant on this earth. So many people are demon process with demons, devils and evil spirits. They need help. God is waiting on the church.

    In the black community people that do evil things as describe above is a devilish person that is being led by satin according to my bible. This type of behavior goes on far too long and the church has been too quiet. Jesus was not a punk.

    God bless this wicked person that done this madness. God bless the black community, because from all the wickedness that you have sowed you are reaping your harvest. But keep sowing death and you keep reaping death. The mind can be the devil playground if you allow it to be.

    Get yourself save! Repent! Come to Jesus. Love thy Lord thy God, with all your mind, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your heart. Then love thy neighbor as thy self. Start there first. Then find a good church that teaches the bible. God bless.

    • Joe

      Rickey you are so right ! Look at all the disasters happening around the world —He is coming soon and everyone should be repenting now and should be praying to Him instead of worrying about material wealth….Joe

    • Rob131

      1) You mean Satan, not satin.

      2) Why did “God” let this happen? Why didn’t “God” give the shooter a flat tire? or strike him down with a llightning bolt? or some other form of divine intervention??

      3) If EVERYTHING is “God’s” will, shouldn’t you accept everything–death, pain, poverty, crime, infant mortality, disease??

  • Koi

    Ricky, first of all God does not bless the wicked. Secondly, It is not up to the church. Where are the people who are suppose to influence these young black men from an early age, ie parents, relatives, community, etc? They have no respect for their own parents by now, so why would they respect the church? It should starts early at home! Train up a child in the way that he should go! Until people start being accountable as parents, this will continue. Now we live at a time in the black community where if you, a neighbor, teacher, etc say something to someone’s misbehaving child, you’re liable to get cussed out by the child first and then the parent! Also, just telling someone to repent and get saved isn’t likely to grabbed their attention. Teaching people with compassion and understanding about the benefits of coming to Christ and his love and being non judgemental will. Charity begins at home, and when parents in the black community start instilling right from wrong, teaching kids about God, his desires for their lives, taking them to church regularly, and being accountable about their kid’s whereabouts and activities, then you will see some change. The church can then help from there when there is at least respect for God!

  • D

    Who is this Satin? Is he the focus of some sort of textile worshiping cult?

  • My thoughts

    ahhh…the weather is warming up and the “hood rats” are sneaking back outside…

    • HerChiKiss

      Keep “your thoughts” to yourself. Reply to an article like this when it’s your mother, father, brother, sister, or friend! will you give a damn about a “hood rat” then? Incensitive FOOL!

    • Average Guy

      Hood rat! What is a hood rat?

    • Barack

      My thoughts of you are that you are between 45 and 65 years old. Your children don’t communicate with you anymore because you were abusive. Your wife left you for the neighbor lady’s husband, which lefts you alone to spew your hatred for other races. That’s my thoughts of you.

  • Jesse Jackson

    it is because of the whites ,
    and , not enough taxpayer money
    given to the black community !
    oh yea , I’m stupid !

  • Renee

    Rest In Peace Honey. I Know Your In A Better Place. I Know The True You. You Didn’t Deserve Leave So Soon, But I’m Sure Your Happy Love You

  • Eyes

    Omg it really ain’t hit me brotha I just wanted u to kno I love

  • Nicholas W. Kriho

    “Repeatedly Shoots Teen Dead”?

    HOW MANY TIMES can you kill someone?

  • Christopher Chaney

    I am incensed by the act and I hope that there are people in action to break this cycle of violence. That Rev. Jackson vows not to step foot out of Chicago until there is peace, that his son the Congressman resigns his post to take to the streets as an activist (Politicians leave office because of scandals how about hometown atrocities?), that Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose open recreational centers all over the South Side, that Rahm Emanuel comes to office with answers and not politics as usual and that the People realize their Power that together they can change the face of their city block by block. I pray that Chicago gets “up with HOPE” and new leaders emerge and old leaders walk the walk. Peace & Blessings!

  • -Wifey Of Everett-

    All I kno is I want my baby bck
    Its a shame how they just took his life
    And took him away frm me his family nd
    Luved ones he will truely be missed.!!

    • R.I.P. LIL E.

      So true he was one of my best friends

  • Teacher

    I find that people’s comments on articles like this always miss the point of the story. I am a high school teacher and Everett was a former student of mine. This is the not the first time a former student of mine has been shot and killed. People want to joke and call the victim a “hood rat”. Well he wasn’t a “hood rat” he was an real life person with good qualities and bad qualities. Right now there are a lot of family and friends grieving so please hold back your insincere or sarcastic comments. Seeing a black male age 18-25 getting shot and killed on the south side of Chicago is an unfortunately all too common news article, and this is not the first time for me that a former student of mine has been shot and killed. but right now it pains me inside that the last time I saw Everett was at his high school graduation where he was full of potential with the world at his feet.
    R.I.P. Everett.
    You left us too early

  • HerChiKiss

    What ever happened to facing the man you have issues with & fighting it out to live another day? YOU ARE A COWARD! ANY man who picks up a gun to kill another man because he knows he’ll get his ass whipped is a COWARD! To the COWARD that took my baby… a real MAN who has an issue with another MAN would never hide his face from that MAN. There will be no rest or peace in life or death for you. This is not a threat, but a promise! God will deal with you in his way, and in due season. I find peace in knowing that JUDGEMENT will come to you!

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