McHenry Teen Dies In Wisc. Snowmobiling Accident

JUNEAU COUNTY, Wisc. (CBS) — A 17-year-old McHenry girl has died in a snowmobiling accident in Wisconsin, authorities said.

Mallori Papp died Friday of blunt force injuries to her chest, the Juneau County, Wisc. coroner’s office said.  About 5 p.m., officers received a report of a snowmobile accident on a snowmobile trail near the town of Hustler, the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department said in a release. 

Papp, whom police say had been operating the snowmobile, was pronounced dead at Hess Memorial Hospital.

Hustler is in central Wisconsin, about 100 miles northwest of Madison.

Papp had graduated early from Johnsburg High School in the far northwest Chicago suburbs. Principal Kevin Shelton said the school will have counselors and social workers available next week for the teen’s peers to help them cope with the loss.

“She was a very positive presence at Johnsburg High School,” Shelton said of Papp. “She was an incredibly nice young woman. She’s truly going to be missed.”

An investigation continues, Juneau County Sheriff Brent Oleson said in the release.

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  • Rich

    Are you kidding me, a young girl just died and you have the audacity to make an arrogant comment like this!! Not only did she loose her life her parents lost their daughter! the most precious gift a human can receive! Obliviously you are either some DUMB ASS who has no children, or should you have children, god help them with a father like you! I grew up with her father and he is going through the most horrifying pain imaginable now. Take some advise from a “Stupid Illinois Person” lay low for a while, there are many Illinois fathers that will be more than happy to take the pain Mike feels now and pass it on to YOU!!

  • Mary

    Hey Jim
    She was a very responsible loving girl who had a tragic accident. Her family is devastated! If you can’t be smart when leaving your comments then keep your dumb ass off the computer.

  • Chris

    What does this have to do with anything related to this story???

    She died in a tragic accident, she was 17 years old, a family friend of ours
    Would you like it if i posted a comment about the weather and how it sucks outside on an article about your death, whether its tragic or natural

    Learn to be respectful

    How does retiring in IL cause the death of someone???

    P.S. You can walk down a street in Illinois and not get shot at
    That’s the worst stereotype i have ever heard from someone

  • Frosty

    Poor kid, so sad she had to die so young, condolences to the family.

  • Vanessa Scalia

    What the hell does this have to do with the story?

  • Vanessa Scalia

    Poor girl. I feel for her family. My condolences.

  • Jean

    If you’d led to a statement advocating cross-country skiing or snowshoeing instead of snowmobiling, your Comment might have been relevant to the story of a tragic death. But you didn’t.

  • woody

    johnny boy, wake up, she was doing something she loved, and died with a smile on her face, she could have been a crack head a drunk, selling her body or worse. negative people like you need to mind your own damn business. So i guess if you get killed in a car accident tomorrow everyone should avoid the state you live in, LOSER Mind your own damn business, and if you dont have something nice to say, then you should have listened to your elders and kept you mouth shut.

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    […] McHenry Teen Dies In Wisc. Snowmobiling Accident JUNEAU COUNTY, Wisc. (CBS) — A 17-year-old McHenry girl has died in a snowmobiling accident in Wisconsin, authorities […] […]

  • Darcy

    Please stay on point. A young life was tragically lost. It has nothing at all to do with IL or anything or anyone else. People crave attention and lower themselves behind the anonymity of a computer. To the person or persons posting negative comments, Remember this….If you were to lay down and die tonight, your name won’t be in tomorrow’s newspapers, hardly anyone knows you, very few people will morn you, lastly no one will say a prayer over your grave. Grow up Kid. Yes I called you a kid because you are a coward. Your appendage must be small because you talk as if you have a hell of a lot to prove.

  • leahs

    So sorry that such a horrible accident happened. God is with you always and he will be their for you . God Bless.

  • mikeytoad

    Especially to those of you that knew this young lady, I can tell you that the GREAT majority of the people share your grief In this matter. WHY a person would write such a HEARTLESS comment Is simply amazing to me. I live up here near this area, and this tragedy has been on my mind the entire weekend.

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    Lotta people getting trolled in here… dont feed the troll people…

  • mikeytoad

    I was resplonding to DEBBIE’S comment. I am lucky and didn’t see the other one.

  • Christy Johnson

    I ride the trails around Hustler often as I enjoy the sport and live in the area. It breaks my heart that this has happened. I will always remember Mallori when I’m on the Omaha Trail, especially when I have my children with me who are now riding their own sleds behind me. Please know that there are people in Hustler and the surrounding areas that care and share in your grief of this tragedy. Our sympathies to the family of this young girl.

  • Tanya

    this was a very sad story i feel bad that this has happened. one of my friends was at the site! just wish they could have got to her in time!

  • John Buckmaster

    This was an awful tragedy. I can’t imagine what her parents are feeling, and my heart goes out to them. But it was a teenager-driving-a-machine tragedy, far too common, sickenly so. I have 2 children, both now adults, and there is no way I would have let them drive snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles at the age of 17. It is well established that teenagers have missing brain ingredients which make them unable to properly evaluate risk, and the longer you can keep them away from high-speed machines of any kind, the greater their chance of survival.

  • sue

    i am from the area and do a little snowmobiling myself although new to the sport a tragic accident has taken place and the loss of a dearly loved one has occured. my condolenses go out to the family. i will cherish the moments on the trails and maybe not even ride again after hearing of this event i may chose not to get on one again. there are so many factors that play the role in the part of events that had taken place that day.
    i was speaking with a family friend whom had come upon the scene just minutes after it had happened . he has rode sled for many years his comment was that the sled had hit some soft snow and sent her off the trail were she had lost control in time to bring the machine back onto the trail before the collision. os unless you are well aware of the situation and the tragedies that could happen i would try not to speak much of the situation at all .
    once again my thoughts and prayer out to the family.

  • Brenda

    i didn’t know mallori but i work with her mom maureen we would always talk about our girl’s as if they were our own she sounded like a great young lady who had alot going for her even though i didn’t know mallori i am glad i knew of her having my friend lose her daughter and seeing what her family is going through i feel like i lost a family member myself when you work with someone as long as we have our familys become one no one or no matter where your’efrom should have to go through this just remember no matter how bad the pain is now there is always a smile waiting for you once you have healed once you see it you can then start living again yourself

  • kendrah

    That was my best friends sister. She was sooo awesome and very smart with a good head on her shoulders. I dont understand why the good die young. I guess we will never know till that day comes for us. Atleast she died doing something she loved doing so very much. Mallori you will never be forgotten. You were there when i got engaged and i will never forget that day. Too bed you couldnt be there for my wedding. Luv u and miss you. Try and help your family get through this tough time. LUV YA YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!

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