Pharmacist Shoots Armed Robber In North Suburbs

WAUCONDA, Ill. (STMW) – A north suburban pharmacist shot a knife-wielding man who attempted to rob the store of drugs Monday afternoon in Wauconda, police said.

Police responded at 1:49 p.m. to a 911 call of a robbery in progress at the Wauconda Pharmacy at 222 S. Main St. in Wauconda and found a male lying near the front entrance with a gunshot wound to the side, according to a Wauconda police release.

Guy Michael Contl, 31, of unidentified addresses in Indiana and Arkansas, entered the store armed with a large knife wearing a ski mask, forced his way into the pharmacists work area and demanded a large quantity of drugs, the release said.

After being given the drugs, a pharmacist and technician confronted Contl and overpowered him, the release said. The pharmacist ordered Contl to surrender, but he broke free and made a threatening advance toward the employees, the release said.

The pharmacist then fired more than one round and struck Contl with one large-caliber bullet, the release said. The pharmacist lawfully owns the weapon, is a registered gun owner and is allowed to have it in the store.

Several employees and two customers were in the store, but nobody else was injured, the release said.

Contl was taken taken to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville with life-threatening injuries, the release said. An update on his condition was not immediately available Monday night as he remained in surgery.

Police believe he is familiar with the Wauconda area and may have friends nearby.

Police have completed preliminary interviews and are reviewing a videotape that captured the incident, the release said.

  • robert

    I guess the guy wanted to try to rob a guy with a white shirt on and lost.

  • Spike

    BRAVO, Responsible gun ownership at work !!!

  • Mathew Hamill

    That is why Chicago should lift the handgun ban! The crooks are armed, but we can’t be? They would think twice before running into a store to rob it knowing there is a gun toting person behind the counter. And all that garbage about criminals having more access to handguns if they where legal.. doesn’t seem to me that there is any kind of shortage of guns on the streets of Chicago.

  • owen

    the city of chicago.rassed there price so law abideing people can’t own them . it cost me 25.00 in 2010. now it’s over 500.00. with school and other things it adds up. i have registered for over 40 years. vietnam vet. now i have to learn how to shoot.

  • Ray

    A gun finally saved some ones life, A law abiding citizen

  • Bill T.

    Someone please forward this story to Daley.

  • lets hope he dies...

    bullet int he side ? what about the one he should have got between the eyes after he suffered being shot in both feet and knees …..oh sorry, i was dreaming,….. kill him NOW !

  • Jerry

    Guns DO save lives…………good guys lives.

  • Dave

    The pharmacist could have saved everyone a lot of trouble by pumping a few more rounds in… Dead men don’t sue…

  • Guns and Jesus

    Yuck it up gun-lovers. For every story like this, there’ are many more instances every day of gun ownership gone awry. This gun saved a life. Many other guns take them. Put that up your teabagger pipe and smoke it.

  • Real Chicagoan

    Who are all these teabaggers commenting on stories from Chicago? I doubt they even live in Chicago.
    It must be nice not to see the effects of gun violence in your life on a daily basis as my family does on the west side.
    Why don’t you go to your quaint suburban newspaper website and comment on the controveries of the new Art and Crafts shop opening nearby, and leave the comments of urban life to people who truly live in an urban setting. For Pete’s sake, take your gun and go shoot a deer or something and leave us alone.

    • Wauconda resident

      For your info, this happened in ‘a quaint suburban village’ NOT Chicago. So why don’t you shut your mouth and engage your brain.

  • Let's Get Real Y'all

    Right on Guns and Jesus and Real Chicagoan. Nobody wants to take away people’s guns (and this story illustrates why we shouldn’t). But this shouldn’t be used as a manifesto to take away any measure of gun control we have in the city. That’s where these teabaggers cross the line.
    Kudos to the store owner for defending yourself.

  • Wauconda resident

    BTW, who authorized that Rambo picture that heads this story? Is it meant to incite people? Why not an actual picture of the store involved. That is obviously not the pharmacist involved and I find it repulsive.

    • Joe

      Rambo picture?? Hahaha looks like a skinny white guy showing the proper way to aim a handgun.

    • Bill T.

      Repulsive?That’s the business end of a pistol.That is what every robber, homie, or other creepo should see when approaching someone to victimize them.I think it’s awsome!!!

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