City: No More Dibs On Parking

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’re still using an old folding chair or some empty crates to save the parking spot you dug out during last week’s blizzard, get rid of it soon, or the city will.

City officials said Tuesday that in three days, they’ll start taking away the junk that people have left on city streets to call “dibs” on parking spaces they cleared out during the storm.

“While the historic blizzard did present challenges for Chicago residents, we also know that nearly two weeks after the storm’s end, routines have resumed to normal for most of us,” Department of Streets and Sanitation officials said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

“The warmer temperatures over the last several days have helped to melt and reduce snow volume, and those above-freezing temperatures are projected to continue throughout the week. Given this extended period of warmer weather, we are asking residents who have placed items in the street to save parking spaces to please begin removing those items — as snow melts, these remaining items add clutter to the public way.

Officials said garbage truck crews will focus on completing trash pickup for the rest of the week and expect to be back on track by Friday. At that point, they’ll also begin clearing away “any remaining debris from the streets” — in other words, the junk that people have set out in order to save parking spots.

It has been a long-standing tradition in Chicago that many motorists who have to park on the streets call “dibs” on parking spaces after a snowstorm by putting down old furniture, empty crates, buckets or other items after digging out a space.

Sometimes, if someone swoops in and “steals” a parking spot that someone else has “called dibs” on, fights can break out or the “violator” will later return to find his or her car vandalized or covered in snow and ice.

The “dibs” practice is illegal in Chicago, but city officials long have allowed drivers to call “dibs” on parking after heavy snow while crews focused on plowing streets and getting back on schedule with garbage pickup when it is interrupted by a blizzard.

  • Nicholas Newgarden

    Someone please use Rahm to save your space. In three days, he could be gone!

    • Gordana Milinovich Leprich

      Were well said!!!!!

    • Citizen

      Didn’t your mother teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all ?

  • Mike Fangman

    To the people whining about “dibs”, shovel out your own damn spot.

    • D

      The problem is…Its not your spot , never was and never will be

    • ChiMan

      I did and you are more than welcome to park in it. You can’t dibs a spot all day because you shoveled it out and want out back. You want to keep your spot, leave a car in it.

      • Jack

        Bravo. People don’t own these spots. Sounds like a bunch of whining spoiled brats to me.

  • Tre

    Dibs are fine, but just because you shoveled out a spot 2 weeks ago and the snow is almost all melted, does not mean you own the spot. Hence, DIBS ARE DONE!… until the next big snow.

  • Dave

    I agree with Tre, there’s a jerk who dibbed a spot around the corner from his house and he still is putting out chairs & buckets. Funny thing is, there’s no snow anymore. So guess what? Tomorrow morning on my way to work I’m going to do a little spring cleaning and get rid of all his debris. Hey I’m just being a good neighbor, right?

  • MM

    Dibs are NOT fine. These are PUBLIC streets and PUBLIC parking, not PRIVATE spots. People that calls dibs on spots are complete frickin idiots. If you don’t want to lose your “spot” on the street, then don’t move your car! Morons.

  • V

    MM, I agree with you entirely. You hit the nail on the head! Why dont you run for alnderman/mayor?

  • Mac

    The only whiners about dibs are those people that are too lazy to dig out the front of their own house. When the only entrance to your garage is an alley that doesn’t get plowed for a week and you spend three hours digging out your cars in front of your house, your not about to let some slug pull out of a snow drift and pull into the spot you cleared out in front of your house as soon as you leave. If its a PUBLIC street MM, then the PUBLIC should clear it out right away. If I have to do it, its mine until the rest of the street is cleared.

    • ChiMan

      You want to keep your spot? Leave your car in it. You can’t call dibs all day while you are at work just because you are too lazy to park in another spot.

  • me

    don’t they say this every ear???

  • TheChicagoWay

    Take my hard earned parking place you lazy a$$ and your tires will be flat when I return

    • Bill T.

      Fair is fair.If you didn’t shovel it, then don’t park there.

    • SpellingIzHawrd

      Go for it, you’re probably too dumb to realize that the person knows where to find your car after you damage theirs. Flatten my tires, and I’ll pour 3 gallons of diesel in your tank. Enjoy the repair bill!

  • No Dibs

    […] behind us, and 50-degree temperatures are in the forecast today and tomorrow, city officials say it’s time to take the dibs down. If your dinette set and milk cartons aren’t gone by Friday, garbage crews will start […]

  • Michael M.

    Sure, fair is fair.

    Also, facts are facts.

    And both state that as a resource that is paid for by taxes, streets are a public good. It is ILLEGAL to claim public goods for private practices, not just unfair.

    The optimal situation is for the city to have a no parking after a 3 inch snowfall ordinances, like those of neighboring cities and suburbs.

    • Wow, really?

      The cities where we are routinely have parking bans at night when snowfall is expected and you can park in the covered city garages for free. If you leave your car out during a parking ban you’ll pay a $100 fine and have to find where it’s been towed to and pay to get it out of impound. No petty “dibs” arguments and all the streets are cleaned regularly. I would expect at least that much for a northern city that size.

    • Frank

      OK, so currently you can’t park on main streets when it snows. You’re saying extend this to ALL city streets when it snows? So 5 million Chicago residents just put their cars somewhere outside city limits, and walk back to their home, then walk back out to the suburbs to retrieve their vehicle, every time we get 3 inches of snow? Most of us don’t have garages. I don’t see how this plan would work. The city doesn’t provide us with parking garages, certainly not enough for all of our cars.

  • davids

    byrne needs to go … how in hell can we have someone as incompetant as him at s and s , he doesn’t get to suspend the law for 2 weeks … fire him

  • Gordana Milinovich Leprich

    dibs are the way to go when you work hard to shovel a space out. but now that it has melted dibs are done till the next time. plain and simple. MM you are a idiot! Let me see how you would feel if you spent hours digging your car out and then when you get back someone else is in the spot. Oh you would be ok with that? I don’t think so. This is Chicago my friend learn the basic rules in order to survive here and if you do not like it then leave!

  • shellydoo

    Dibs are absurd. People are not shoveling out “parking spaces” like Gordana is saying,they are digging out their cars, (presumably because they want to drive somewhere). Once the car is out and gone, it’s not your space any more. If you want to keep the parking space, keep your car parked in it. There is no logic or legality to assuming private ownership of a part of a public city street because you used a shovel on it two weeks or two days ago. Not just claiming ownership but marking it with debris. These streets with all this furniture and barrels and cinder blocks look like what you see along the street during a scheduled bulky waste pickup If you don’t want to dig your car out of a snowstorm, find a parking garage to park in.

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