Miguel Del Valle On His Bid For Mayor

With only a week until Election Day, we wanted to hear from the candidates for mayor in person. So we’ve invited the four frontrunners to come into the CBS 2 studio to answer some questions.

Miguel del Valle was the first candidate to enter the race and he was the first candidate to sit down with CBS 2’s Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson. They asked him about the latest poll numbers, his standing as the self-declared “poorest candidate” in the race and a number of other issues.

Former U.S. Senator and ambassador Carol Moseley Braun will join the CBS 2 News at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

  • Wallace Gator Bradley

    I hope they ask Rahm to explain what he mean when he say he will use tiff money to pay for police, know full well that if he did, he could only pay their salires for 1 year, what about the year after? Ask him what did he mean when he ask Blago to appont someone who would hold his Congressional seat for 2yrs till he come back to Chicago and run for the seat again, so that he become speaker of the House, that’s what’s on the Dec.2008 tape.

  • C.R. Bradley

    I’m sure Mr. Del Valle would be a decent Chicago mayor, but there’s no comparing what he can get done for the city to what Rahm Emmanuel will be able to do. Imagine being able to pick up the phone and call the President of the United States when you need some strings pulled…especially with Chicago being President Obama’s home town. This is a golden opportunity for the city of Chicago with Rahm as president!

  • Isoruku

    Levine says that “Gary Chico is literally flooding the airwaves” with ads. Literally? How does he do that? With a big hose?

  • Shane Truax

    At least he doesn’t get donations from Fox Network employees in California totaling 1/2 a million dollars!!!!

    Saban, Cheryl
    Occupation: Writer / Producer
    Employer: Self-Employed10960 Wilshire Boulevard
    22ns Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90024 $100,000.00
    Saban, Haim
    Occupation: CEO
    Employer: Fox Family Network10960 Wilshire Boulevard
    22nd Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90024 $300,000.00
    Saban, Haim
    Occupation: CEO
    Employer: Fox Family Network10960 Wilshire Boulevard
    22nd Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90024 $100,000.00

  • Shane Truax

    These are all for Rahm Emanual’s war chest from one family!!!

  • MAP

    I thought Mr. Del Valle had the most passion and honesty.
    I don’t think he has the >where with all >to get the job done at this time.
    Keep up the effort. You are gaining the publics eye.

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