Poll Shows Emanuel With 58 Percent Support

UPDATED 02/15/11 11:43 a.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — One week before Chicago’s mayoral election, a new poll suggests there will be a clear and easy winner next Tuesday.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, the poll is the fourth and last of the campaign, by the Illinois Retail Merchants Association. This time, those surveyed were not permitted to choose “undecided” as an option.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports

With over 2,200 likely voters polled, the survey finds Rahm Emanuel in the lead with 58 percent support – enough that he could conceivably avoid a runoff.

Gery Chico is a distant second with 24 percent, and Miguel Del Valle follows with 10 percent. Carol Moseley Braun is in fourth place with just 6 percent support.

Braun had placed second behind Emanuel in several past polls.

If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote, a runoff election between the top two finishers will be held in April.

Despite being the frontrunner, Emanuel is leaving nothing to chance as the campaign wraps up.

On Tuesday morning, he kicked off what his campaign is calling “50 Wards in 50 Hours.” His campaign says he will be out shaking hands just about nonstop Tuesday and Wednesday.

Emanuel started at the Loyola Red Line stop in the 49th Ward.

And this week, the four front-running candidates will join Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson on the CBS 2 News at Six. Tonight (Tuesday), Bill and Walter will pose their questions to Miguel Del Valle.

  • amenra

    Because of the variables these polls are not even close to being correct…Rham will go down in history as the worst samplings since the polling of Harold Washington…

  • She be on craaaaaack!

    It would be nice to have some finality. Carol Moseley Braun can then crawl back into her hole.

  • Maggie

    More lying pollsters. Did anyone hear that the Rahm tax does not add up. Do we want a mayor candidate proposing false things? Reporters are FINALLY reporting the lies and false numbers! Yeah! We need a runoff. Runoff! Runoff! Runoff!

    • Taxpayer 2

      You are right Maggie. The pollsters were not right. More lying pollsters. Rahm tax does not add up. We know that Chicago is in bad shape number one. We can not have a learning on the job mayor.

      We need a mayor that knows how to resolve issues and fix them. Gery Chico has the experience as we have seen over and over again.

      Blagojevich wants 100 excerpts played. Rahm and the president might be too busy going on trail.

  • brett

    How come the US Chamber of Commerce’s attempt to sabotage unions and political opponents story is not being covered?

  • Sara

    Rahm’s math on his tax savings is way off- is this the kind of calculations we want on the city budget? And who do they poll, anyway?

  • SICK OF MEDIA.. really....

    WBBM.. FOX all MEDIA CHANNELS where are you getting your numbers… answer Sara question who are you polling????
    NO ONE IN CHICAGO likes rahm… STOP HYPING him!

    HEY MEDIA !!! just state the facts!!! that is what voters what to hear, not who you think is winning …..whats the news for???? just say news, there is ALOT OF VIOLENCE out there REPORT that…… i have stop watching fox because of robin robinson debate…., I will stop hearing WBBM (ALL DAY) if the media doesnt stop POLLING HIM.. DONT WANT TO HEAR about HIM anymore!!!

    • Taxpayer 2

      You right on target. The media is only doing there job so they won’t get fired. The media is scare of losing their jobs to state the facts.

      One of satin pillars is the media. So don’t be so surprise of what you are hearing from the media. It is about spiritual warfare in high places.

      We all know that Chicago is in bad shape number one. And we should understand too that we can not have a learning on the job mayor. We need a mayor like Gery Chico that knows how to resolve issues and fix them. Gery Chico is for all the people. Not just satin children.

      Blagojevich want 100 excerpts played. We probably learned what role Rahm and the president played in this nonsense of being true.

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  • Bill T.

    Looks like Rahm has it in the bag.At least we’re getting someone with a brain.

  • unknown

    he does not get my vote. i’d also like to know who they are polling?

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  • Nightrider

    I have lived in Chicago for 50 years and know all about those candidates that are running. I think Rahm Emanuel is the only one that makes common sense and tells you how he is going to do something. The other candidates, what is their platform and Chico is spending his money criticizing Emanuel instead of telling us what or how he is going to change Chicago for the better. The unions of Chicago are going to let one commercial where Rahm just uses the phrase “Public Servants” change their mind about Emanuel. I am shocked. I work for a company where I get paid by those who pay a monthly premium, so I am their Public Servant and that does not bother me. Also, Chicago has many employees that are non union as he never singled any group out. So Voters wake up and vote the one that speaks with the most common sense and has a plan.

  • James

    All Chico and the Man can come up with are negative ads aimed at Emanuel. That is what desperate and feeble-minded people do. He might get a couple of Mexicans to vote for him if he promises to get green cards for their relatives. Chico and the Man is BAD for Chicago.

    • Michelle Allende

      You just can’t handle the fact that Rahm Emanuel is going to be our next mayor! Chico so busy worrying about Rahm instead of focusing on what he going to do for us Chicagoan, Just because Rahm lived in the suburbs Chico doesn’t mean he dosen’t know the problems that Chicago has, i get it….. you’ll go to any level to try to win save it, it’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel….Maybe next time Chico, Braun, De Valle, and the rest of them

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