Behind The Scenes Of The Rahm Campaign

CHICAGO (CBS 2) – He’s on the phone, reading the paper and being briefed by staff members about the next stop.

Rahm Emanuel asks, “Jordan’s beauty supply, 8th ward, then 7th ward, when do I eat?

Well, not for awhile. Keeping up with Rahm Emanuel isn’t easy.

CBS 2’s Jay Levine watched as he made 13 stops Wednesday morning, crisscrossing through the city.

When a Rahm fan offered good luck and a special prayer, Emanuel replied, “Do me a favor, drop me out, and put a prayer for kids of Chicago.”

The warming reception softens the bad news that the influential Chicago Defender, whose endorsement he coveted, has announced its support for Carol Mosely Braun.

His spirits are lifted when he visits the charter school of one of his youngest volunteers. In 11-year-old Dejuan Brown’s classroom, the message was simple.

“When you’re going to school, you think about studies, not safety,” Emanuel said.

The students remind him that his own children are a thousand miles away and so does their magic marker messages on the glass wall of his headquarters cubicle.

On his desk, in front of the picture of his wife, his son’s homework, that he’s just checked.

“He did well. He didn’t do as well as he’s supposed to do. So we’re going to have a conversation about it,” Emanuel revealed.

Each morning, he crisscrosses the sprawling state street complex with a paid staff of 40 and teams dealing with everything from new media to politics to policy.

“We already have two things we’re going to unveil this week, one of them dealing with food deserts,” Emanuel said.

On the south side this morning, he brightened up when he spotted Walgreens test-marketing fresh fruit and vegetables. And as we walked to the next stop he talked about using the mayor’s job to correct a major problem.

“You can not have 600,000 people not have access to fresh food and vegetables.”

  • BobB

    Awesome puff piece! Thanks Jay Levine. Guess we’re in for a round of Meet the new “Daddy” mayor, same as the old “Daddy” Mayor.

  • Chuck_Y

    I don’t trust Rahm with his ties to Freddie Mac (320k) and lobbyist income (+$8.5 million); it smells corrupt to me. Chico is the only candidate with the proven experience to improve the budget situation.

    • jesse jr.

      Chico,a insider,part of DALEY’S CRONIES.

  • Sara

    I don’t trust his math – no way people are going to save $200 a year on taxes – try about $25, If he can’t calculate that correctly, how will he deal with the city budget? And, we all know, once he gets in, it’s business as usual and we’ll never get rid of him. He’s another Daley, except his grammar is better..

    • Chuck_Y

      I agree, Rahm’s math does not add up on the savings. In addition, it disproportionately advantages the rich who purchase more.

      His selective taxation plan’s vagueness can lead to corruption, as kickbacks could occur in order to avoid taxation. The Rahm tax decreases disposable income to Chicagoans and benefits large businesses with tax loop-hole opportunities.

  • shane

    I agree with all of you about his math…but doesn’t the guy look sinister in his pictures. I mean does he really look this way at people?? I’m sorry if I sound a bit paranoid but this guy reminds me of some of the dealers in my neighborhood growing up…creepy!!

  • Bob Hamilton

    Chicago is very lucky to have Rahm Emanuel as Mayor. It is amazing that 40% of the people have not figured that out yet. Many of those are people who will be losing their fake disability claims and do nothing jobs and many are just racist Obama haters, but that still leaves a lot of people who are just not too smart. Rahm will be a great Mayor of Chicago.

    • Chicago

      Rahm Emanuel was voted the second MOST CORRUPT politician in
      Washington DC by

      Rahm talks about what he did for Chicago under Clinton 11 years ago.

      Ask Rahm what he did for Chicago / Chicagoans under the Obama administration.

      Answer : 0 – Zip – Nada – Nothing

    • shane

      You know something you are one of those easily led types who politicians love. You have a Mayor who will not even tell you how much money he holds in an account only known as a Slosh Fund but you’re told to go after the other guys..and you do. FYI the amount of fraud nationwide cannot begin to amount to what is held by big city mayors all over this country who refuse to even discuss it with the citizenry. I worked for years in the public sector and it was less than 10% of 1% of the amount distributed. You are just doing what you are told, good boy. Sit, now Play Dead!!!

      • Mr. Justice

        TO Chicago and Shane, Good job! I believe we are like minded on a few issues.

  • correctional citizen

    How about stopping food stamps that build up in prisoners link cards when the property tax dollars are feeding them when they are in cook county jail ,when they get out they have lots of food stamps too trade for guns and drugs (the guy in the white shirt)

    • shane

      How about retrieving all that ‘Slosh money’ that is going to mysteriously disappear with Daley and use it for the City instead of his friends vacations and spa trips!! Close to $160 million last count!!

  • Shane Truax

    In 2008, 17 of Rahm’s top 20 campaign committee contributors (ranked by aggregate per organization or business) were in the financial services industry: that is, banks, options traders, private equity management companies, hedge funds, etc.

    (In case it seems like this is probably typical of politicians, just for comparison, of IL Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s top 20 contributors, none were in the financial services industry.)

  • moishe

    gonniff gonniff gonniff

  • Nightrider

    Do your research on Chico and you will see he is not the candidate as he claims to be. Wake up Chicago otherwise you will be just like Detriot. Braun forget her.

  • Mr. Justice

    Yes, Jay Levine is a major Kiss Up to Rahm.
    Both men have a major lack of integrity.
    Levine is the one who threatened another reporter who had the guts to ask Rahm some difficult questions.
    Levine isn’t a journalist, he’s a lackey.

  • Spotlight

    Say what you want about Carol, but she was the only candidate that even mentioned anything about the measly 3% of city contracts being awarded to minorities in last nights televised forum. I believe both her and de Valle are really serious about developing the neighborhoods. Don’t forget how African Americans got a piece of the pie when the late Mayor Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young took charge in Atlanta.

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