New Red Light Cameras In DuPage County?

WHEATON, Ill. (WBBM) — DuPage County Board members are considering new plans for red light cameras.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s John Hultman reports, County Board members aren’t exactly head-over-heels about the idea of using cameras to ticket motorist caught disobeying traffic signals.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s John Hultman reports

Nevertheless, the Daily Herald reports the board’s transportation committee will start talking about a policy for the cameras in about two weeks.

One idea would allow cameras only at intersections where at least five crashes occur a year.

Some board members insist the motivation is not to collect revenues.

If the policy is adopted, each location will be reviewed and approved by the county.


    more ATM’s …who’s going to keep sending money to these thiefs out of state, just hire traffic cops for the corners…

  • Joe

    These things are revenue machines and that’s it!

  • I hear ya

    Agreed. Red Speed is paid 60%, and local municipalities are paid 40% for all revenues. It’s a shme. Want to cut down on accidents? How about increasing the yellow light for a few more seconds? Lights like this typically go after cars that make right turns on red without coming to a complete stop. 9 times out of ten, these are the offenders. I also love how they threaten you with suspending your licenses when it is actually a civil matter. Also, you have no due process -registered owner gets the ticket. Now, it;s death, taxes, and red light volations.

  • common sense

    The cameras may be a revenue maker, but if all of you whiners don’t want a ticket OBEY THE LAW. If everyone did what they were supposed to, no revenue would be made and they would shut them off as a failed idea!!! If a person is a habitual traffic law breaker, BYE BYE license.


    lets put a camera in the mayors office so we can see what he does all day …after all he IS suppose to work for US…and every other Taxpayer lackie put a camrea on them to ensure we are getting a days pay, maybe we can even see some money trade hands…

  • Mr. Justice

    I agree that we should obey the law. However, it is not about obeying the law, it is about More Big Brother. That is exactly what it is all about. Everyone better wake up and tell the government to stay out of our lives. If you think these cameras and gun control, and other things are fine, you have already submitted yourself and your civil rights to the government.

  • ted

    If the cameras were used only on intersections where the accident rate is high and if they would not ticket right on red unless the driver did not make an attempt to stop or slow significantly, I would be all for them. People who badly push going through a red light cause serious accidents and injury. Why should innocent people pay the price for jerks who are so impatient they cannot stop for a red light.

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