If Albert Pujols makes his way to the open waters of free agency, the Chicago Cubs are expected to be one of the teams making a run at him. But just what kind of financial value would Pujols have for the Cubs. 

The reports are that Pujols is seeking a contract in the 10-year $300 million range.

The Cubs sold roughly 92% of their available tickets last season, one of their lowest percentages since 2001. On the field Pujols might be invaluable. But in terms of a team’s finances, could the slugger be asking for more than he’s worth?

“If you have an 8% growth to hit 100% [attendance] of Wrigley Field, and lets attribute that all to Albert Pujols,” Darren Rovell, of CNBC, said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “By the time you get through that, maybe he gets you into the playoffs, he’s responsible for five or six wins by himself, or whatever it is, you probably get to $20 million, but there’s no additional $10 million in there. That’s why some of the initial reports out there suggest that the Cardinals might have offered him as low as $21 million a year, and that wouldn’t shock me.”

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While it’s possible that team’s might not be able to recoup all of the money they spend on Pujols, his salary might get driven up in a bidding war between teams looking to inject some life into their franchise. And the Cubs could one of those teams at the forefront of the bidding war.

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