Daley Blasts Chico Supporter For ‘Emanuel Judas’ Comment

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Mayor Daley injected himself into Chicago’s mayoral campaign today with an angry denunciation of a comment about Rahm Emanuel by one of Gery Chico’s supporters.

Jim Sweeney, head of of Operating Engineers Local 150, was endorsing Chico Tuesday night at a labor rally when he called Emanuel a “Wall Street Judas.” Sweeney was getting ready to introduce Chico and was talking about the financial problems facing the city when he made the remark.

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“We don’t need to be told that there’s an economic problem, we live it every day,” Sweeney said. “Rahm Emanuel doesn’t live it, he’s nothing but a Wall Street Judas [with] a bag of silver that he collected when he went and passed NAFTA. That’s exactly what he is.”

WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger reports the mayor grew irate at an unrelated news conference on Thursday and said the remark was clearly anti-Semitic.

“Yes I do,” Daley said. “Definitely. Yes.

“My brother [Bill] was on Wall Street, they didn’t condemn him, did they?”

Daley said it was slur against all Jews who have given so much to the city.

Daley then made a reference to the work of his wife’s oncologist, Dr. Steven Rosen, who is Jewish.

“A wonderful doctor,” he said. “Am I embarrassed because he’s Jewish? Is this what we’ve come to?”

Maggie Daley has been battling cancer for years.

Daley said the statement lowers the level of the campaign. He called on Chico, Daley’s former chief of staff, to repudiate it.

“Run on the issues,” the mayor said. “Not on [ethnic or religious origins] of anyone. Do not take that point. That lowers the campaign for the city of Chicago. It’s a disgrace.”

Chico said Sweeney could have chosen his words more carefully, but he fired back at Daley during his own appearance.

“Mayor Daley knows better about me. Mayor Daley was at my daughter’s bat mitzvah,” Chico told reporters. “He knows where I come from, and I think rather than kindle a fire here in a situation, he ought to try to bring a measured response.”

Sweeney denied his comment had anything to do with Emanuel’s religion.

“When I referred to a Judas, that’s no different than a Benedict Arnold or any of the great traitors in history who traded on the people that believed in them,” Sweeney said .

  • Marlin Jones

    Bill isn’t running for office and Bill wasn’t there when the thieving was going on.

    • JC

      I did not see anything wrong with the statement. As a Catholic, the term “you’re a Judas” is often used! Now, if he were to call him a Shylock, that would be different.

      • reality check

        ok, time for a reality check: how can you put the words “rahm” “judas” and “a bag of silver” all in one sentence and not call it anti-semitic? for anyone to insist that it’s not anti-semitic is just insulting.

      • Thomas Patrick

        I changed my candidate today in early voting after learning of the comment. Too well do I remember Council Wars in our city. There are two levels of meaning in the comment. The first is that it was politically incorrect, if not mean spirited; and the second is that unrelective comments should not be a part of any level of the process. The point of this election is to build community, not to attack others or be negligent in remembering the suffering of others, now and in previous generations. Regarding the inclusion of Catholic practice is moot given that the two most recent popes have publicly asked forgiveness from our ancestors, the Jews. The hope of our city is to build community, not to forge walls.

  • no longer liking chico

    yep, definitely NOT voting for chico now. no way. if chico had acknowledged it was an anti-semitic remark, like daley did, and disassociated his campaign from the supporter, i would’ve considered voting for him. but not now. nope.

  • EE

    I believe he was just saying that Emanuel sold us out. How are we to get the point but to show a examlple.

    • JC

      Exactly! Let’s focus on the real issues rather than name calling which the media LOVES to exploit!

  • jim

    Oh Dadadadaley…you’re the pot calling the kettle black. Now go away and retire with your millions after leaving the city broke. You’re a joke!

    • Shane Truax

      yeah and take your little dawg, Rahm, with you!!!

  • Sue

    Sweeney says that his dictionary defines “Judas” simply as a traitor. My dictionary defines “Judas” as the desciple who betrayed Jesus. That premise has been the basis for centuries of anti-semitism, and anyone who doesn’t know that must be living in a cave. Shame on them.

    • Gloria

      I agree with Sue. I don’t think there’s any mystery to this. It was an anti-semitic statement. Chico’s inept for not calling Sweeney out on this.

    • Shane Truax

      Don’t be so shallow…they were all Jews so at the time it was a traitor….and it would only point out to the Christians ,again, that they worship a Jew.

  • A mom

    I’m a Catholic too – and this man knew exactly the implications he made when making these comments. To say it wasn’t meant that way is just as insulting to my intelligence as his comments were to Rahm’s heritage.
    And for those Chico supporters saying, stick to the issues: I guess this is what Chico’s campagin resorts to when it can’t adress real issues, but has to resort to name-calling. I don’t want someone leading and representing the great City of Chicago who isn’t intelligent or sensitive enough to recognize how offensive this comment is…go Rahm!

    • Philip J. Wayne

      A mom….I’m with you…you said it better than I. Thanks.

  • moishe

    WHINE! WHINE! WHINE! Rahm IS a JUDAS! And all of this “I’m offended” B.S. is exactly what it is ….B.S. RAHM IS A GONNIFF! OKAY??? Judas was a TRAITOR a COWARDLY ONE at that! Whether you believe Jesus was the Son of God or not JUDAS BETRAYED CHRIST FOR THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER. The act of a TRAITOR. Rahm is a TRAITOR to the working man so spare me the KVETCHING!! No one’s impressed. Does cheese come with the whine?

    • Shane Truax

      thanks for that!! Rahm is a traitor and needs to leave this city alone and not try to annex it for his Fox friends in California. That’s right Mr. R I found your 1/2 Million dollar donation from Fox Network you lying cheat!!

  • Zarathrusta

    Wasn’t Judas a priest?

  • Philip J. Wayne

    It was certainly anti Semitic…….there is no question about it…..Chico’s campaign for Mayor ended a week early last Tuesday because of it. It is too late to apologize which he won’t do anyway since he is nothing but a low life Thug. In five days the majority will be celebrating a landslide for our next Mayor, Emmanuel.

  • Shane Truax

    Daley needs to keep his corrupt fat little fingers out of the further politics of Chicago…as it is he owes this city too much money to be doing anything but finding a hiding place…crooks need to be in jail not in charge!!!

  • Shane Truax

    The comment was legit, Rahm is a traitor….Judas…whatever you want as the Catholics say which Mr. Chico is so it’s fair words. And truthful!!! Kick him out of the city….let him claim some other place to take over for his friends…Leave Chicago for Chicagoians!!!!!

  • Sue

    If the unions are searching for a traitor, they need look no furrther than Gery Chico. I love the way he brags about balancing the CPS budget and “turning a financial deficit into cash in the bank” when he was president of Chicago Public Schools from 1995 to 2001. 1995, 1995…….hmmmmmmm…… ..wasn’t that the year Chicago Public Schools stopped paying the money they owed into the Chicago Teachers’ Pension fund? So, that’s llike having lots and lots of money to spend because you stopped paying your mortgage. It kinda works. Until the bank forcloses. That’s why the pensions are underfunded. Any union member needs to think long and hard before they cast a vote for Gery Chico. Stop listening to demagogues. And do your homework. Look what he did to the Teachers’ Union.

  • Smooth

    Like it or not Rahm will be Chicago’s next mayor. The others need to tone it down and apologize for their harsh words and behaviour. Ain’t gonna happen cuz this is a pathetic city for corrupt politicians. Black, white, brown, and all others have had the spotlite and have blown it in their attempt for power. Rahm is a class act. Let’s give him our supprot and respect even if you don’t agree with him. Let someone step up and show some class !!! Ain’t gonna happen in Chciago.

  • The Hippie

    No matter what was said, Sweeny said it. A political leader can never allow some of his constituency to be verbally insulted by ANYONE and then not either denounce or remaining silent because some believe those actions translate into left-handed approval.
    Unfortunately, Sweeny was using one of the Chico campaign themes; citizens of Chicago who are not one of the 16,000 citizens from Chico’s NEIGHBORHOOD, you’re not good enough.
    He is the son of immigrants in one of America’s most ethnically diverse cities and his end game is people from outside are a problem? What about people who moved here from other U.S. cities, other countries, (no need to state the obvious about his family tree) forget about it, you’re not from the neighborhood either. Forgive what you can, remember what you can’t forgive.

    • Shane Truax

      I’d like to know what writers for Fox Network have to do with our politics in Chicago…..or is this just another way to get another politician in their pocket!!
      $500, 000 Just from Fox Family Network!!!!

      Saban, Cheryl
      Occupation: Writer / Producer
      Employer: Self-Employed10960 Wilshire Boulevard
      22ns Floor
      Beverly Hills, CA 90024 $100,000.00
      Saban, Haim
      Occupation: CEO
      Employer: Fox Family Network10960 Wilshire Boulevard
      22nd Floor
      Beverly Hills, CA 90024 $300,000.00
      Saban, Haim
      Occupation: CEO
      Employer: Fox Family Network10960 Wilshire Boulevard
      22nd Floor
      Beverly Hills, CA 90024 $100,000.00

  • Tanya Livingston

    I hope the Joint Terroroism Task Force investigates and brings charges against Sweeny and his organization. I don’t see much of a difference between the 9/11 terrorists and Sweeny. Both acts were religiously motivated acts of terror. And to boot, the Unions are so greedy that they pused all of out jobs overseas. That’s economic terrorism in of itself.

  • Al Weinsten

    Why do they hate the Jews so much? Even laboring under the absurd notion that we killed your God, what did we possibly do to create such anger? It is said that a good econonomic baramoter of the community is the amount of Jew haters that spout their venom.

    • Roberta Waker

      Chico is shaking so hard he can hardly walk because he’s afraid Rahm will be the next Mayor of Chicago. Never saw a candidate so scared of the competition before and it’s actually kind of funny. I think Rahm will make a good Mayor and hope he does win by a landslide.

  • C.M. Barker

    It doesn’t matter what CHICO or CHICO Supporters say. In 2 years, no-one will even remember who ran against Mayor Emmanuel. I don’t live in Chicago, but I’m excited for you guys. How many times in modern history has a big-city mayor been good friends with the President of the United States? If Emmanuel plays his cards right, Chicago and Chicagoans will reap huge rewards from this relationship. The stars have lined up perfectly for the city of big shoulders… Congratulations!! -Chuck in NYC

  • too many gonnifs

    The Jews didn’t kill Christ….they just fingered HIm and let the goyim do the dirty work. Typical!

  • Wallace Gator Bradley

    Rahm need to tell the voters what he said on the Blago tapes.

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