Mom Blogger Finds Cartloads Of Expired-Date Food At Popular Grocer

CHICAGO (CBS) — A suburban mom and blogger found cartloads of expired food on the shelves of a major grocery store chain.

 The problem is so common that CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker was able to fill her own basket with expired food – in just a few minutes.

 Unbelievable and outrageous is how Jill Cataldo describes the quantity of date-expired food at her local Dominick’s.

“I’m very disappointed,” she said. “You should be able just to pull something off the shelf and know that it’s fresh and know that it’s safe to feed your family.”

The popular blogger says she got a complaint from a reader and then took a home video camera to two stores. At the Dominick’s in Carpentersville, she says she found 435 items that should have been pulled from shelves. The products included salad dressing, cereal and barbecue sauce.

The findings were similar at the Lake in the Hills store.

“We didn’t even look at the meats,” Cataldo said. “This was just the dry goods aisles in the center of the store.”

Some of the items she found dated back to 2008 to the middle of last year.

CBS2 also found expired foods at Dominick’s at one of the chain’s stores in Fox River Grove and at two locations on Chicago’s North Side.

CBS 2 found outdated salad dressing, pickles, cookie mix, boxed side dishes and baby food.

Why would a store sell any expired products? A Dominick’s manager declined to comment, but corporate said the items should not have been in stock.

“We are displeased with the out-of-date products found at our stores,” Dominick’s said in a written statement. “A high level and highest priority team has been assembled to immediately address these issues.”

 It’s not illegal to sell expired products; expiration dates are simply a recommendation from manufacturers.

  • Abraham

    I just watched the news about the expired food being sold at Dominicks. I’m very upset at the fact that they would allow that to happen. I would understand if there were a few items that have been expired but I read that there was over 400 items! That’s unacceptable.
    I will no longer shop at Dominicks.

    • ellen

      This is not just Dominicks. Jewel , Walgreens and WalMart are 3 stores I personnaly have found items. I have filled my cart and then asked for the mgr. They respond humbly how sorry they are. HAH Now I am going the check my Dominicks. BUYER BEWARE.

    • Sally Sue

      You know I found 3 bottles of Pepsid Complete tablets at the one in Batavia before Christmas. They have been recalled for several months. Of course, I’m sorry now that I could only afford one of them, because they are gone now. But, this report is bad especially the baby food, my goodness.

    • Chrystal

      Totally unacceptable…I shop at both locations and it shouldn’t have happened. Who will be responsible if someone gets sick? Dominick’s needs to wake up and start listening to their customers. A few of us bloggers have been complaining on their facebook page for months and nothing has changed (until now).

  • srdib

    its all stores not just dominics

    • Chrystal

      We need to be smart shoppers and check all of our products…shouldn’t be that way but it is what it is. I’ll be more careful from now on.

      • Diane52

        I have been checking dates and scrutinizing food for a long time. The Jewel and Dominick’s where I live are really bad. That’s why I dislike grocery shopping so much, it takes so much longer, but I’m not wasting money and tired of returning to the store. It amazes me what they will sell. I’ll bet a lot of people just take the loss instead of going back to the store to get a refund.

    • wayne lemke

      Hey, its all store is right.
      Dominicks has a program in place to address out of codes but, Safeway/Dominicks
      has slashed the store budget so bad that those program have gone bye bye.
      If you want answers you have to go to employees not the management.

  • cdenges

    Check out the Barrington Jewel=it takes me so long shopping there cause I have to check dates on every object and can easily fill a cart with expired or due to expire in a day or 2 items-I’ve complained to corporate-nothing done=and make sure you check your reciept cause 9 out of 10 times I’m overcharged on items that are not correctly imput into computers. Every time I go there I have to go back again and argue with their customer service

  • Helen

    The Dominicks Fresh Store in Woodridge has the same problem. The produce is often old and over ripe or wilted, mildewed on the undersides where its hidden from view until you get it home and remove the shrink wrap or bag. Our record out of date at this store is a can of olives dated 1998. The only thing we buy here is dairy or bread when we’ve run out and need something fast. Safeway has run this chain into the ground.

  • Bill

    This happens at all stores.

  • leonard

    bet most of you complainers would buy this stuff if it were discounted

    • Samantha

      These r the same people who usually clean out their pantry and take their expired to the food collection bins and that is ok.


        I work in a grocery store. You would not believe what people bring back. Another issue is “customers” changing their minds on perishable items, leaving them on aisle shelves or magazine racks. There are the same people who would raise the biggest stink about getting a bad product!

    • Sally Sue

      No, I would not buy it no matter what the discount. There have been deaths not all that long ago from outdated pancake mix. Yes, I’m the one who bought the Pepcid Complete, but I knew the only reason for the recall was that some bottles had a small puncture in them. There was nothing wrong with the product.

  • Wgoin

    I shop at Dominicks and haven’t had problems. However, I’m sure the problem is the same everywhere if you bother to look.

    • Theresa

      This blogger did indeed check the other local competitors in her area and did not find expired. Yes, other stores have a problem from time to time with a few items, but not to this degree.

  • Kathleen

    A few weeks ago I encountered the same problems at the Dominicks on Lake Cook Road in Buffalo Grove. Even the bread was out of date code. I seldom shop their because I have to check everything. before I put iin in the cart or chance getting home with “old” product. A few months ago they were stocking the dairy department with yogert that was expiring that day. I was told it was good for another week, and that “this is what they sent us today, all we have right now”

  • nanc

    I almost bought a box of frozen mini pancakes at the Lake in the Hills Dominicks a couple of months ago that expired in June of 2007!!

  • marcy

    I have not set foot in a Dominick’s store for over 10 years. The last time I was there, the prices were so sky-high that I decided to just walk out. Sorry I had to abandon my cart with 3 items in it, hated doing that.

  • Casey

    My Dominicks in Countryside has been doing this for years on everything including the meat and stuff from their deli.I used to tell the manager all the time and nothing was ever done, So I stopped shopping there a few years ago.

  • dan

    i just love when you can only afford to buy hamburger and you get it home and the outside is nice and red but just under it its a pukey brown color i have taken it back to jewel only to be told i put different meat in the package

    • Mr_appleseed

      Meat shouldnt be “Nice and Red, they inject the coloring into it. The brown is simply from the oxyegne in the air and doesnt mean it’s ba

    • peggy

      Right. It’s not the color of the meat. Think of all the genetically modified garbage (soy and corn) that cow ate and now you’re eating it, too.

  • Darlene

    now you see why the big chains like dominicks/jewels are in financial trouble and are plotting their own demise by chasing away the $$$$$$ customers. nice move.

    i visit jewel/osco twice a month to pick up my parents prescriptions on a saturday and the parking lot is practically empty and nobody’s in the store. check-out lanes have employees standing around waiting. on a saturday afternoon??? people, there are a lot of better stores to shop and i think everybody’s catching on.


    The problem is they know its expired, but they also know that if shoppers dont pay attention to what they buy- U could end up eating or throwing it away… that way if it dont taste good U cant bring it back the store & they already have your money. 2nd if they would get people who work in the stores to do they’re jobs correctly then this would not be an issue… people are getting extremely lazy about their job performance & its effecting the over-all statue of how we behave as a society.

    • focus plz.

      I always hear the person at the check-out talking to a co-worker: “what time are you here, till?” “Oh, I don’t get out of here till 8 pm!” Always hear that. It’s like a main focus and not paying attention to their job. Cut-n-run. Cut-n-run. And most are under 21, you can hear them yelling “Twenty-One!!!”

  • Davidd

    Sorry but over 400 expired items found on the shelf? The company running Dominicks should change their name to UNSAFEway. That’s why I shop at Jewel and Target. It’s very rare that I find something out of date. When i did find something out dated they sent someone over to the product to make sure there were no others out dated. I never really like shopping in Dominicks unless they have a great sale price and even then I always check the date on everything I buy regardless of where I shop.

    • focus plz.

      They don’t care. All they want to do is go home. No quality. Customer service? You’ve got to be kidding. Their commercials make me want to puke. They want customers to shop elsewhere? They got it!

      • Diana

        Why should they care. The employees are treated terribly by the managers and supervisors! They are underpaid and talked down to. The company does not care about their employees just how much money they can bring into the store!The cameras are on the employees all the time. How would you like it if you were not trusted at your job and for no reason.

  • Becky Matchain LaGioia

    OMG!!! REALLY!!! Read this story if your a Dominick’s shopper!! Will make you think twice about shopping there……

    • vic

      Come on don,t you dummies look at the expire date on the product wake up how my of you eat at fast foods like mcdes or burger king you think they put old stuff in the trash

      • EMW

        vic, can you provide a translation of what you typed?

    • Iassmt3431

      I will alway shop at dominicks I have never had a problem this story will not make me stop at my dominicks store the people are helpful all I am very disappointed that this is aimed at this company why not jewel or target what I am saying is that it’s all stores just check your items

  • Kate

    Best customer service ever! The cashiers are so friendly and funny, they really cheer you up if you’ve had a bad day.
    I’ve never seen expired food there, but then again, I haven’t been on the hunt for it.
    I bought food placed on clearance a few days ago, and it wasn’t expired!

    Honestly, that Dominick’s is my favorite to shop at! Very down to earth people working there.

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  • Marlene

    Burger King and McDonalds has such a high turnover for food that I am VERY comfortable eating there. Unless they have a huge underground freezer, you know they have to restock ALL the time. As for Dominicks, they have an entire store to stock. They order too much of an item, leave on the shelf, sooner or later somebody will grab it. Whatever happened to dept heads who keep track of old and expired products?

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  • Mike

    When did Apu start running Dominicks?

    • Doh!!!


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  • Jessica

    Dominick’s – the FRESH store… Remember?

  • Grace H.

    I have noticed this problem at Dominick’s too… unfortunately, I have also found it to be an issue at Kmart, Jewel, and other stores. Thank you for running this story as a reminder, but please don’t live in the misconception that it’s isolated to a particular store or chain.
    I try to double-check labels everywhere I shop, but sometimes I’m in a hurry or dealing with a renegade child and can’t check them. I’m not sure what can be done to hold stores accountable for their consumers’ safety.

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